part 7 he has my heart

The following day I had to go to school and my leg was still painful but not too much. I bathed and got into my uniform. I put my books inside my backpack according to the daily timetable. I was running a bit late so I didn't have breakfast. I got to school and luckily the teacher was not in class yet. I sat down . Olwe- Hi mgani (friend) Dudu- Hey Olwe- Eish I lost track of time Dudu- How's your leg? Olwe- It's better Dudu- I was worried. So last night you were telling me about TK Olwe- TK Dudu- Are you blushing? Olwe- No Dudu- Oh my Gosh! Olwe- Chomi I don't know how I'm feeling Dudu- You like him Olwe- He's handsome Dudu- How old is he? Olwe- 22 Dudu- Mmm! Olwe- He's such a gentleman Dudu- You're hooked Olwe- I hate this feeling Dudu- Why? Olwe- I don't know Dudu- Show me his pics Olwe- I don't have my phone with me Dudu- Okay Olwe- His hands are so soft Dudu- You held his hands? Olwe- Unintentionally Dudu- So how did he react? Olwe- Normal Dudu- So do you think he likes you too? Olwe- I hope he does Dudu- Is he light or dark? Tall or short? Olwe- Tall and light Dudu- Wow! Olwe- His lips Dudu- Okay stop it Olwe- He has a sexy voice Dudu- ... Olwe- I think I'm in love Dudu- (singing) Drunk in love... Olwe- I'm very sober Dudu- I want to meet this guy Olwe- You will soon Dudu- So from your view do you think he likes you? Olwe- Maybe Dudu- So where does he stay? Olwe- In town Dudu- Where in town? Olwe- I know not Dudu- Okay we'll talk later . I noticed that Musa was listening at us . Musa- So you've moved on? Olwe- That's none of your concern Musa- It is. Baby we can still fix things Olwe- Do I look like I have the time to fix things? Musa- Baby I really love you Olwe- Oh wow I'm touched Musa- Don't be like that Olwe- I'm done with you Musa Musa- That hurts Olwe- I care less

Musa Musa- That hurts Olwe- I care less dude Musa- So you've moved on with someone? Olwe- I don't see how that is any of your business Musa- You'll remember me Olwe- I hope not Musa- I won't give up on us Olwe- Just stay away from me and entertain Katlego Musa- I don't want her Olwe- It's your loss . He walked away and Kat gave me a dirty look. After school Dudu and I were walking home and I heard someone call out my name. I turned around and it was TK. I almost melted He came running to us . TK- Hey Dudu- Olwe- Hi TK TK- You guys look like you've seen a ghost Olwe- No! TK- Hi I'm Tokelo but you can call me TK Dudu- Duduzile but call me Dudu TK- Olwethu Olwe- Hi TK- I wanted to see you Olwe- Oh! TK- Can I take you ladies home? Olwe- If Dudu doesn't mind Dudu- I don't TK- Okay . He took my backpack . Olwe- Thanks. You're a gentleman Dudu- Wow Chomi . I was smiling all the way to the car

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