part 6 he has my heart

He answered his phone and moved away from my bed a bit. I thought about what he had said. I wanted to be his friend too coz he was a nice guy. Mom came in with a bag in her hands . Mom- Hi TK- (Waving) Olwe- Ma Mom- Ready to go? Olwe- Yeah Mom- I brought changing clothes Olwe- Thanks . I got off the bed and took the bag. I went to change in the toilet then went back to the ward . Mom- TK said he'll take us home Olwe- He told me Mom- Are you okay with it? Olwe- Of course Ma . I looked at TK and he smiled. We went to his car and I sat with mom at the backseat. We arrived at home and he pulled over at the gate . Mom- Thank you so much. You're such a good person TK- You're welcome . Mom got off first and I remained behind . Olwe- Thanks Tokelo TK- Anytime Olwe- I hope I'll hear from you soon TK- Of course . I got off and we went into the house. Thando my 10 year little sis' jumped into my arms . Mom- Hey you'll hurt your sister Thando- I missed you

my 10 year little sis' jumped into my arms . Mom- Hey you'll hurt your sister Thando- I missed you Olwethu Olwe- I missed you too Thando- Are you okay? Olwe- I'll be fine Thando- I have something for you Olwe- What is it? Thando- Wait here . She ran into her room and returned with a piece of paper. She had designed a card for me saying "Get Well Soon" . Olwe- It's lovely. Thanks sis' Thando- I love you! Olwe- I love you too so much . We hugged. I adored my little sister so much I went to bath then took a nap. I woke up two hours later and mom was still cooking so I sat on the couch and watched TV with Thando. We were chatting when my phone rang. I didn't know who was calling . Olwe- Hello TK- Hi Olwe- I suspected it was you TK- How you feeling? Olwe- I'm much better. I had a good rest TK- That's good. Are you going to school tomorrow? Olwe- I cannot afford to miss any more lessons. I have to go to school TK- I like the fact that you put your education first Olwe- Education is power TK- For real. Most young people don't value education like you do Olwe- I guess they don't know how important it is TK- So what are you doing right now? Olwe- I'm watching TV with my little sister TK- How old is she? Olwe- She's 10 TK- She must be cute Olwe- What makes you say that? TK- You're beautiful so she should be looking like you Olwe- Mmm TK- I'm in my house alone and bored Olwe- You have your own house? TK- Yeah Olwe- Wow! So why don't you invite your friend? TK- He's busy Olwe- Shame TK- I guess I'll just bath and sleep for a couple of hours Olwe- But at least I can keep you company TK- Can you? Olwe- I don't mind . Mom interrupted .. Mom- Olwethu who are you speaking to? Olwe- Listen I'll talk to you on WhatsApp TK- Okay . I dropped the call . Mom- Who was that? Olwe- Umm...TK Mom- What's going on between the two of you? Olwe- Ma? Mom- I know he's kind and he has helped us but I think there's more to just kindness Olwe- More? Mom- Do you want him? Olwe- Mom! Mom- Do you? Olwe- He was just checking up on me Mom- He's way older than you. Leave him alone . She left and I said to myself "He's not that old"

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