part 2 he has my heart

We were walking away from the shop . Dudu- Why do you let her get to you like this chomi? Olwe- I don't know Dudu- She's no better than you. I mean you're more beautiful

smarter more kind and she envies you Olwe- Okay did any of those things stop her from going after my boyfriend? Dudu- ... Olwe- Thought as much Dudu- Well it's Musa's loss. Choosing Katlego over you was the dumbest thing ever. He's a dummy Olwe- That chick makes me wanna puke Dudu- She's not worth worrying about Olwe- ... Dudu- Do is that Musa jerk Olwe- You're right. I have an exam coming up and I shouldn't be stressing over a guy Dudu- Exactly Olwe- He's not even worth my tears Dudu- We didn't even get the chance to hang out Olwe- I know. I need to go Chomi Dudu- Me too. I'll see you tomorrow at school Olwe- Sharp . I got home and went to continue studying. An hour later I had enough so I went to bath. I sat watching TV in the lounge and also busy on my phone . Mom- Tell me. Which screen are you concentrating on? Phone or TV? Olwe- Both Mom- Is that even possible? Olwe- Yeah mom Mom- You need to focus on one thing at a time Olwe- It's called multitasking Mom- Okay Olwe- What are we going to cook tonight? I wanna help Mom- Rice and mince Olwe- I can't believe when last I had mince. Meat to be exact Mom- I know sweetheart Olwe- I'm gonna get a good job then I'll build us a very big house Mom- Really? Olwe- I promise mama Mom- That's very considerate of you baby Olwe- I'm telling you. Wait and see Mom- I know you'll get good results next year and all universities will be running after you Olwe- I can imagine Mom- I'm actually very proud of you that you came this far. Most girls fall pregnant even before they reach matric Olwe- I'm taking care of myself. I know how boys are Mom- Yes. You can date but close those legs Olwe- I hear you mama. I actually don't need a boyfriend coz I'm writing my final exams in two months time. I need to focus Mom- Oh my baby you're so grown. I can't believe you were just a little girl playing in the streets not so long ago Olwe- Yeah time flies . I later helped her to cook and then I bathed my little sister. I bathed too then went to bed. The following day was school day. How I hated waking up in the morning I got ready for school and left. I got to class and I was 10mins late for the morning revision I made my way to the seat. I was sitting in front of Dudu . Olwe- Friend Dudu- Hey Chomi Olwe- What did I miss? Dudu- Nothing much really Olwe- I kinda got delayed Dudu- It's fine we just started . So we revised with the teacher and I was that girl who always asked questions in class and always answered questions and always was the first for presentations and always was chosen for class rep and all the high statuses. Yeah most people hated that a lot but I didn't care about other people. I was basically the smartest kid in matric at my school After the revision we had to go to assembly. We cleared our stuff and I was still about to leave when Musa blocked my way . Olwe- What's up? Musa- You weren't answering my calls Olwe- What does that tell you? Musa- That you're avoiding me Olwe- And that I don't wanna talk to you Musa- I'm sorry about everything Olwe- Okay Musa- Baby... Olwe- Don't call me that. I'm not gonna be played by you Musa- I'm not playing you Olwe- If you wanted to cheat you should have at least done in somewhere else. But no! You chose to do it in school with my classmate. Our classmate Musa- It was just a kiss Olwe- I don't even know why I'm wasting my breath on you. Stay away from me. It's over

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