part 11 he has my heart

Mxo- So tell me. Is he treating you good? Olwe- I'm not complaining Mxo- He can be a pain in the ass sometimes TK- Shut up! Brad- And annoying Olwe- Luckily I haven't seen any of that Mxo- He told me how you met. It's romantic TK- You call hitting someone with a car romantic? Mxo- The way it happened TK- You weren't even there dude Mxo- So what? TK- Can we talk about something else? Brad- And note. Every time he realises that he's wrong in a conversation he changes the topic TK- What? Mxo- Yeah that's true. Anyway are you ready for exams. Finals are due in two months time Olwe- I've never been so ready Brad- Make us proud TK- You? Brad- Yeah man your friend is our friend so we care Mxo- A lot Olwe- Thank you guys Brad- Juice drinker what's up? You're 18 TK- So what if she doesn't drink alcohol? Brad- I'm just asking dude Olwe- I've never touched alcohol in my life so why start now? Brad- I understand Olwe- It messes with your brain Mxo- How do you know that? Olwe- I do Life Sciences Mxo- Okay I'll take that back TK- This is my future doctor? Mxo- Wait wait wait. Did you say "my future doctor"? TK- That's what I said Mxo- I didn't know she's yours TK- I didn't mean it like that Brad- You don't owe us an explanation. Love is love

bro TK- What are you talking about? Brad- I've seen the way you look at her TK- How do I look at her? Mxo- We're all grown ups. There's no need to play these games Olwe- What games? Mxo- Denying your love for each other TK- ... Olwe- ... Mxo- Yeah Brad- Are you seriously gonna friend zone each other? TK- What happens between me and Olwethu is none of your business Mxo- Mmm TK- Yeah Brad- But you'd make a great couple TK- While you're busy trying to hook us up Brad. Why don't you try and fix your relationship with your girlfriend coz from what I've heard it's fucked up Brad- ... TK- Got nothing to say? Really? Brad- Mxm TK- Thought as much Mxo- We're burning the meat TK- Yeah you talk too much Olwe- I guess you never get bored with friends like these TK- Yeah but sometimes they're too much Olwe- So all of you live in Pretoria? Brad- I live in Jo'burg but I'm PTA most of the time Mxo- But I live here in Pretoria Olwe- You're a bunch of cool dudes Brad- You think so? Olwe- Yeah for sure TK- I'm cool too? Olwe- Do you even have to ask? TK- Mxo- I should actually capture this moment TK- Speaking of capturing. Let's take pics . He took out his phone and Brad took us pics TK's arm was around my waist. I looked at him and before I knew it the flash went out and the photo was captured. Unexpectedly he carried me and I was in his arms. . Olwe- Don't drop me TK- I need to gain your trust Olwe- I trust you . Brad took another photo then he put me down. . Olwe- I've never been carried by a guy before TK- I'll carry you more often then Olwe- I'd love that . His hands were on my waist . TK- Brad I need you to get the best shot Brad- I'm on it . He brought his lips closer to mine. Our lips touched

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