part 10 he has my heart

Saturday came and I helped my mom with the chores. I was really excited . Mom- Today you're on a good mood. You're even singing Olwe- I just want to enjoy this day Mom- With Tokelo? Olwe- ... Mom- You can tell me anything Olwe- He's a great guy Mom- Can you be honest with me? Olwe- I can Mom- Do you love him? Olwe- He's my friend Mom- That I know but you're not answering my question Olwe- Well... Mom- I'm your mother. You can tell me anything Olwe- I do Mom- I just don't want you to get hurt Olwe- I can take care of myself Mom- You're still my baby girl Olwe- I'll be careful Mom- If you start dating him I want you to tell me so that I can have a word with him Olwe- And lecture him? Mom- You're my daughter and I need to take care of you Olwe- Okay Ma Mom- I don't mind you dating. All I want is for you to be responsible Olwe- I hear you Mom- Don't forget that Thando is looking up to you. If you mess up she'll mess up too Olwe- I'll be responsible Mom- That's all that I'm asking from you . After helping her I went to bath. I wore my blue skinny jeans and sneakers my favourite top and then did my hair. I put on my lipstick and I couldn't get away from the mirror. Thando was at the door . Thando- You look beautiful Olwe- Thanks Thando- Can I use your lipstick? Olwe- Not today Thando- Why? Olwe- It's only for special occasions Thando- Is today special? Olwe- Yeah very special Thando- Is it your birthday? Olwe- No silly. I'm going to meet a friend Thando- But that's not special Olwe- You won't understand Thando- Make me understand Olwe- Not today Thando. Oh there's his car Thando- Who's car? Olwe- My friend's . I took my bag and went to where mom was. In the kitchen . TK- Good morning Mom- Hello Tokelo. How are you? TK- I'm good thanks and you Ma? Mom- I'm fine. Please bring her back safely TK- I will. Doubt not Mom- You may go Olwe- Bye Ma Mom- Bye bye . We got into his car . TK- You look amazing Olwe- Thanks TK- Your mom really cares about you Olwe- A lot and I thank God for giving me such a parent TK- You're blessed Olwe- So where are we going? TK- You'll see Olwe- Your house? TK- No Olwe- Okay TK- That would have been inappropriate Olwe- I know TK- You sound disappointed Olwe- Not at all TK- It's not yet time to come to my house Olwe- Yeah TK- My friends really wanna see you Olwe- I hope you weren't discussing about me TK- Well... Olwe- Wow! TK- I kind of got carried away Olwe- Mmm TK- Forgive me Olwe- It's okay TK- Do you like a braai Olwe- Yeah I do TK- That's good coz today we're having a braai Olwe- Wow! TK- We're going to the park Olwe- You should have just said so TK- You love parks? Olwe- My friend and I love to go there. So how many people am I meeting? TK- Two Olwe- At least. I thought I was meeting a group of people. I'm not up for a crowd today TK- Don't stress. They're cool people Olwe- I hope so . We drove for about 30mins and then got to the park. We got off and there were two guys who were under a shade with a cooler box and griller. . TK- Guys meet my female friend

Olwethu Them- Hi TK- This is Brad and this is Mxo Olwe- Nice to meet you guys Mxo- Same here. You're actually more beautiful than he described you Olwe- Thanks Brad- How rude of us. Take a drink . He opened the cooler box and inside there was alcohol. I just stood there and TK took out cold drink from the bottom of the box . Olwe- Thanks TK- I know you don't drink Olwe- I thought you forgot TK- I wouldn't . He gave me a camp chair and I sat down. The two guys were braaing the meat while I sat with TK . Olwe- So how are you gonna drive me home drunk? TK- My driver will take us home Olwe- You have a driver? TK- Yeah in cases like these he comes in handy Olwe- You're so responsible TK- You're safe when you're with me Olwe- I feel safe TK- I got you always . He was gazing at me and my heart was pumping pumping pumping blood blood so fast His gorgeous smile turned me on

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