20 years ago a group of sailors got stranded on a shore and came across mermaids who tried to help them. At first they had thought their minds were playing tricks on them as they had initially thought that sea creatures didn't exist but as the mermaids led them to safety the sailors knew their most outrageous fantasies were about to come true. The mermaids gave the sailors shelter under the sea and the men started being comfortable around them even though they still couldn’t believe there being a world that's fully-functional underwater apart from the one they only know of. The most shocking part was the fact that they could breathe eat and act normal under such circumstances.

As soon as they got used to being under the sea they started having sexual relations with the mermaids and shortly thereafter most of the mermaids got pregnant. Lady Moghana the Chief Siren

saw this and was very disappointed in the mermaids because their actions spoiled the purity of their species. That’s when she started killing the sailors one-by-one without the mermaids noticing.

Nine months later the mermaids stared giving birth each according to their date of conception and the babies came out looking very beautiful with their small tails. The shocker came a year after the babies were born when they started getting legs as soon as they came in contact with the solid part of their habitat. This brewed sinister plans in Lady Moghana which caused her to abduct all the babies and sell them to a human Madam who runs an escort agency in Park Town Johannesburg.

Ferrah raised the girls under her care until they reached the age of 16 and started slowly luring them into prostitution. The girls made a lot money for her considering that they had no choice in the matter as she knew how to make them do what she wanted since they grew up in her care with her own grooming skills. They were home-schooled and taught everything they needed to know about sex. Ferrah's Escort Agency became one of the top ones in SA because the men were enticed and intoxicated by the mermaids' beauty and alluring skills.


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