Chapter 9

Chapter 9

-3 days later-


I feel something touching my legs and I open my eyes to find this slimy snake-like thingy with big bug eyes wrapped around my leg. I scream my lungs out pushing it to the floor and that's when a beautiful short girl enters the room and starts looking around. Wait she's a dwarf!

By now I'm on top of the bed holding a pillow to hit that snake. It's the only thing that I managed to grab at that moment.

The snake is on the floor curling itself and the girl picks it up inspecting it.

I wave my hand from the bed since she is not paying any attention to me.

Me: Hello?

Her: Why did you hurt Lunah?

She frowns looking at me.

Me: Why did I hurt Luna? Lunah wanted to eat ME.

Her: Lunah doesn't eat people he heals them.

I look at my leg and I kind of have a huge scar. 

I take a look around the place and it looks so old like the walls are about to fall at any time. I'm sure that even the bed I'm sleeping on has bed bugs. I don't know if it's all in my head but this place looks weird. Feels strange too.

Me: Where are my friends?

Her: In the other room.

I get off the bed and I notice that I'm limping and she follows me around still holding that thing. I then open the door to find Svuthe sleeping. I shake his hand and he wakes up holding his head.

Svuthe: Ahh fuck!

Me: Where are we?

He looks at the girl and rubs his eyes balancing his body on his elbows to sit upright.

Svuthe: How old are you?

I look at him with the like what-the-fuck look?

Svuthe: What? I've always had fantasies about her kind.

Me: So after everything we've been through you still have time to think about such?

Svuthe: A dick has a life of it's own.

The girl smiles looking at Svuthe.

Her: I'm 21.

Me: You are 21? Wena [You]? O maka [You lie]!

Her: Sorry I did not get that. What language is that?

Svuthe: Ganthe [Wait] where are we?

Me: I'm sure we are in... Zimbabwe?

Her: No you are in South Africa. Do you know it?

Svuthe: (Laughing) Athi [She says] "Do you know it?"!

I join in also laughing.

Her: Why are you laughing?

Me: Where in South Africa are we?

Her: Skyline.

Me: Skyline? Say what!?

Her: What are your names?

Me: I'm Cynthia and that's my friend Svuthe. And yours?

Her: Lethabo.

Svuthe: So how come you have a seSotho name but can't speak the language?

She shrugs her shoulders looking down.

Svuthe: Uyazi ini Cynthia [You know what Cynthia]? Let's just find Lerato and get out of here. This place looks fishy.

We get to the other room to find an old man massaging Lerato's feet.

Svuthe: Hey get away from her!

The old man looks at Lethabo.

Old man: How long have they been awake?

Lethabo: Not too long.

Svuthe heads to Lerato to wake her. She doesn't respond and the old man stands up and shows us the door.

Old man: Let's talk outside. 

Svuthe: Why is she not waking up?

Old man: She will it's just that the medicine is a bit too strong for her.

Me: Your daughter says this place is called Skyline.

Old man: Yes it is. Lethabo is not my daughter but my granddaughter.

Me: Noted. Is it in South Africa?

Old man: Yes it is.

Svuthe: Madala we don't have Skyline in South Africa.

Old man: You do. We found your car with the three of you in it injured and passed out near the Mural. Thanks to Lunah who managed to save your lives.

Me: So you know about the Mural wall?

Old man: We'd heard tales about it but had never really thought they are true.

Svuthe: What tales?

Old man: That everything and everyone outside of Skyline is evil and needs to be burnt to death. That we are the chosen ones who get to live the sacred life.

Svuthe and I look at each other.

Old man: You need to hide from the Chief and Priest they are the ones who govern Skyline. If they find out that you are here they are going to kill you. They know everyone in this place. They will easily know that you are not from around here.

Lethabo: Plus they look different Baba.

Me: Oh my word! He rules this side too?

Old man: Who?

Svuthe: We need to get out of here. Cynthia wake Lerato up and let's go! Bayanya laba [These ones are full of shut]!

I head to the kitchen to fetch some water to splash on Lerato's face.


I had to call the Nigerian doctor again so that he could help Dosto. But this time around we had to take him to his mini-clinic so he could help him from there since his injuries are a bit serious. This doctor is charging us an arm and a leg and we've already spent R50 000 on these injuries and they keep on becoming more and more. I'm starting to stress because the money keeps flying out of our pockets without having anything lucrative done plus we still don't have a buyer for the stones. The only cash we have is around R300 000 that we stole from Lady Farrah and I'm not sure how long it will last us.

The girls are still at Chinedu's house and they keep looking to me to come up with all the solutions and it's getting to me because my mind is just blocked. My stress levels keep going up especially with the fact that I don't know how my sisters are or what is happening to them. If I weren't a man I would throw myself to the floor and cry my lungs out. Lerato means the world to me and not knowing how she is is messing me up. I'm also concerned about Lehasa and mother. I know for a fact that Father has punished them for our disappearance.

Dr Edo: You can go rest. He will be fine.

Me: Edo my man I need to know when he will be okay.

Dr Edo: We can't rush him; he's really injured. Internal bleeding is not something to be taken lightly.

Me: Fine I will check on him tommorrow. But please give him something stronger so that he can recover quickly. We don't have the luxury of a long hospital-stay. The money I'm paying you is a lot so make him your priority. I want to see serious change by tomorrow.

He nods checking Dosto's drip.

I walk out trying Svuthe's number which is what I've done countless times.


I wake up to find Ceec and Svuthe standing beside me. The room has a weird smell and it looks rusty. I am so glad to see them alive and can't wait to call Lehumo to let him know I'm safe.

Me: Where are we?

Svuthe: They saying it's called 'Skyline'.

They narrate everything that old man said.

Me: Please don't tell me the Priest they fear is my father...?

Svuthe: We need to get out of here. Judging by the way that they are describing him it doesn't seem like it's him.

Me: Where is your phone?

Svuthe: Madala says they did not see any phones in the car.

Cynthia: They don't even know what phones are.

Me: We need to call my brother. I'm sure he's worried sick wherever he is.

Svuthe: Get ready we need to leave this place.

I stand up with Svuthe balancing me with his arms. Him touching me makes me feel somehow. I need to get rid of these feelings because he's showing no attraction to me.

Cynthia: How are we going to run without shoes on?

A beautiful short girl walks in carrying a very scary creature.

Lethabo: My mom says it's dinnertime.

Me: Isn't it more like lunch than it is dinner?

She looks at me confused.

Svuthe: Okay skado [sweetheart] we are coming.

The girl looks at him and winks and starts walking out. If jealousy had an icon my face would be it. This girl can't take Svuthe away from me she is a child for heaven's sake!

Me: Why is she winking at you?

Cynthia: He says it's a fetish of his to sleep with her kind.

Me: You want to sleep with her?

Svuthe: Will you sleep with me?

How could he ask me that! I can't afford to sleep with any man. If Father captures me and finds I'm no longer a virgin it will be hell for me. Besides sex before marriage is a sin.

Me: Sex before marriage is a sin.

Svuthe: Uyabona ke [See]? Suka mina ngidle oPetite Deluxe [Leave me to enjoy these Petite Deluxe].

He walks out and I gather myself to not let heartbreak overwhelm me. Maybe this man is not for me.

We head outside to where they are sitting on a woven mat eating. They even dished for the two scary creatures. The food looks awful and doesn't smell nice either.

Svuthe: Hlalani phansi [Sit] this is actually not bad. Don't focus on the colour just swallow.

Cynthia and I sit next to each other and grab our plates. The mother and her two kids are all dwarfs. They seem a bit welcoming although it feels like they don't trust us much.


The passed three days have been tough on my sisters. Dipalesa and Bophelo have been having nightmares and every little sound seems to startle them.

Aries: I might know a guy who might be able to buy the stones. He was my official plan until I had to involve the guys and everything went south.

Me: Don't blame them; they managed to pull it off 'til Chinedu tried to screw us up.

Aries: Let me call him and hear what he says.

Lehumo walks in looking drained. He just looks at us and heads upstairs. I go to the kitchen and dish up for him then take the food to him.

Me: You need to eat something.

He turns on the bed looking at me. His eyes look red and one can clearly see that he's deeply saddened.

Lehumo: I'm not hungry.

Me: You need to eat and take a shower then sleep.

He smiles and his canines stick out. I really love the shape of his teeth. They are unique and beautiful to look at. I never thought men could look this good but this Lehumo guy is very handsome. His skin is so smooth and I like how he has a unibrow. That's a rare feature that one could have. It clearly shows that he works out judging by how defined his body is.

Lehumo: Fine let me eat.

If only he did not know my past maybe he would find me attractive maybe even consider dating me. I wonder how it's like to be in love and have someone love you genuinely.

He looks at me and I look down uncomfortably.

Lehumo: What are you thinking about?

Me: I'm just worried about my sisters.

Lehumo: Thank you for always taking care of me. I'm also going to make sure all of you are safe and help you out with whatever you need.

Me: Thank you.

We look at each other only to be disturbed by Aries opening the door visibly panicking.

Me: What's wrong?

Aries: I called Vincent the guy I was talking about and I heard Lady Farrah's voice in the background saying "Keep her talking for a bit longer so we can track her location"!

Me: What!?

Aries: We need to get out of here!

Lehumo: We also need to get Dosto.

Lehumo stands up and walks to the kitchen. Aries and I follow him to find the girls standing around him.

Lehumo: We need to check everything in this house. Lift up the mattress flip paintings in the walls; just about everything. Every cent you find be it money or anything that can generate money hand it over to me. In the meantime I'm arranging with this other guy I went to varsity with for accommodation in Mpumalanga. Aries you need to dispose of your phone in the basement. All this should be done in an hour.

Bophelo: What is 'varsity'?

Me: Let's go girls we'll ask questions later.

We all scatter to all over and start searching the house.


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