Chapter 8

Chapter 8


Now that he has seen us completely naked to the extent of even invading the most precious and sacred parts of our being the mood kind of feels a little bit awkward.

We are now on our way back to the bushes this is of course after dropping the chains and our shoes into the dam at at Vaal Marine. Svuthe believes that there might be tracking devices in the soles of the shoes too so we just had to go back to the car barefooted.

Svuthe is now driving like a maniac rushing to get to the mural wall and to make matters worse it seems like there is a white van matching the description Iba told us about that my father is the one driving it following us. There are supposed to be two cars on our side but now only one is visible.

Svuthe: Shit! They are catching up to us!

Cynthia: Hurry abuti Svuthe hle [please]. This man is going to torture us if or when he catches up with us. Please don't let him get us!

Svuthe: Yoh mfazi [Geez woman]! Awume ngalo 'Abuthi Svuthe' wakho [Would you stop with this 'Brother Svuthe' of yours! Uyabona ngan ukuthi la siphakathi kokufa nokuphila [Can't you see that we are between life and death here]!

Cynthia: Oh my word! Oh my word! Oh my word! I shouldn't have run away! Lord hear me Father. Please kill me before this man finds me...!

We then hear a loud bang like something hit the car. Then one of the back windows shatters.

Svuthe: Yey wena Ceec yekela okuthandaza [Hey you Ceec stop praying]! Uyabona okuthi uNkulunkulu manje oyasibulala nje ngoba ucelile [Can you see that now God is killing us as per your request]!

Cynthia: I'd rather be killed by God than to go back to that house!

Svuthe: Unfortunately ke Mabebeza the only people that are dying today are those old fools. I will do everything in my power to protect the two of you. Your safety means money in my pockets. Ato you know how to dri...

Another bang sounds. That's another bullet hitting the back window and it shatters too causing pieces of glass to fall into the car nearly cutting Cynthia.

Cynthia screams covering her head.

Me: Yeah I can but I'm not that good.

Svuthe: Well today is your chance to be "that good".

Me: But... But...

Svuthe: Take the wheel we don't have time! I'm going to lift my body then you are going to step...

Cynthia jumps in before he can finish his sentence:

Cynthia: I'm a better driver than she is. Quick stop the car and let me  take over.

Svuthe: There's no time to stop Ceec.

Cynthia: Trust me on this abu... l mean Svuthe.

Svuthe stops the car and the pair exchanges seats and Cynthia surely catches up on the speed and continues to drive.

Cynthia: l told you.

Svuthe: Now is not the time to gloat Ceec. Ato do you see that small bag in that...

We hear a loud bang and the next thing we know Svuthe's shoulder is covered in blood.

Svuthe: Ahhhhhh! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

Me: Svuthe are you okay?

Svuthe: Yes my darling I'm having the time of my life! Don't you want to buy ice cream after this?

He says sarcastically holding onto his wound.

Cynthia: Oh my oh my! We are going to die isn't it?

Svuthe: Keep driving Ceec. Ahhhh fuck! This fucken hurts! Lerato take out the gun from that bag and start shooting at them too. These people don't want to kill us they just want to capture us; that's why they keep on shooting stray bullets that keep breaking the windows. They shot me because my hand was out when I was trying to shoot their tyres. 

Now WE are not doing that shit; WE shoot to kill! Any opportunity you get to kill any of them kill!

Lerato: I don't kill people nna. Worst part this is my father!

Svuthe: Then get ready to go back home angel.

He then sticks his head out and starts shooting at them. He gets one of the front tyres and the car swerves off the road.

Svuthe: Ceec you need to turn so that we can shoot all their tyres. That way they won't have a way to follow us.

Me: I thought there were two cars what happened to the other one?

Svuthe: We don't care. Hurry maan! Before they get out.

Just as we reach their car I try shooting the tyre but my father gets out. The gun seems heavy and is scary-looking than how I had pictured it from movies. Even the trigger has proven to be a bit stiffer than how it's portrayed in movies. I struggle with my first attempt but on the secound one it goes off and pierces my father's thigh. He looks at me in shock and then charge towards the car and out of fear l pull the trigger again and the bullet lands on his arm and the third one on his other thigh then he falls to the ground screaming my name.

I really don't know what happened after that but I think a few minutes later when I get back to my senses then things start looking blurry. So much blood in our car and it looks like Svuthe has been shoot again. Then there is a loud alarm sound coming from the mural and the hairs at the back of my neck start standing up as though a ghost is standing next to me. The moment feels tense and then it's lights out for me.


It's been 3 days now since we've been in this house. Chinedu says we need to at least spend a few more weeks here just so his men can locate this famous Farrah that the girls seem to fear. It turns out that she is associated with hardcore gangsters that could take us out in a minute. The more I hear about her the more I regret doing this heist. All I wanted was to get enough money to get my family out of that monster's house and leave this country go far away from that evil man. I was in talks with one of the church's former members who quit the church a few years ago who saw through my father's preachings that the church is not for the Lord but more of a cult. It's so frustrating how the other hundreds of members of the church can't see that. The guy's name is Nyondo and his from Blantyre Malawi. He was supposed to help me relocate there after the heist but now he's not answering my calls. I just hope my father did not get to him.

On to more depressing news: Svuthe Ceec and Lerato are also not answering their phones. I can't eat sleep or do anything constructive not without knowing how my little sister is Ceec too I care a lot about her. She too is like a sister to me. 

I don't really know Svuthe that much but Dosto says he's reliable. So this could mean only one thing. Father got to them.

Just the thought of that monster torturing them makes me furious. I did not realise that I was even holding a glass of water when I hear someone talking:

Fumane: Hey! Your hand is bleeding.

Dineo: That was amazing! Do that again.

Fumane: No but Dosto says he's reliable. So this could mean only one thing. Father got to them.

Just the thought of that monster torturing them makes me furious. I did not realise that I was even holding a glass of water when I hear someone talking:

Fumane: Hey! Your hand is bleeding.

Dineo: That was amazing! Do that again.

Fumane: No Dinny he did not do that intentionally. I think he's stressed.

I move away from the prostitutes they can be annoying at times. It's as if they've never lived with "normal" people before they get fascinated by every and any thing. Don't get me started on those stupid questions!

Fumane makes her way to me again.

Fumane: Let me help you with that.

Me: No I can do it by myself.

She forcefully pulls my hand to the tap and opens the water. I could easily use my strength to go against this deed but I let her feel powerful.

Fumane: Who hurt you?

Me: Can't you wash my hand without asking questions?

Fumane: You are a good man Lehumo. I saw how you fought for our safety back there. I can also see that the anger you have now is not how or who you really are but  something is bothering you.

Fuck she gets me. Fumane gets me!

Me: I... I don't know where my sisters are. I think my dad captured them.

She looks at me confused. I narrate everything including how that monster used to treat us to how I got Svuthe to help them to her. We are now sitting on the cold floor and she is busy wrapping my hand with a dishcloth.

Fumane: We'll ask Chinedu for the first aid kit later. For now I want to hear more of your stories.

You see what I mean? I pour my heart out to her and she calls my past "stories". Stories really? A story is something you make up to entertain people. Didn't this girl go to school to know the difference? Or did she think I exaggerated things to make my "story" entertaining? Mxm fuck it! She's too beautiful to stay mad at.

Just as we are talking Chinedu walks in with 3 guys we've never seen. They  look like they were drawn by a 5-year-old who has anger issues; all tall and dark like navy-blue dark and the one with dreadlocks has red eyes as if he's just smoked something very strong.

Chinedu: Everyone gatha (gather) here abeg [please].

We all get to the living room. The girls occupy the couches while the guys stand.

Chinedu: Girls tell me now what are your plans after we kill Lady Farrah?

Bophelo: We don't know. Fumane will tell us.

Fumane: Girls keep quiet I will answer.

Chinedu: Spokesperson I see.

Fumane: Aries and I are going to start a business. 

Chinedu: What business be dat (will that be) Madame? Selling cookie I see?

Fumane: Prostitution is in our past Chinedu.

Chinedu: See prostitution is not bad now problem is that old lady who abuse you. Come work for me abeg (please) and l will pay big mani (a lot of money). You girls look so beautiful. I can make so much mani shai [goodness]!

He then clicks his fingers making his hands go over his head. I've noticed that he does that a lot especially after he says the word 'shai'.

Aries: You can make so much money? Did l hear him right? Dosto ganti zikhipani lana [what's really going on here]?

Dosto: No my brother let these girls be. You can see that they are done with that lifestyle.

Chinedu: Dosto are you mad? Don't you see a gold mine here? Look art (at) them!

Me: Chinedu my man. Leave these girls alone. We are here for the stones not all this other stuff.

Chinedu: Aww which one do you want here? I know you talking using your dick not your brain. Which one be that (is it)?

I'm am getting annoyed at this point.

Me: So you called us here to talk about pussy? A big dark man like you with so much beard wants to talk about pussy while we have...

I wanted to mention the stones but I don't know if the goons know about our deal. Besides prior to coming here we had to hide most of the stones in the bush and only carry a few worth about 7 million just in case Chinedu tries to rob us or tries something funny. It's only me and Dosto who know where the stones are. We had to side-track the girls in order to perfect this mission we can't fully trust them. They are prostitutes after all.

Chinedu: A man always thinks about pussy. I wake up in the morning - pussy; after eating lunch - pussy; coming home from work - pussy; going to sleep - pussy. That's why many prostitutes make money. Men love pussy. Or are you gay? Are you gay? Are you gay ?

Dosto: Stop with the labeling Chinedu. We are not here for pussy. You know why we are here.

Chinedu: (Yawning and turning to look at his goons) Tie them up.

Aries: D what's going on?

I see the girls running to the corner hurdling up in groups.

Fumane: Lehumo please protect me.

Everything literally stops after that. Well in my world that is. Fumane wants ME to protect her. She did not say Dosto; she did not say Aries. She said me. Me Lehumo. I'm not much of a good fighter I'm used to taking beatings instead of giving them out but this opportunity needs me to man-up. I need to put all those Jackie Chan movies I've watched all these years to good use. I can't use Jean Claude  Van Damme's moves because he's used to getting a beating before he wins. I don't have that leisure now; I need to strike or else I will look like a fool in front of her. Fumane needs me to protect her.

I look to the side and l see Okonko kicking Dosto on the chest with his size 13 shoe and  Dosto staggers back. Luckily he was close to the wall. I pick the broken glass from the floor and aim for Chinedu's neck. Thank God for my height! He holds his neck gasping for air as blood gushes out. The goons look at their boss in horror and Aries grabs this opportunity to pass me and Dosto knives. They are not really your typical butcher knives but who's complaining? I've already shot a person back there at Lady Farrah's house and now I just stabbed Chinedu so I might as well kill these ones too. 

I raise the knife to stab Emeka but then he kicks me in the balls and I can literally feel my soul detach from my body. I fall down screaming and Aries grabs the knife and stabs him in the leg. I try to stand up but the pain is holding me down. I see Fumane stabbing him in his back.

I look around the place and it's bloody and with screams everywhere.

Fumane: Girls go lock yourselves upstairs.

Dipalesa: Are you not coming Fumane?

Fumane: Hurry! Go go go! I'm coming!

They all rush upstairs. By now two of the goons are down and the only one standing is stomping on Dosto's chest. Dosto manages to hug the goon's other leg and pulls him down causing him to fall. Fumane charges at him and stabs him in the eye while Aries checks if the others are really dead.

I finally manage to stand up with the help of Fumane and we look at the dead bodies.

Me: I'm a killer. From a PK to a robber and now a killer. What's next?

Dosto: (Coughing out blood balancing his body with the table while standing up) You've pretty much done the worst. Nothing comes after killing. Continue killing boi.

Me: All l wanted was money to take my family to Malawi. I did not know it comes with this.

Dosto: Too late to mope. We need to clean up.

I look at the dead bodies and it becomes real to me that we've just killed 5 people. I remember how  my mom always told me how fear can be turned into a weapon. The four of us are not the strongest but our fear led us to our triumph. We used what we could to survive while our opponents misjudged us thinking that they could easily take us on seeing that they are taller and bigger than us.

Dosto: Stompie you are fierce neh?

Fumane: Men have taken advantage of me and my sisters for far too long and I'm tired of it.

Dosto: Remind me not to mess with you.

Aries: I need alcohol. Shit has been real!

Dosto: We need to be sober at all times. Chinedu's business partners will keep popping up. Luckily for us I know this house inside-out. In the basement we have a flesh-eating acid we'll throw these bodies in a bathtub and use the acid to burn them and then continue cleaning... cleani... clea...

Dosto falls down passed out.


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