Chapter 7

Chapter 7


The pain is too excruciating and right now I'm regretting having stayed behind. This man is out for the kill today.

I rush to go check on Mom who is bleeding on the floor but my dad heads to her and gets to her first and stomps on her frail chest with his humongous boot.

Father: There is nothing I hate like a weak woman! Everything about you is weak! Weak sex position; weak communication skills; just weak weak weak! You. Are. Weak woman!

I don't know where I get the courage from but I push my dad to the side and he stumbles trying to regain his balance.

Me: You are going to kill her Father please stop.

He looks at me furious.

Father: It's about damn time she dies because she is useless and has borne me equally useless children!

Me: You may not love her as much as I do but to me she is everything. Don't take away the most important person in my life from me Father please.

I really don't know what happened but he seems to switch to another state of mind. He looks at me strangely then holds his head as if there are voices talking to him inside it. I rush to check on Mother who is now passed out on the floor and father continues talking alone going upstairs.

I pick Mother up and take her to my bedroom upstairs because I know that taking her to the hospital is going to raise a lot of questions resulting in Father abusing us again. I would get him charged for this crime but Lehumo tried doing so a few years ago and it backfired badly; the punishment he got after that still makes my skin crawl. Father is a very connected man and some police officers are on his payroll while others are active members of the church under his cult.

After placing her on the bed I call Simon who is a doctor and also an active member of our church. He knows the situation at home and he's the one who always comes to our aid when father hurts us.


The girls and l push Lesetja further into the ocean and the further we go in the stranger I feel. My feet arere tingling and I feel warm on the inside it's comfortable heat though.

Dipalesa looks at me and on her neck is something weird - it is as if it is opening and closing more like gills of a fish. It's spooking me out but at the same time is intriguing causing me to want to find out more as in what excatly is happening?

Dineo: Lesetja it's getting warm and changing colour.

We have to lower our voices so that the others who are on dry land don't hear us because at this point we can all see that something weird is happening.

Dipalesa: I'm feeling weird Fumane.

Bophelo: I also feel like something is tingling in my legs. Fumane what is it?

Me: (Low voice) Do you see that woman there?

My eyesight is just on point and I can see far. It's like every sense in me has been elevated.

Mathapelo: It looks like she has a tail.

Dipalesa: She is drawing Lesetja to her.

Bophelo: (Shouting) Look look look!

They are glowing small fish-like things surrounding her. More like attaching themselves to her body.

Mathapelo: What are they doing Fumane?

Dosto: (Shouting so that we can hear him since he's a bit far from us) Hai maan fok [No man fuck]! Le chunang nou [What are guys doing now]? Are vayeng before bare ra loya [Let's go before they say we are doing witchcraft]!

Me: Girls let's go now before they start noticing that something is wrong with us. We'll come back here to visit when our things are sorted out. We have just discovered something amazing about us right?

Dipalesa: Do you think everyone is like this when we get into water Fumane?

Me: There's a documentary that I watched which was educating on things like this but I just can't remember what it's called.

Dineo: I also saw something like that on YouTube but they said it's a myth.

Bophelo: What's a myth?

Me: Let's get out of here we'll talk more in private.

We walk out while the fish push Lesetja towards the woman in the water.


I think we have left the Vaal at this point. We've been driving for hours and it has been a good hour without us seeing any houses or other cars. This place looks abandoned it's as if no people pass by or live here; it's all just big bushes and gravel roads. Svuthe steps out of the car for a smoke and Cynthia and l step out to join him.

Svuthe: Ai nina [No guys]. Nifunani langaphandle [What are doing outside the car]?

Cynthia: We are tired of sitting. My legs are even getting cramps.

He turns and looks at me. I don't know what that feeling is called or if I'm the only one who feels it but the way he looks at me makes my stomach vibrate and my heart feel warm. Svuthe is a very good-looking man and the scar on his face doesn't take away from that.

I love how he keeps looking at my thighs but pretends as if he isn't when I turn to face him.

I've never been in a relationship or even felt like this about anyone before but there is just this special feeling I get about him.

Cynthia: I need to pee.

Svuthe: Yoh Jehova! Simakade [Everlasting (God)!

Cythia: Where can I pee?

Svuthe: Find a bush and hurry! We need to keep moving.

Cynthia: Ganthe where are we going nah [Where exactly are we going]? Reya ko America [Are we going to America]?

Svuthe: Ngemoto [In a car]? Wow!

Cynthia rolls her eyes walking further away to find a bush.

Svuthe: Nawe hamba uyochama [You also go and pee] I won't be stopping after this.

Me: I'm fine nna.

His phone rings and he answers trying to locate Cynthia's whereabouts with his eyes.

Svuthe: Ringa nami s'boshwa [Talk to me convict].

Voice: I'm tailing that crazy priest and he's now in Evaton West talking to those guys at the petrol station you fueled up at. He's got some strange men in the car so without a doubt they are going to kill you when they find you.

Svuthe: Ai fok

fok maan [Geez fuck it man]. Jwanong ke chuneng [What must I do now]?

Voice: I don't know. You are not going to like this but go deeper into those bushes and stop by an old run-down house you will find a mural wall inside. Drive through it.

Svuthe: What?

Voice: We don't have enough time Svuthe his car shows that he's approaching Sebokeng now.

Svuthe: Fuck!

He hangs up lighting another cigarette.

Me: You need to let Lehumo know.

Svuthe: Why are you listening in on my calls?

Me: Call him already Papa is fast approaching.

Svuthe: He's still in Sebokeng. So chill. Wait how is it possible that he is following us?

Me: I don't know.

He dials my brother.

Svuthe: Ei Mo I'm supposed to be heading back after dropping the girls but those guys in Evaton refused to keep them out of fear ya le taima la gago joe [out of fear of your father man]. So now I'm at some weird location and that guy you referred me to said something about driving through a wall.

Lehumo: What?

Svuthe: Athi "Trust me on this" qabanga ndoda just imagine man].

Lehumo: Well you have no choice but to trust him; Ibanathi is very reliable. He wouldn't say something that is off-track.

Svuthe: Wa bona wena [Get this] you owe me big time ntwana [boi].

Lehumo: Oska wara [Don't worry] Svuthes ketlogo shebela [I'll repay you] blind blind [majorly]. Wena nje etsa sure gore di thigini tsa dlagleng di grand [You just make sure that my sisters are good].

Svuthe: Oh and another thing le thaima la gago [your dad] keeps on following our tracks. How is he finding the exact route we are using?

There is a bit of a silence.

Lehumo: Check those two. Necklaces rings hair extensions pussies anus gold teeth. Alles ntwana [Everything boi]. Get back to me when you get to whereever Ibanathi directed you to go to.

Svuthe: Sure boi.

He hangs up and calls out for Cynthia.

Svuthe: Ei maan ganthe o va nou mabhebeza [For goodness' sake where is baby girl now]!?

Cynthia: (Yelling behind a big tree) Ratu mphe tishu hle [Rato give me tissue paper please].

I quickly head to the car and take out the tissue roll and walk to hand it to her.

Me: Bathong Ceec oka kaka vele [Goodness Ceec are you really taking a dump]?

Cynthia: Tsamaya [Go] kea tla [I'm coming].

A few minutes later Cynthia walks up to us.

Her: I'm good to go now.

Svuthe: What about your hands? Did you wash them?

Cynthia: Do you see any tap around here?

Svuthe: Never mind. We need to find the tracking device your father is using to track us.

Cynthia: (Panicking) He's tracking us?

Svuthe: Strip. l need to check your bodies because Lerato and I have already checked the clothes and bags.

Cynthia: Ah... I can't.

Svuthe: Then stay behind because that psycho is coming.

Cynthia and I strip while Svuthe studies our bodies. It is the most uncomfortable feeling and is nerve-wracking too. I mean this guy could easily rape and murder us. It's our first time meeting him and we are in the middle of nowhere plus we are on the run. The worst part is we saw his gun. At this point we have no choice but to trust him.

He then picks Ceec up and places her on the bonnet and then spreads her legs.

Svuthe: Do you trust me?

She nods holding back tears. Svuthe parts her vaginal lips sticking the tip of his finger in then proceeds to look deeper into her honeypot; and he then checks all her holes including her anus nose mouth. When he's satisfied he tells her to get dressed. He lifts me up too and parts my legs but then freezes looking at my intact hole.

Svuthe: Ole vangas [Are you a virgin]?

Me: Eng [What]?

Svuthe: Are you a virgin?

Me: Yes.

I answer feeling uncomfortable.

Svuthe: Cynthia continue checking her I need a smoke.

Just as we are dressing up after the checking he looks at our necklaces.

Svuthe: Where did you get those matching necklaces from?

My dad bought them for us as presents at Lehasa's graduation. He bought them for me mom and Cynthia then matching rings for Lehumo and Lehasa.

Svuthe: So your shitty father buys all of you expensive jewellery and none of you think he's up to something? No maan le di tlaela weitsi [No man you guys are stupid you know]? Ntsha masepao re tsamayeng [Remove that shit and let's go].

We take off the necklaces and give them to him.

Svuthe: We need to get out of the bushes and throw away these necklaces far from this place to off-track him then hurry to the mural.


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