Chapter 6

Chapter 6


After the long and frustrating drive we get to uMhlanga Rocks in Durban and it's a few minutes past 5 p.m. Dosto took us to this Nigerian tycoon's mansion that is facing the sea. Apparently Dosto used to sell drugs and perform other dodgy dealings for him. He mentioned all this in passing and l wanted to ask more on the matter but he had already moved on to another topic. That's Dosto for you; he mentions something and just when you keen to know more he moves to the next thing.

He has really lived the life I thought only exists in movies. I mean take for instance the way he just shot that security guy without even batting an eyelid. It is as if it's something he is used to doing.

The doctor arrives shortly after us and takes the wounded prostitute to the other room while his assistant cleans Fumane up. Dosto communicated all this with the doctor on our drive here so that by the time we got here everyone knew what we are here for and what happened prior to us getting here.

The older prostitute looks stressed out busy biting her nails while the other ones are gathered by the corner chatting to Fumane about whatever. They look shaken and the light-skinned one is even sobbing.

I can't believe that even with all these traumatic events happening around me my mind still wants to lust after the short big-eyed prostitute! Call me insane and I will gladly accept it because this girl right here is something I've never seen in my life! All these prostitutes are ridiculously beautiful but this Fumane person is extreme. With my height and stature it will be very easy to do things to her l mean sexual things muscle-hardening things. I've always loved women with big boobs but her egg-sized breasts will fit perfectly on...

She taps me on the shoulder as I'm lost in my thoughts. She notices my swollen bulge under my pants and sighs clearly annoyed.

Fumane: Really?

Me: (Putting my hands in my pockets to hide my embarrassment) Really what?

Fumane: Who in their right mind gets an erection at a time like this?

The whole big-eyed squad looks at me as if I kill baby rabbits for a living.

Me: My body works differently okay? Whenever I'm stressed frustrated or even scared 'it' hardens.

Fumane: Eww!

Me: Mxm!

Fumane: When will your friends finish talking? I need to know how my sister is doing.

Me: I don't read minds for a living. Don't you see me sitting here with you? It means I'm much as in the dark as you are on the matter.

She rolls her eyes and walks back to her sisters.


I tried getting my mother and brother to come along with us but just as Lehumo predicted they declined the offer. I don't really blame them though not when they had to witness me and Mo get punished for running away the last time. Them seeing us been starved whipped and then left naked in the rain made them think twice about what I proposed to them. Lehasa even tried to physically stop us but Cynthia used a pan to hit him at the back of his head which caused him to faint. I hope he's okay...

We found this "Svuthe" guy my brother said we should go to and now he's driving us to this place which l don't even know its name. I saw a board written "Welcome to Palm Springs" so I guess we are in the Vaal. I'm really not familiar with the Vaal I once came here with the church for a prayer session in Evaton West.

Svuthe has been mostly quiet the whole way; he only said a few words to us. He's just been communicating with Mo over the phone.

Me: Is the place where you are taking us safe? My father knows a lot of people; so they are going to find us and it might be quick and easy for them to.

I'm sitting in the front seat while Cynthia took the backseat. It's my first time wearing leggings only without a towel covering my behind and I must say I feel a bit naked. I wish l could just take a jersey and cover myself some more. I don't know what I was thinking wearing such. It's no mystery to me as to why my father is always against such clothing.

Svuthe: Bona mo [look here] Swedy [Sweety]. That stupid Satanist of a person you call a dad won't be able to find you where I'm taking you.

Cynthia: Please Abuthi Svuthe[Brother] get us to safety and the Lord will bless you.

He looks at Cynthia in the rearview mirror and gives her sinister smile.

Svuthe: You are so sweet Mabebeza [Baby] but with the cruel things I've done in this world God doesn't want to hear a thing from me.

Cynthia: He's a forgiving...

Svuthe: Ei ei ei mamelang mo [listen here] neh? How about we talk less and focus on the road more. I'm not doing this from the "goodness of my heart" but because I'm going to get paid for it.

Cynthia and I look at each other and focus back on the road.


Dad walks in furiously from wherever the hell he is coming from and scans the room to check if every family member is present. He prefers - let me rephrase that - He DEMANDS that we all gather in the living room when it's almost his home-coming time so that he can see we are all at home. He hates  asking where so and so is.

Right now I'm sitting on the floor with my mom and I'm holding a plastic bag with ice cubes and it's wrapped in a cloth

and it's wrapped in a cloth I'm using it to get the swelling down. My head is in pain but it's nothing compared to what's happening in my heart due to the fear of what my father is going to do when he finds out about what happened. It's better I suffer now and get it over and done with than risk running away only to be caught and tortured like he did with the ones who have tried to run away before.

Father: Where are they?

My mom and l look at each other each of us fearing to saying anything first.

Father: I hate repeating myself.

Mother: They... The...

My father steps closer to her. She immediately covers her face without finishing her sentence because she already knows what's about to happen.

Father: (Raising his voice) They... The... What!?

Me: They ran away father.

He laughs sarcastically covering his mouth.

Father: And where were you when all this happened?

Fuck! l knew this question was coming. I wish I had prepared a more dramatic scene in my mind but now I have none.

Me: Cynthia hit me with a pan. That's why I'm bleeding now.

Father: Cynthia hit you with a pan that's why you are bleeding now?

I know that every time he repeats something shit is about to hit the fan.

Father: My poor Lehasa. Let me see where a woman half your size hit you with a pan.

He roughly grabs me by the collar and hits me against the wall. He pushes his fat hands on my wound and I scream out in pain. Mom stands up and holds his waist pleading:

Mother: Ntate Modise [Mr Modise] motswarele hle [forgive him please].

He roughly pushes my mom and she loses her footing hitting the wall with her head then falls down.


The doctor and the other tall big-boned guy enter the room with downcast faces. I know what that look means but I'm not prepared to accept the meaning. This can't be it. Not Lesetja. Not my beautiful innocent Lesetja!

Dr: We tried everything in our power to save her but she lost a lot of blood.

Me: You are lying you wanted her to die!

I move closer to him trying to choke him. I know he did not give a fuck about my sister. All he cared about is the Money and the stones they stole.

Me: She may not have meant shit to you but to me she meant a lot okay?

As I'm trying to speak pain chokes me. The newly-found freedom means nothing to me without Lesetja without any of my sisters. Lehumo comes and hugs me from behind.

Lehumo: Hey hey Fums look at me.

Me: He failed to save my sister. Why why why!?

Chinedu the tycoon whispers something to Dosto and he sighs in frustration.

Chinedu: I'm sorry to be insensitive now abi [okay]? But see we need to get rid of the body now abeg [please]. See this be summer and is hot in Durban abi. The pikini [girl] will start smelling now chai [for goodness' sake].

Aries comes to me and hugs me moving Lehumo's hands away from me.

Aries: Nana I'm sorry about Lele but we need to let her go. Now we should focus on coming up with a plan to kill Lady Farrah because she is coming after us guns blazing. 

Me: It hurts Aries.

My sisters are curled up on the floor crying.

Dr: Fumane I tried everything.

Me: We'll bury her in the ocean.

Chinedu: What madness be this!?

Dosto: Nedu my man let them be. It's already dark now and quiet too. Let them have the closure they require.

Chinedu: Fine but let them know that they don't call the shots here abeg [please]. This be my house abi [alright]?

Dosto and Lehumo fetch Lesetja's body that's wrapped up in white sheet. They put her on a big surfer board and the whole thing just feels so foreign to me. Aries let's me rest my weight on her as we walk to the ocean with my other sisters sobbing and following behind us. It was real: our little Lesetja was no more.

We place her next to the water and l unwrap the sheet.

Chinedu: I still feel like we should have burnt her abi [okay]? People are going to find her and...

Me: Shhhh...!

The water is just making me feel weird but in a good way. I start hearing something that sounds like a song and my sisters start making strange sounds. Wait I'm also making the same sound too.

Dosto: Hai fosek lona [get out of here]! La rasa yanong [You guys are making noise now].


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