Chapter 5

Chapter 5


Stivovo shoots the security guard in the head as the others scatter still shooting at us. I run back to the car in a panic; I've never seen a person being shot before let alone one dying in front of my very eyes!

Dosto roughly opens the door and pulls me out.

Dosto: Ntwana [Boi] uchunang nou? [what are you doing now]!?

Me: You said we are coming here to do a clean job mara [but] your guys are now killing people!

Dosto: No maarn Mo!  This is not a tea party of course people are going to die! Put on your pad and get your gun ready. It's either we kill them or they kill us. The only people we don't shoot at are the women. Jy vorstan [Do you understand]!?

Me: Ai no boi. l don't think I can go through with it.

Dosto: Msunu you are already implicated in this so pull up your granny panties before I shoot you! You are wasting time maarn! We only have 15 minutes to get the job done before that white woman comes back!

I think of the hate that l have for my dad and that gives me the strength I need to look past the dead bodies. Lerato Cynthia and my mom need me to have my ish together or else that monster is going to kill all of us.

We walk straight to the back of the house where an even bigger nicer-looking property is standing next to the sparkling pool. A woman around her mid-forties is standing by holding a mature white woman hostage at gunpoint.

Dosto: En then?

Aries: She doesn't want to give me the code for the safe. I want a clean job; no explosives. My girls are inside.

Dosto: Why didn't you get them out lewena [really]?

Aries: Akere [Because] I was busy with this one.

Dosto: Mo get those whores out before we start the job.

I hurry into the house and more gun shots are fired on the other side of the property. I hurry further into the house and my eyes land on this beautiful girl with the most gorgeous eyes.

Dineo: Are you the one who's going to help us get out of here?

Me: Yeah. Where are the rest of your friends?

Dineo: They are my sisters.

Me: (Rolling my eyes) Go get them we don't have enough time.

She starts making a squeaky sound and somehow it draws them to her. I have to rub my eyes to ensure that I'm not dreaming. These prostitutes have this unique enchanting beauty about them that can make a man eat out of the palm of their hands. The slim shortest one walks towards me.

Her: My name is Fumame. What's yours?

Man I've seen beautiful woman in my life but this one right here is one-of-a-kind. Her skin is so smooth and her eyes are dreamy as if she's just woken up from a deep sleep.

Me: I'm Lehumo.

She turns around and looks at the other girls.

Fumane: lt's time now. Let's get out of here and never look back.

We walk out and Dosto was pressing his gun on that woman's vagina.

Dosto: Tell me the password or else I'm shooting this stinking thing. (pressing the gun harder onto her private part)

Marlene: Farrah is going to kill me.

Dosto: So you think I'm here to kiss you magogo [grandma]?

Marlene: Are you going to let me go after I've given you the code?

Dosto: That's what I said at the beggining of this convo.

Marlene: 'Mermaids'.

Dosto: What?

Marlene: The password is 'Mermaids'.

Dosto: Stocko check if s'gogwana se [this grandma] is telling the truth.

Aries punches in the code and it opens.

Dosto: Take these girls to the car and come back. We need to clean up. (looking at me)

The girls run to the car without waiting to be escorted. More prostitutes run out screaming and running out into the streets. My heart tears apart as I see that some of these girls are as young as teens who barely have any boobs. Seeing how selfish and heartless this Farrah is I just became more determined to finish the job.

I walk into the house at the exact second Dosto shoots the woman in the head.

Me: Did you really have to kill her?

Dosto: Don't like loose ends.

We pack away the money into one bag and the stones in the other. Just when we walk out we hear police sirens. We quickly get into the car and Stivovo and Shorti park alongside our car. I think they stole the car from the property seeing how the girls are already overloaded at the back.

Dosto: Good job guys. Now guys. Now let's get out of here.

Just as we start driving off the police van approaches and then we hear shots being fired from Stivovo's car. The cops start shooting too and l have to focus on the road in order to get us to safety.

Dosto: Mo don't panick! Keep your eyes on the road. The girls are at the back and they depend on you to get them wherever the fuck they are heading to. They mean a lot to Aries and she helped us pull this through.

Just as he is talking the police car collides with Stivovo's causing it to hit a tree. The police car hit the security wall of someone's house.

Dosto: Drive Lehumo don't look back!

We drive for a long distance and finally stop at a secluded place.

Aries: That was a close one!

Dosto: Eish l hope bo Stivovo ba grant [Stivovo and them are good]. But 

I will check on them when the dust settles.

Aries: I hope they are not dead.

Dosto: That would be a bummer especially after the great job that they just did.

Me: Let's check on the girls at the back.

We walk to the back of the car and open the door. Fumane is holding one of the girls crying.

Fumane: Lesetja wake up.

Aries: Oh my word! She's been shot!

Bophelo: She is dead.

Aries: Fumane are you also bleeding or is it Lesetja's blood?

Dipalesa: lt went through her.

Fumane: (Crying) Lesetja? Lesetja? Wake up!

Me: Ladies get out of the car so we can check if the bullets didn't get any of you too.

Fumane gets out of the car and falls to the ground. I kneel down next to her checking her pulse.

Dosto: We need to keep it moving. There is a guy in Durban who has a market for these stones he's expecting us first thing tomorrow morning so there's no time to waste.

Aries: What about my girls?

Dosto: There is a good Nigerian doctor there who deals with such cases. He won't ask any questions if the pay is good.

Me: They won't reach Durban not as wounded as they are.

Dosto: Then l will drive. We are halfway there anyways.

Aries: Well Fumane's wounds is from a stray bullet but Lesetja is hurt pretty bad.

Dosto gets into the car while me and Aries help the girls get in at the back.

Aries: Fumane Lesetja is not dead she is hurt pretty bad but help is coming. Okay?

Fumane looks at her with no reply.

Dosto drives like a maniac while l call Lerato.

Me: Rato?

Lerato: Lehumo where are you? Papa is coming back home from anytime now.

Me: Listen to me and don't ask questions because the instructions are pretty clear. Pack all your important documents and other important things to you. Tell mom and Cynthia to do the same and if mom declines let her be. Go to my room you will find my back already packed. Take it and go to the Pub and Grill. There you will find a tall light-skinned guy with a scar next to his chin. To be sure that it's him ask for his name and if he says it's Svuthe go with him. He we lead you to safety 'til l get back.

Lerato: What if...?

Me: Look here Lerato I've been through shit today and I don't expect the same from you. You have two choices: 1. being a stress reliver for dad; or trusting me for a better future.

Lerato: Okay.

Me: Good girl. Now hurry before that monster gets home.


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