Chapter 4

Chapter 4


I hear Lehumo calling out Lehasa's name and get relieved. At least now we won't receive any more beatings for the night. I really hate the way Dad treats us and wish there was a way to escape this horror. Even when I was still doing my degree I wasn't allowed to stay at the school's residence since he wants to control my every move. None of us were allowed to stay there while schooling even though he has enough money to give us a soft life. He takes me for virginity-testing every six months and has threatened to kill me if I break it before I get married. He wants me to marry Cynthia's brother because he and her father have some sick agreement that they want all their children to marry each other. This brother we are taking about is 2 years younger than me. He is good-looking but I don't see him in that way because we grew up referring to each other as siblings now all of a sudden we have to be lovers? He also shows zero-attraction to me. Lehumo is supposed to marry the twins when they turn 18. I know he''s working on a plan to get us out of here before dad forces him to go ahead with the marriage.

Lehumo knocks at my door and Mom opens.

Mom: Wena mara Mo [For Pete's sake Mo]! Where are you coming from?

Lehumo: I needed some fresh air.

Mom: What if your father got here before you mara Lehumo? Nna I'm tired of the beatings going on in this house. Just for once be like the other kids and obey him. Lerato was beaten up because of your big mouth and now you want us to get beaten up again? I'm also tired of...

She pauses and sighs.

Lehumo: I will try to behave.

Mom: Don't try just behave!

She quickly leaves the room as soon as we hear Dad shouting downstairs.




-A week later-


These past few days I have been trying to come up with a plan to get us out of here but it's proving to be difficult since we don't have enough knowledge of life outside these walls. It seems like there is more to this world than having sex with men. I have my own fantasies of a perfect world and I'm going to create it as soon as l leave this place.

Aries is a prostitute from the East Wing and she's been teaching me a whole lot about the outside world. We are not allowed to interact with the other prostitutes from the other wings but she and I met by luck:

Lady Farrah had forgotten her other phone in our wing and then asked me to bring it to her. She was lining the East girls for the men to choose from while making them look like objects; naked busy flicking their clits to entice those heartless men.

In our wing we don't line up. We just get a call to be ready and the client just goes to the Playroom which is where we have sex. I think she respects us a bit more than the East girls. Or maybe she respects the clients who pay for the East Wing more who knows?

Anyways I gave her the phone and met Aries who was outside for a smoke. She is in her late forties but she still looks good and has a great body as well. We exchanged numbers and have been sneaking around the yard meeting trying to come up with a plan to  run away from this horrible place. The prostitutes from the East Wing are allowed to go as they please but Aries is there because she's being punished; she stole a lot of money from Lady Farrah so Lady Farrah had her men kidnap Aries and then made her a prostitute to pay off her debt. Aries is really worn-out and also full of rage towards Farrah. From my side I just can't wait for the day somebody finally kills Farrah.


Fumane has been working very hard trying to get us out of here and I can't wait for the day we finally leave this place. The things we do for these men are draining. I have been fantasizing a lot about breaking free and having a normal life. I'm slowly losing the will to live.

Dipalesa comoe in holding her stomach like someone who is in pain.

Me: Pale-Pale are you okay Nana? (Putting a pillow behind her to make her comfortable)

Pale: Fumane faked another sickness and the crazy priest was referred to me. (Drinking the pain killers that are on my pedestal)

Me: She is working hard to get us out of here. I'm sorry Lady Farrah gave him to you

and the crazy priest was referred to me. (Drinking the pain killers that are on my pedestal)

Me: She is working hard to get us out of here. I'm sorry Lady Farrah gave him to you I was busy with the politician. You out of all of us are the most fragile and it hurts me to see you this depressed and in so much physical pain.

Pale: She is taking too much time Dineo I can't take the abuse anymore. This priest is weird and way too rough. He has anger issues and a very disturbing relationship with his mother. I mean who talks like that during sex?

Me: Something is really not right with him and Lady Farrah doesn't care just as long as she makes money off of us.

Pale: I think she lied about our parents dying in the fire. Did you watch that video on YouTube under #saveourchildren?

Me: No but I also think she lied about our parents.

Pale: We have to help Fumane not just sit around waiting for her to do everything.

Me: I also managed to form a friendship with that celebrity guy. Maybe he will help us escape.

Pale: Ask Fumane first because that friendship of yours could be a trap from Lady Farrah he could be spying for her. We can't just trust people we don't know.

Actually come to think of it Dipalesa could be right...


My family went to church. I faked being sick and that monster believed me. It's been 30 minutes since they left. I put on my black tracksuit and matching sneakers and then leave the house to meet up with Dosto at the street corner. He is leaning against the white Toyota bakkie and it  looks like there are people inside.

Dosto: Ntwana [Boi]!

Me: Sure boi.

Dosto: We are doing this right?

Me: Ke dah [I'm with you] Ntwana [Boi] I need cash.

I look around to make sure nobody sees us.

Me: Ok let's get into the car.

We both sit in front with him taking the driver's seat.

Dosto: These are our accomplices Shorti and Stivovo.

Me: Tha [Hello].

Them: Ola [Hey].

They look rough and ready for action and that confirms that we are really doing this.


Aries sent me a text telling me that a quick plan is coming into action. She said some guys are coming to rob Lady Farrah so we shouldn't be in their way. She keeps diamonds and other expensive stones she gets from God-knows-where in our wing. She thinks nobody knows about them but l have been tailing her every move. I told Aries about it and she said it was the key to get us out of here.

The text specifically said we should make it easy for the guys to move around the East Wing. They are bringing explosives and will start a fire around the property to distract the security guys. The property is heavily-guarded so they need drastic measures to pull it off.

I quickly gather my sisters and tell them to pack little bags with only the most important things. Well we don't have a lot of sentimental things just a bunch of expensive stuff we've accumulated while selling our bodies over the years.

Me: Okay today is the beggining of our new life. There will be guys who will come in here holding guns and explosives. They won't shoot at us they just want Lady Farrah's money okay?

Bophelo: But Fumane...

Me: Shhh let me finish.

Dipalesa: Let her finish Bubbles.

Me: While they are busy searching around the house you must stay out of their way. No screaming no running around. You are going to hide in Mathapelo's room 'til I tell you to come out.

Taps: They won't shoot at us?

Me: No they won't.

I look at Lesetja who is so confused and terrified at the same time. She is my favourite out of all my sisters. Even after her body has been used countless times she still has this innocence about her that softens my heart. I've always tried my best to protect her and today is finally the day that we'll break free and start a new life where nobody will ever use us.

We hear gunshots outside and the girls started running around like headless chickens; forgetting everything l just said.


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