Chapter 3

Chapter 3


I got a call from my friend Dosto to meet up at the Pub and Grill. It's not far from our house maybe like 3 streets away. It's a local pub always busy because it's the cleanest and biggest in our area. I get there and find him standing by the cladding wall near the entrance. A lot of guys in our hood don't hung out with me because of my dad but Dosto doesn't give a fuck in fact he hates my dad for whatever reason.

We fist-bump and make our way to the our table.

Me: Zikhipani ntwana [What's up boi]?

Dosto: Eish man. Remember a few weeks back you mentioned that I should holla at you if something comes up?

Me: Yes ntwana [boi]. Manje [So]?

Dosto: Well something's come up and it's a lot of money ntwana [boi]. It's a dangerous mission but the risk is worth it my man.

Our beers came and the waitress winked at me. She is new here and there's nothing I like more than new ass plus baby girl is my type. With whatever's going on at home sex and alcohol seem to be my coping mechanisms. I'm glad I'm blessed with good looks so getting a girl to fuck is not a problem. The only problem I encounter is when I'm in a  relationship and the girl starts demanding money and quality time but sadly I'm the most broke guy in Cosmo City and also don't have a lot of leisure time since my father always wants us to do things for the church and shit. That's why I prefer one-night stands. Yep I'm your no-strings-attached type of guy. If you force your strings on me then that's your own fault. Mina andizi [Count me out of it].

Dosto: Mara wena o lucky [But you are] saan [son]. All these hoes seem to have a thing for you.

Me: 'Til they find out that I'm actually broke then they leave me for a rich guy. Phela these days being a good-looking guy is not enough for this gender.

Dosto: True ntwana [boi]. Let's take a walk to talk about our die dang [thing]. Phela waitse gore [Because you know that] walls have ears.

We take our beers and make our way out.


I feel bad that I gave Dineo to the angry priest. He always prefers being serviced by me but I'm just not feeling it today. We were taught how to please men sexually from a young age but from the videos I've seen on xvideos sex is supposed to be a mutual thing where both parties are left satisfied but with us it's only these old hags enjoying our bodies. I may not know a lot about  what goes on on the outside this yard but I have a feeling that there is more to life than having sex with old men. I somehow feel connected to the ocean and I keep on dreaming that I'm a mermaid. I know they don't exist well that's how Google puts it but it would be nice to escape this horror of a life we live and spend a week in the oceans with my sisters as we call each other.

I go to the kitchen and find Dipalesa drinking water. She has scars on her neck but it's nothing new because these men can get quite aggressive at times.

Me: Hard day isn't it?

Pale: Yep! One of those.

Me: (Whispering) For how long are we going to live like this?

Pale:(Whispering) This is our life and you know it too sis. There is nothing more to this world than this.

I hold her hand and we make our way to my room. We close the door and keep our voices low.

Me: But Palepale don't you see when we go to these hotels people out there are living freely? People are happy and in love. They walk on the streets holding each other's hands smilling and enjoying life.

Pale: Women holding kids or driving their own cars and listening to music. Just like in all the YouTube videos. (Closing her eyes imagining about those scenes)

Me: Excatly. There is life beside the one we are living.

Pale: But where will we go? This is the only life we know.

Me: I will let you know when I have a plan.

Pale: Thanks Fumane. You've always been like a big sister to all of us even though we are like the same age. You have always given us hope even when we felt like giving up.

Me: We will make it and I will make sure of that.


The priest looks a bit angry today and I know for a fact that I'm going to get a wild one. He always books the North Wing and prefers being serviced by Fumane. From the three previous sessions I've had with him I can safely conclude that he's an angry man. His sexual activities are weird and he's very rough. I don't really know what or how priests are supposed to be like but judging from the YouTube videos they are supposed to be kind loving and understanding. There is so much I don't know about the world I live in but Fumane always keeps us updated and informed.

He comes in and takes off his collar.

Him: Hi.

Me: Hello.

Him: From the previous sessions we've had I'm taking it as you already know what I prefer...?

Me: Yes sir.

He takes off all his clothes and I do the same. He's not like other men who want foreplay and a little bit of playfulness he always wants to roleplay a young man fucking the living daylights out of his mother. He always makes me wear an old stinking grey wig with a very itchy top and no underwear. We always do the same position - doggy style - and it's always one round then after that he curls himself in the corner singing nursery rhymes in a child's voice. I honestly don't know what happened to him in his childhood but he seems like a person who has been abused sexually and physically by his mother or any other female figure in his life.

I get on top of the bed already in doggystyle and then I feel the coldness of the lubricant making its way to my cookie. I picture a scene in the movie '50 Shades of Grey' to try and distract myself from the hideous smell of the top and wig. He inserts his huge manhood inside me and starts thrusting hard.

Him: That's how you like it Mama?

Me: Yes.

Him: Will I get my food today if I make you cum Mama?

Me: Yes.

Me: You won't lock me outside to sleep with the dog in the dog-house if I make you cum Mama?

Me: Yes.

With every 'Yes' he gets he thrusts harder and his hands are so tight around my neck choking me. I mentality count the seconds until he cums and today than most days he takes longer but fortunately for me he finally reaches his orgasm and leaves me gasping for air then he hurries to the corner with the condom dripping with his semen.

Him: 🎡🎢 Tlou ele enale nko etelele hakakang.

Yanka tweba yanka moguditswang 🎢🎡

Wow! I've seen men do creepy things for pleasure but this one tops the charts. I go to the bathroom to clean my cookie and take pain killers.


I check the time and it is close to 7 p.m. and dad could be walking in at anytime and Lehumo is still not back. I tried is phone five minutes ago and it's still saying "User busy". My mother enters my room looking a bit stressed out.

Mom: Ganthe buti wa hao okae na [Where is your brother]?

Me: I've been trying to call him mara ere [but it says] "User busy".

Mom: Ke hore [Is it because] Lehumo doesn't want any peace in this house? Now your father will take out his frustrations on me.

Me: Then why don't we all run away?

Mom: And go where?

We hear the door opening and closing and our hearts beat right through our chests.


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