Chapter 2

Chapter 2


After working at the orphanage we went to have lunch at Spur and my father was the only one in a cheerful mood. Lerato is finding it hard to sit properly while my mind wanders off to the day I can finally leave that hostile house.

Dad: Lehumo since next month is Lehasa's graduation at the Bible School you should start your course. I want all three of you to be qualified pastors.

Me: I understand that father but what about my Accounting Degree?

Dad: That is to just help the church's finance department. Lehasa has an IT degree and he also helps the church's IT department. Another thing don't ever use "But" when you are addressing me because you are cancelling everything you had just said before that "but".

Me: (Boiling on the inside) I'm sorry father it won't happen again.

Dad: You and Lerato need me to harden my hand when dealing with you because you are still wet behind the ears. You think I built this whole legacy for you to go out partying and doing useless things. Why can't the two of you be like Lehasa?

Lerato: We will try Dad.

Dad: Trying is not enough Rato you need to be like him or else the man who is going to marry you will marry a zebra what with all the marks you will be having on your buttocks.

Lerato: I will be like Lehasa father.

Dad: Don't forget that you are going for virginity testing on Monday.

Lerato: Yes father.

He shifts his focus to Lehasa's wife.

Dad: Cynthia when are you getting pregnant? Tell us if you are barren so that we can get another wife for Lehasa who will be able to bare children. It's almost a year now since you've been married by this time we should be holding our grandchild in our arms.

Cynthia: I was told by the doctor that I have PCOS and that will take a bit of time for me to conceive. I just need to monitor my weight and the way l handle stress.

Dad: Tell me you are joking. What is that PCOS you are talking about? And how come you are onlybmentioning it now?

Cynthia: I went to the doctor last week and haven't had enough time to talk to you since you are a busy man.

Dad: Lehasa did you know about this?

Lehasa: Yes father but we wanted to tell you today after lunch.

Dad: You think I'm stupid neh? No it's fine I will deal with you accordingly when we get home.

After that exchange the mood at the table got sombre. We eat our lunch and drive home.

Dad immediately takes Lehasa and Cynthia to their bedroom and we only hear Cynthia's screams. It's so weird; how he can be comfortable with hitting somebody's child without even an ounce of guilt and the worst part is that Lehasa lets him hit his wife in that way. I get the fact that he doesn't really love Cynthia but it's another thing to watch your dad pulling down your wife's panties and hitting her with a belt in front of you.

Maybe you are asking yourself why we don't run away but continue to stay at home at our age. Well Lerato and I tried running away from home but Dad sent people to look for us

and within a week we were found and we received the harshest punishment one could ever receive. My dad is a thug behind a priest-collar. He preaches the Word of God but does the complete opposite of what it says. Cynthia's parents are active members of the church and her father is my father's partner in crime so I'm very sure that they know what he is doing to their daughter because Cynthia's dad also treats his family like my dad treats his.

My dad has anger issues and I think it stems back from his childhood; I think he was abused when he was a child. I've tried having this talk with my mom but I could see that she is uncomfortable with it. My fear is him one day killing one of us because it's like whenever he's hitting us he kind of goes into a trance and realises what he's done after the beating. What he did to Cynthia doesn't make sense. l mean who gets beaten up for not talking about their health?

I see him getting into the car and driving off l quickly call a small family meeting before he comes back.

Mom: What do you want Lehumo le wena [goodness]? Watseba gore [You know that] if he finds us gathered here he's going to hit all of us.

Me: That's the thing Mama. That statement is wrong on so many levels. Who lives the way we do? This is abuse and Dad needs to stop.

Lehasa: I don't want to be a part of this. If he finds out we are doing this all hell will break loose.

Cynthia: I want a divorce Lehasa. I can't let my father in-law hit me like I am a child. Even children these days no longer get whipped. A whole father in-law lowers my undies and hits my bums. Nope that's not normal. And wena you just stand there and do nothing. (Sniffing while putting a plastic full of ice blocks against her swollen bum).

Lehasa: As if your father would evet support you in this. You know he's the same as mine. You came from one abusive family and went into another.

Cynthia: It's high time I used my degree to find employment far away from here.

Lerato: CeeCee Dad will find you anywhere in this country. Ask me and Lehumo we'll tell you. The punishment you will receive after being brought back here is one you will wish to just die from. I'm still haunted by it even to this day.

Mom: I'm going to my bedroom I'm exhausted and need some rest. Rato please cook tonight I'm not feeling well.

Lerato: Ok Mama.

I leave the house so I can clear my head. I need to come up with a plan to get me Lerato and Cynthia out of that house. Lehasa and my mom are too damaged to see the beast in my dad.


I get to the house to find Lady Farrah waiting for me and before I could even utter a word a slap lands on my face.

Me: Ouch what's that for?

Farrah: For letting a millionaire die while in your care. Do you know how much I had to spend to clean up your mess?

Me: I'm sorry but...

Farrah: But what Fumane? I don't buy that story that you were taking a shower while the poor man needed help. You are not off the hook yet I'm still investigating your matter. If I find that any of it was deliberate I'm going to kill you in the most painful way possible.

Me: I promise Lady Farrah it wasn't deliberate. I would never kill anyone. I'm built for pleasure not for violence.

Farrah: Good girl. Now go take a bath your next appointment is coming at 18:00. It's the kinky priest so be ready for a crazy night.

Me: Lady Farrah please give him to Dineo I'm a bit traumatised from today's events and I won't be able to give him a good time.

Farrah: Don't get used to this special treatment. It's for today only. Tommorrow l want you all good and sexy because some high-profile client from China is coming.

I look at her with anger brewing inside.


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