Mr Mazibuko gave me a ride he was new in our area and he was  a new english teacher  at Pride secondary where my son attends school he's my friend he understands me and we get along very well.

"I will see you tomorrow mother of the community" He said people call me that due to my involvement in everything that's happening in our community I have nothing to give back to my community but my involvement makes different to our community. We said our goodbyes. He waited for me to get inside the house.  My son cooked but I don't feel like eating. Today makes 21 years since my husband left to work for me and to rebuild our house  I walked to my room. I only have 1 picture of us and that picture belong to my father in law.  Well he's old and he's leaving at old age home. Him being there that made me fall in love to help my community. I go there twice a week.

Life has ups and downs it doesn't matter how many times you fall a get up again. Life it's meant to be live and we need to prepare what coming in our lives. I looked at the family album with tears in my face.

"My only hope I'm still waiting for you please do come back I need you our son needs you his name is Zweli if you are dead please visit me in my sleep and let me know that you didn't make it" I cried I was losing my mind Years ago I got married with my charming prince. We had everything that a wife and a husband needed a shelter that was covering our head until  that flushed before our eyes.

Let me reflate a bit on how did David left me. One-day we visited his family we had so much funny Until the weather changed it was raining we had to head back to to our house during rainy days we were restless because our house was leaking and because sometimes when it rains we could find the water on our waist.

"David. We can't reach home nor to go back to your house let's give up" I said The rain was heavy.

"Our house leak and I'm sure you are aware of that? David asked whenever when it rains we had to make sure that we are in the house putting bucket where it leaks besides that we were going to sleep in a house full of water.

" I'm aware but I'm talking about our lives we will be flushed by floods" I said  we continued  running as fast as we could

  we continued  running as fast as we could I ran out of breath I stopped and catches my breath I was so tired and I had no hope anymore he stopped when he realized I was  behind him. I just sat down the only thing that was in my mind was if I die it will be the creator's will not mine everything is in God's hand he helped me to stand up again. We walked in rain we were wet.

"Emily remember that I want to die with you if you are flushed by floods I'm coming with you" he said each couples have when they say their vows the is this part they always say 'only death do us apart' well David said that vice versa 'I want to grow older with you and die with you' surely the person who wrote that vow thought people were going to stick into that slogan yet people get divorce everyday. When we got home we had to watched my house being swept away lives and many homes were destroyed by the flash floods our important documents and our clothes were washed away too. We were left with the clothes that we were wearing experiencing my only home being destroyed like that was very painful. 

"David my ID book" I cried for my ID instead of praying and thank my creator for saving me.

We had to go back to his family house nobody was working my husband decided to go to the city of gold. I still remember the day he left. It was Monday afternoon after 5 days of our house being swept away. I accompanied him to the train station.

"Mfazi wami don't worry I will be back before you know it" David said the was a part of me that didn't want him to go but yet he had to go and work to rebuild our house.

"I know and I will be right here waiting for you" I said with a sad face he made me to looked him and he kissed me trying to cheer me up. My husband left 20 years ago. He went to Gauteng he promised to come back and he never did I'm still waiting for him where he left me hopefully he will come back. That was our last kiss and goodbye. After some months I learned that I was pregnant I went through pregnancy with the support of his family until I gave birth to my joy. Being strong sometimes comes with the ability of a person means because we know at the the end everything is going to be okay and if something is meant to be yours it will be yours no matter what it will find a way to be yours. I'm still waiting for him hopefully he will find his way back home.

I'm Emily Khoza a mother of  a young adults  boy Zwelakhe Khoza me and my son we survive by selling fruits and plus vatkoek/ fatcaks in the morning sometimes the business isn't going well I feel like giving up because sometimes come home with R50 sometimes with nothing. Success is not final failure or a  fatal but a courage to continue that counts. 

I'm Emily this is my my journey of life hopefully you will enjoy.



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