Ugh! Did I heard myself did I had to express how I feel no I couldn't believe that I just ruined my friendship with Sanele he stopped at the fuel garage. He looked at me. 

"You know what I like about you is that you are yourself and you have a great sense of humor and the best thing I like about you is that you believe in yourself and you are yourself." Sanele said. I looked at him waiting for the bomb being thrown on my face.

"I love you Emily." Sanele added Well nobody ever said life was easy I never heard of such ever since I was born. Life only promised that it would be worth it that's all. 

"You come from my rib" Sanele said making me to laugh. 

"Ok Mr rib get me something to eat." I said. He got out from the car. In life go after what you believe on our heart that are meant to kick for life full of passion purpose magic but things as fragile like thought dream legend because they can go on and on. 

He came back we headed having our little conversation my marriage was not meant to be I guess I got married for the wrong reasons. 

"I believe I'm in your thoughts." Sanele said he was being himself no suprise in that. 

"Let me ask my heart weather you are in my thoughts." I said making him to laugh.

"What does it say? " Sanele asked . I smiled.

 "Yes he's in your thoughts Emily " I said trying to emulate babies we laughed.

Finally we reached our destination the trip took longer than the estimated time road traffic was delaying. We got to the hotel. I was the only female among those educators I never thought that one of the best days I was going to be there worse in a hotel. 

"Mom we are here." Zweli said. Everyone went to their rooms the department paid for both accommodation transportation and food. 


Thobile she was sad because I was not going to be able to there for her on the competition it saddens me because I was always there for her we never disappointed her but this time around things have changed. 

"Thobi I will be with not physically." I said. She looked at me worriedly I looked at David he was not saying anything

if I knew that things can turn like this I shouldn't agreed to marry him.

"Princess stop worrying yourself daddy will be there for you" I said looking at my husband. 

"Never think someone will be there forever forever is a long time and time has a way of changing things." David said. He was standing a little massage.

"I beg my pardon? "Thobile asked. he didn't even looked at her. 

"David!" I snapped. Tears roll down my cheeks everything is different that was not my husband I refuse it wasn't my David.


The following day. It was the day we were all looking forward to I couldn't sleep anymore I decided to shower and get ready to go while others are still sleeping. 

"Early bird." Zweli said while entering my room who invited him in? 

"Babo!" I said. He sat on the edge of the bed.

"Thank you mother thanks for doing this" Zweli said I nodded. 

"Mom either I win or lose just know that I love you." He added. 

"Let's see what does this day have for us." I said. He looked at me confused.


"Hello who are you what have you done to my mother? " Zweli said he was being cheeky I was like that unless I woke up on the wrong side. 

"I miss this mother of mine." He said but he just to mock me. 

We were called for breakfast then we left to the venue we were early so I helped were I could educators and participating learners were called to everything was organized. 

The programme started MC welcomed everyone and read the instructions. The was a girl who looked like Fikele everything was her beside the hear our Fikile like her her short. 

"Leadis and gentlemen we have a prayer and a guest speaker" The MC said 

"Our prayer guest guest is Mrs Khoza from Mpumalanga region of Pride kingdom." He said. I was not warn about that I panicked and I got up and walked to stage he gave me the mic the last time I did that I was in highschool I looked at Sanele he just smiled well he didn't know that I can sing I don't think my son knew either or those educators I came with the were all new unless the ward councillor he was the one who told them to put me on the list. 

"Nkosi siyakuthanda Silethi' ihhliziyo zethu Silangazelela wena Sikothama phambi kwakho (Lord We're here to say we love You We prepare our hearts for You We desire Lord to serve You We bow down before your). I hymned and prayed and said our Amen

"Thank you Mrs Khoza that was a powerful prayer I'm surprised why are you sitting with the audience while you belong to the VIP table" MC said I joined the leaders hello there I'm not a leader I couldn't complain I was being recognized for once in my life. The spelling bee programme resumed first round to third round then we had 10 minutes break. I walked to get a fresh air. 

"Why didn't you mention that you have a wonderful voice" Sanele said I turned and looked at him he was with Zweli. "Well I never heard her either" Zweli said 

"Guys I was trying to calm the panic." I said. 

 "And you did well" Zweli said and walked away this child. 

"How are you finding the place so far?" Sanele asked 

"Everything is great so far." I replied.

"How well do you know the Mayor?" He asked 

"Not that much." I replied. 

"I think he knows everything about you." Sanele said


I was always late. I believe I will be late on judgmental day. When I got there it was after 10 minutes break they were on the forth round to sixth those who couldn't make it joined the audience they only left with fourth round. I looked at the boy who was on stage he just cought up my attention who's child was that? The was something about him that grabbed my attention I knew that people do look alike.

We have 10 minutes break. I looked at boy he walked out with his friends. I followed them to the restroom. 

"Boy are you sure that your cousin never had a twin sister?" His friend asked.

"Maybe she has" The boy said. I cleared my throat they all looked at me.

"Can we help you sir?" He asked I nodded. 

"Who are your you?" I asked looking at him he looked at me like he was studying me. 

"No Zweli you are here for spelling bee competition not to answer to be questioned." He whispered but I heard that he stomed out and left his friends. Who is he? 



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