Instead of going to the market I had to go to the mall and get my hair done some of the things are non-essential like doing hair and shopping for one day trip some of those categories that I had no idea who created them. They should be shut that's all. We was going to leave in the evening. He was driving me home. Why the awkwardness after what happened last night? 

I was being selfish not to heal I was being self-indulgent to hold on my son's happiness. A promises and pie crusts are made to be broken right? I guess so if not I will be held accountable for moving on I will face the music later but why was I doing that to myself my husband was the one who broke those vows mirrors break easily and it won't be repaired eggs and oaths also broke easily then how much more to marriage vows?

"Ngabe uzizwa kanjani?" (Are you alright) Sanele asked I nodded of course I'm fine why was he asking.

"You seem distance today." He said well that kiss etched in my memory I believe it will stay foreve well that was our first kiss and it was pure and innocent I guess people don't fall in love for the first time with expectations or malicious intentions that kiss was pure attraction led by the heart and not the mind.

"I'm sorry." I said. He just laughed at me.

"You are sorry for?" Sanele asked he looked at me like he desperate needed the answer I just dropped a few hints he turned on the music

🎶I want to hold your hand🎶By the Beatles sure he played it purposely I Smiled he smirked Mawe!!!


I drove back home I loved Khetho but I felt like I was not in love with her anymore I will tell her tomorrow after my daughter's participation that I was ending our marriage won't ever be easy It will painful and hard for her she will get over it she's the strongest person I earnestly care about her but I'm no longer happy anymore let me be honest with myself I'm no longer attracted by her.

"Aren't you joining me." Kheto said I was hoping that she will choose to ask me where have I been but no she disappointed me.

"Dave letting me lie to on your chest won't kill you" Khetho added calmely the was no need to be in a relationship anymore because woman they no longer belong in the kitchen they were replaced by technology they only thing they do is to warm up our blanket fill our starvation and help us to build a family.

"Dave please" She bagged. Picking unnecessary fight is what I needed but she was disappointing me.



I still couldn't believe that my mother allowed me to take that trip. Fear of change is part of everyone I looked at her and Mr Mazibuko this two can make a great team.

"Tea? My mother asked breaking the awkwardness in that room why suddenly awkwardness between them? But that didn'tt concern me as long as she's wearing her smile.

I know that one-day I will have to get married but no women in this earth can replace my mother that will never happen though she believes that I will be blinded by love I will be calling her name's. She won't believe one of the best days I will buy her a house that will belong to her.

"Babo don't you want tea?" She asked. I nodded she walked away Many people had  extended their RDP houses ours still how the government built it but anyway I have to be great full for what I have.

"I'm going to compete with students A's." I doubted myself. 

"So?" He asked.

"I'm just feeling nervous scared and restless." I said.  He looked at me and smiled.

"It's normal to feel like that let me tell you something babo both schools in our country are provided with the same learning materials

both schools in our country are provided with the same learning materials you write the same paper don't be shaken by the word private school don't do that believe to yourself  I believe in you." Mr Mazibuko said what I like about him he was nice to me but when it come to his work he doesn't mind punish the whole class because of one of us didn't do his work he wants the best marks for everyone.

"Tea for you" my mother said smiling


Love was the magical experience that can turn even the dreariest life into a blooming wonderland my husband just changed in a month when love was fading away it  felt like I was wilting with the withered autumn leaves. My marriage was going sour and sour I felt stucked with all sorts of anxieties and sad emotions brewed inside me. "Sweetie I love you." I said. 

"I love you too Khetho wam." (My Khetho) David said he sounds like he was been force to say that.

"If you were the one who was on that chair I was going to be supportive because I made a promise before the Lord Pastor and to you that I will hold on from our wedding day onward I promised you for better and worse for richer and poorer." I said. Tears runned down my cheeks like the running river why I was reminding him that?

"In sickness and in health I promised to be there for you the only thing I the last part was only death do us part" I said crying. It was hurting me because David and I loved each other. The accident taught me that I everything was possible weather rich or poor life can just flush before our eye and not everyone who's disable was born disabled disability can visit at anytime feeling sorry for myself it wasn't going to help me with anything I just need to focus on getting better and win my husband's heart again.



Finally we are heading the road Zweli was with other educators and kids on the bus well I was the only parent going there I was going tor be representing all parents and I was a Mr Mayor's right hand so yeah I deserved the treat Sanele just decided that he will drive me there he assured me that by 9pm we will be there. I shoot a brief glances at him he was just focused on the road how do I going to control that was I allowed to confess my feelings for him or I should've wait for him to do that but the kiss said it all he glanced at the mirror and he fixed my hair then smiled again my mind is clouded by that kiss I just wish he would put his arm around me. I caught myself fleeting glimpse on him how does feelings work I was getting mixed signals about this man or I was still drunk by the kiss? "Stop doing that." Sanele said.

"What did I do Mr Mazibuko." I said.  I thought he was going to protest but he laughed

"Mrs Mazibuko we will crush with this car" Sanele said.

"Mrs Mazibuko?" He laughed

"I'm losing my focus" He said laughing.

"Well gain your concentration" I said. He took my hand and kissed it oh my goodness my dream just come true.

"Sanele you're so special you're so kind smart and funny and I'm happy when you're around I want us to be more than friends I hope you see my point." I confessed my feelings. Wait did I say that? That was not me. What's wrong with me?



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