I had to stop caring what people think I had stop taking caution in my actions I listened to what I wanted to do what I wanted that in my life.

"Aunt she's here to see you" Fikile said I didn't have the energy to talk to her maybe after my trip. mother's are gift that God gave who deserves to be loved admired and most of all respected they are a wonderful human being with a big heart that love purely they can do anything for their children even if it cost them their lives.That started from the beginning of our forefathers when Kings and Queens introduced the reed course for girls. Girls are taught how should they treat their lawful husband when boys are taught nothing hanse why our country have 97% of single mother because those man were never taught the important of a woman. This is very important if you don't want to make a girl your wife then don't make her a mother that's all.

"Babo!" My mother shouted my name I 

blatantly ignore her. What did she want?

"Babo I'm here to take you home not to fight with you." She said. I furiously looked at her she looked at me then uncle Paul and his wife.

"I will come back after my trip to Jo'burg that's where you will shout at me and give me the purnishiment I deserve" I said. She just smile and nodded. "About that I'm sorry son I was selfish" My mother said wait did she apologies? or I was imagining things.

"I just wanted to protect you I'm so sorry that me trying to protect you led me to be selfish and that selfishness made you to look at me as a wicked mother I am sorry babo I understand that you don't wish to talk to me or see me I just want to let you know that I will always be here to love you protect you and yes I will always take care of you Zweli your well being comes my first priority please forgive me babo." She added. A smile formed on my face hearing sweet words from a mother is the greatest gift of life.

"Ma you." I said. She cut me.

"You are going to Jo'burg." She said did she said I'm going to Jo'burg?

"I beg my pardon?" I asked. I heard what she said I just wanted to make sure.

"Babo we are going to Jo'burg."  Mom said. Okay was confused from you to we.

"This was not my intention to go but people trust me with their children so yeah I'm coming with you to Jo'burg." She added to say I was happy it was going to be understatement I was  over the moon.

"Thank you mom you are the best." I said. She smiled and got up.

"Okey family I will see you tomorrow." She said walking away what just happened did my mother apologies and allowed me to go to Gauteng or I was day dreaming she said she was here to take me home but she walked out without me.

"Zwe you better believe it and wake up from the dream land" aunt Sikhathi said she's uncle Paul's wife Fikile's mother.

"I wish you can wake me up and tell me that I was just dreaming." I said.

"You are not dreaming she was here talking to you Zwee." Fikile said 


With everything that was happening in my life I deserved a little break my mother in law stopped by so I got a time to be out of that house

my mother in law stopped by so I got a time to be out of that house for a change and having a great day drinking alcohol like I was drinking water hoping it will flushed away all my problems people kept on pointing fingers at me probably they are saying I was misusing my money. Yes I was misusing my own money nobody will tell me how should I spend my money. Who knows maybe this flying fish will let my brain fly like a flying fish my mother would say I need prayers because I'm very stubborn luckly I only have a daughter no son that will take after me.


Seeing my boy smiled like that made me happy I found myself smiling while Sanele was driving life is full of tough decisions and nothing makes them easy. I had to make a decision about going to Jo'burg. 

We finally got home I smiled. Today

resourceful of smile and laugh comes from people who knows how to make us smile or laugh for that matter Sanele can do that.

"Should I get you something to drink?"I offered

"Tea." Sanele responded. I walked to prepare the tea. I made two cups of tea and walked back where he was sitting.

"How many spoons of sugar did you put in this tea?" Sanele asked creepy me I didn't even ask him how he likes his tea.

"Oh sorry is it to much? I asked. He shook his head.

"I like it" Sanele said we drank our tea having our conversations like we always do it was already getting dark I enjoy his company for a moment our eyes met staring each other we looked at each other he got up. "I should get going I will see you tomorrow morning" Sanele said. I walked him out before he could go out he grabbeded me 

by my waist pulled me towards him and kissed me well I kissed him back we pulled out the kiss.

"See you tomorrow morning." Sanele said.

"Yeah tomorrow morning" I responded. And that came out as an whisper he smiled and walked away. What the heck just happened? Did I kissed him. While most people think it's our brain that controls our actions it's often our heart that gets the biggest workout like that kiss I find myself smiling alone

"Emily pull yourself together it was just a kiss." I locked the door.

I walked to my bedroom I couldn't  get that kiss out of mind my phone started ringing I picked it up.

"I won't be able to come back today." Zweli said immediately after I answered.

"Why?" I asked.

"I'm busy with my home work." Zweli said the only thing that was on my mind was Sanele quiet frankly I was connected with him but I was scaref of rejection me

"Ma!" Zweli said. Oh I was still on a phone call. 

"Okay babo just make sure that tomorrow after school you come straight home." I said.

"I will do that." Zweli said. I must learn to appreciate people in my life and I should never take them for granted when we take things for granted those things eventually get taken. It took me an hour to fall asleep I was thinking about Sanele.

The following morning Sanele picked me up as he always does. "How was your night?" Sanele questioned he's an idiot right now.

"I had a wonderful night." I said. That's was a lie I hardly slept thinking about him he looked me he smikle

"I couldn't sleep at all." Sanele said. I didn't ask him how was his night I smiled he drove off sometimes our worst enemies is our memories if I could just get rid of David in my life probably everything will work smoothly.



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