I get it now you obay some rules you miss some opportunities. My mother will have to forgive me on this Joburg I will face the consequences after the trip. "Zwe let's get going" Fikile said. I looked at her and smiled.

"Let's go cuz" I said. We walked out and started walking slowly. I was not studying hard to fit in I was studying hard certainly  to be different and to achieve my goals.

"So you will go against aunt's will? Fikile questioned her permission in my future that didn't sound good.  She must let me learn from my mistakes.

"I will go without her permission Fifi I'm tired of being punished for the man who left her" I said. 

"Are you aware that you are her only child and she will do anything in her power to protect you?  Fikile asked. Uncle Paul said the same thing when I got to his house last night  I will never let anyone else’s opinion to affect my opinion on how do I picture my future.

"Life is hard Fifi the more we allow parents to hold the keys to unlock our future we won't get anywhere in life I'm telling you" she nodded. 


I looked her on her chair caregiving it's a heavy duty helping her in and out of bed and into her wheelchair bathing dressing preparing meals how much more will it be if I have to take her to doctor’s appointments that was going to require me to clear my schedule. And Thobile she was just 17  she wasn't going to cope with that. She needed to focus on her school work plus she was going to participate on a national spelling bee schools competition that will be taking place on coming weekend and that was very important to her  I was constantly cought between a rock and a stone I wanted all the best for my daughter and that taking an emotional toll on me.

"How are you feeling today?  I asked while staring at her

"I'm good thanks for asking" Khetho said with a smile she's a master of disguise when it comes to smile.

"I'm happy to hear that" I faked a smile. I just need a break from that it felt like she was on that chair for years I felt like I could  just walk away from that nightmare I wished I couldn't turn back the clock just to have my family my Khetho and Princess just the 3 of us having our great day.

"Don't cry everything shall be fine" Khetho said.

"I'm not crying"I said.  She laughed I really want to join her but I couldn't my life  is was held up.

"Stop it Dave you will make me cry too" Khetho said. Who said I was crying

"You mentioned something about hiring a caregiver that was a brilliant idea" She said. She was talking my language.


I swear Zweli was on drugs his behavior said it all he must pray very hard that I don't catch him smoking the only thing he did this morning was to greet me and walked away like he was passing and greeting a stranger  he didn't ask for pocket money or grab something on this table he seems to forget that I'm his mother. 

I received a call from the Mayor's office probably the mayor wants to meet up with me later on today I wished I knew why but I don't.

"Hello mama" The customer greeted

"Hi" I greeted back with a smile. she smiled

"How much I'm I owning you? She asked

"Let me check my book" I said and opened the book and explained to her she just smiled she was a loyal customer she never disappointed me.

"Okay mother nation I will give you R100 today then the remaining balance you will get it next week" She said mother of the nation people should get arrested for calling me names.  Her remaining balance was only R32.00

"Thanks with the remaining balance buy something for Gogo" I said.

" Thank you" She said and handed me the money then walked away. When a person asked what do I do for leaving I'm not afraid to say I'm a street vendor because I don't judge myself judging yourself can only bring me down. As I reinforce my mindset with positivity my senses of myself will change for the better along the way I appreciate what do I have as long me and my son we have a roof over our heads and food to eat I'm happy to be who I'm I love my son so much I can even take a bullet for him.  


I packed my stock and went to my house to take a bath. The mayor never step his foot Pride Kindom community so did  the ward councillor they only send people to address people. It's worse because the councillor grew up on that community he was supposed to  strive for that community. I walked to bus stop  the sun was shining and hot

  the sun was shining and hot the bus took years to get there. Getting to use on something I didn't have it was killing me Mr Mazibuko was always taking me wherever I wanted to go now he was  on duty. I couldn't ask him to take me there I had to wait on a that buzzing sun just the bus to arrive. 

The bus arrives after waiting for one hour 30 minutes the mayor will have to forgive me for being late this was never on my daily plan it was a short notice. I got off the bus and walked slowly to that big building the receptionist showed me where to go. To my surprise Sanele was there Pride school Principal and other 2 educators from other schools I prayed that Zweli didn't do anything wrong or told them about me refusing him to go to Gauteng. I had my own reason why I don't want my son to go there. I sat down we exchanged greetings.

"I'm sorry for being late" I apologised.

"It's okay Mrs Khoza" The mayor said. I looked him he just smiled "I'm sorry to be rude Principal and Mr Mazibuko why I'm I here?" I asked. They looked at each other and nodded.

"Let us not keep you I've heard a lot about you you are a busy woman who stive for your family and your community that takes a lot of time and it's a tough work but you are doing it with love and commitment and for that thank you" The mayor said.I looked at him that didn't explain why I was there.

"I believe that you are aware that the will be 20 school kids that are leaving to Jo'burg to represent mpumalanga as a whole and the community members voted for you to accompanied those kids as a mother and this four schools believe that you can do that for me" He said.   That was his job not mine.

"Why I'm I hearing about the votes today? I asked staring at Sanele he's always with me why didn't he mention this to me

"You were nominated by the members of the community" The mayor  said

"I'm sorry but I can't do that"  I said. Everyone looked at me.

"It doesn't hurt to try putting yourself into new situations won't hurt you Mrs Khoza don't be afraid of the challenges you face along the way not every obstacle has the potential to hurt you. It's all about perspective recognize the wall in front of you as an opportunity to grow please take this as an opportunity to see how our kids doing when they're in class during the day" Sanele said.

"Can I at least think about thi? I asked.

"We don't have much time we are leaving tomorrow evening" one of the educators said. 

"I can't just agree on something without thinking about it" I said. I didn't ask them to do things in such a short notice.

"You can go think about this and get back to me tomorrow morning" The mayor said. Tha was huge .At the end of road people will regret not setting their goals high enough. Don't allow yourself to be one of those people. Continue to refresh and add slight alterations to your vision along the way. My goal is to see my child getting his degree one day. We had drinks and snacks than said goodbyes. 

"Taking a risk to achieve a goal requires courage to face the fear of uncertainty. No matter the outcome either way we grow through the process and become more resilient and confident build the skills helps in taking more risks and improves the chances of achieving future goals" Sanele said.

"What if I die taking those risks? I asked.  He smiled

"At the end of the day we all going to die differently but in life is either we take or nothing at all." Sanele said.He was tricking me to agree.

"Life is comfortable but without risk there's no life without growth If you are unhappy you have to do something to make your life better" Sanele said.

"Okay Mr Mazibuko what do you suggest? He frowned he made it clear that I must call him Sanele. "Let's take this journey together" Sanele said I looked at him confused.

"You believe that Gauteng swallow people let's go there if yes it does me you and babo we will be swallowed by that place called City of gold." Sanele said. Was making that look easy while it was hard.

"Dare nothing when you are with me" he added



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