I felt like I was being punished becouse of the man called my my father I couldn't tolerate that purnishiment anymore and  I consoled I had the right to express my opinion. Not that I was disrespecting my mother. 

"Oh my goodness  I'm David's son that makes me him in my mother's eyes" I shouted. She rubbed her chest if I don't receive a hard slap I must consider myself lucky.

"Being his son that doesn’t mean I'm a bound to re-create the negative interactions of humen I'm trying my best to fit in your shoes mom but you are purnishing me for something I never did you need to break that negative patterns of him in me thats need to end today give me the opportunity to grow like I engage in my behaviour the only thing you need to do is to support me allow me to learn from my own mistakes not David's mistakes" She looked at me without saying anything. "Mom I know that you love me and you want the best for me I'm not going to Jo'burg to work like David said to you I'm going there to represent myself and my school please don't stop me" She got up. 

"You are not going anywhere and thats not up for discussion" Mom said and walked away from me I was not discussing participating on a national spelling bee will not only provide a valuable educational experience it was going allow me to engage in healthy competition and be driven from fun activities and a team building special improving my grammar and building a competitive spirit also to increase my knowledge of the origin of words maybe I could get myself a scholarship going there with or without her permission.


I was stucked between a stone and a rock that was tough for me I thought I could do that but I couldn't with my wife being all short tempered. And Khetho she was  the one who was looking after us yet she locked herself she doesn't want to talk to me I had to question myself where is my strong wife Khetho she was very strong woman I've ever known but now she's pushing me to the point where I think that break up was going to be a good a solution but after all those years and everything that has happened we made I couldn't just throw away all those years. Ever since she was involved in accident everything is a mess she got angry with everything. I know I'm impatiently but doctors had assured me that the was a possibility of her walking again but it was going to take time if I could predict that one day I will be unhappy like that I should've walked away before we got married

"Khetho talk to me let's not fight"   I kept on bagging and bagging. She looked at me and spat on the floor.

"Dave just take me home. Home is where I belong" Kheto said.    I loved that woman but when she was ready giving  up what was  I was not going to stop.

"Where is that coming from? I asked consently.

"I won't be a burden to you anymore

let's not fight"   I kept on bagging and bagging. She looked at me and spat on the floor.

"Dave just take me home. Home is where I belong" Kheto said.    I loved that woman but when she was ready giving  up what was  I was not going to stop.

"Where is that coming from? I asked consently.

"I won't be a burden to you anymore Dave my mother will look after me my brother can do anything to for me" Here we go again I was supposed to be visiting my parents she got to an accident will I ever see my parents? I got up. "You know what I need a fresh air"I said. I really needed to be out of that house. 

"You are a asshole Dave why don't you just say that you don't want to be with me anymore" Khetho Shouted I couldn't stand her I just couldn't.

"Khetho I will take you to your mother's house tomorrow morning" I said. 

"Dave you promised me before God that through tough times and sickness you will be with me what's wrong with you why are you doing this? Khetho asked then cried. 

"But you are the one who said you want to go home" I said. 

" So I'm a burden to you? Khetho Shouted if she knew better that she by going to her mother she will be doing me a huge favour to focus on my working schedule. 


I know I was being hard on my son I didn't want him to go there I didn't want to lose him I waynt all the best for him but Jo'burg was not the going to be the best. 

Zweli walked to my room.

"Mom I'm going there with or without you permission I'm tired of you telling me how should I live my life" Zweli said. For a moment I felt like I was been cursed or something he hardly disrespect me.

"Close the door behind you" I said.  He looked at me.

"I said leave my room" I shouted. What gotten to my child?

"Why are you doing this me Ma I'm not your David stop comparing me with him" Zweli Shouted Whoever lied to him and told him that he's  man will get him into trouble I got up and walked to him

"Next time I give you instructions just do as l say" I said.  Giving him a hard slap. Sometimes it’s hard to stay calm and patient when he disrespect me. He gave me a determined look

"I'm going there like it or not and that's final" Zweli said and stormed out of the room. Authoritative I'm his mother I set clear expectations and it might be hard for him but I need to be hard for warmness and concern of my child's betterment whereas authoritarian. He walked in again.

"I'm going to uncle Paul I don't want to be in the same room as you" He said and walked out again he slammed the door if he continues like that I will kill with my bare hands sure whatever that he was smoking it was turning my humble against me. I wish I could wave a magic wand and make all of his worries disappear and make him understand. 



After my argument with khetho I decided to go quietly just to clear my mind my phone started ringing. I answered.

"Daddy please come home" Thobile said. I could tell that she was crying over the phone.

"Are you alright princes"? "Mommy was trying to get up but she failed" Thobile said "Where is she?" I asked.

"Dad stop questioning just come back here I can't pick her up" Thobile said the toughest part of my life. I drove back home No- one can be a pillar of strength 24/7 that's for sure adjusting to the new normal routine is a lot of work this is leading me getting stuck in the role of being a father husband and and a caregiver. I got home. 

I rushed in she was there on the floor trying to get up with the help of Thobile.

"Mommy I can't do this" Thobile said

"Princess I'm here now" I announced.  She looked at me. I lift her up and put her on the couch.

"Daddy how could you leave her alone? Thobile questioned

"I'm sorry princess" I said.

"Dave just take me home right now" Khetho Shouted.

"Mom you are not going anywhere I will take care of you" Thobile said.

"Thanks baby but you need to focus on your school work" Khetho said

"If it was me who is ill you were going to do anything for me mom just let me help you" Thobile said she was struggling to help her how will she do that. "Don't worry princess I will get her a caregiver" I said. They both looked at me



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