We laid on a grass having our great day like couples character or something this is enjoying and I'm really trying hard to move on. I’ve written goodbye letters mentally cut the energetic cords and fiercely gone back into the pain to free myself fully from holding into David. I’ve cried my eyes out talked about it and brought it to my meditation pillow. Sanele he's very supportive and he's with me each step of the way he has helped with some extent but not completely. So instead of moving on I'm stuck between my past and my future it's really hard I must say.

"It’s frustrating me because I’m fully aware of the importance of letting him go and moving on I have the past pain I have the anger and resentment he is holding me back. I know that I need hold on to the unwanted blocks the wanted from coming in" I saidh. He looked at me and brought me to his embrace we are sending the wrong massage to people people believe that we have something for each other to be truthful he's a great man but I'm scared to be in love again.

"Letting go is an essential but it’s not always easy to apply theory to practice at the same time let's take baby steps at the time we will get there letting him go it won't happen overnight" Sanele said I must admit that I was guilty of holding on my happiness for far too long

waiting for someone who never checked on me Someone left me for some other reasons he doesn't deserve my loyalty he doesn't deserve my love

"I have a past you have a past. we both have a past but our pasts don't have to define our present or our future thats of course or unless we allow let them hold us" Sanele added for a few moments I rested on his warm electrifying embrace. "Where have you been?" I asked I thought was I crazy to ask that question.

"I don't get you" Mr Maziboko said I smiled

"You such a good friend anyone can ask for you are being supportive and caring" I said. He makes me feel special he makes me happy and feel more confident about being myself. I must say he's sensitive to others feelings.


I failed to visit my parents the past few weeks my wife she was involved in a car accident I had to stay and look after her she's recovering well taking care for her it's taking much of my time. Plus I have lot of events to cater that needs my attention the is a school event that will be taking place in two weeks time and a wedding ceremony that needs me to centerpieces at the table and decorate the reception. She looked at me

"Honey please take me out of this house" Khetho said she's on a wheelchair can't she atleast wait until she's fully recovered.

"We can't do that" I said. She looked at me.

"Are you ashamed of me Dave you don't want to be seen with me? Khetho asked why is that coming from.

"I didn't say that"I said she shuffled away from me. When she does that she's really mad at me.

"Khetho!!! I said. She looked didn't bother to look at me

"Baby" I kept on trying to cheer her up.  She remained quiet.

"I'm sorry my love"I  was trying honesly I didn't mean to get her pissed her off.

"Just leave my side" Khetho said




Sanele dropped me home. We had a great day it felt like we have known each other years yet it's was few months he's very supportive. I leaned at looking at my son busy with his books. "Just come in" Zweli said. 

"That's rude"I said.  he laughed

"Welcome back highness" Zweli said

"Babo what do you want? I asked. He turned and looked at me.

"Ma please allow me to go to Jo'burg for spelling B compaction? Zweli begged the same Jo'burg that swallowed his father.

"Babo you are not going there and that's final" I said.

"Ma please" He bagged. He needed to remember that he's my world he's my most precious valuable and its best hope thing that ever happened to me so it's my job to protect him.



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