Following Day! I'm lacking concentration I don't have the energy anymore I'm sure if my parents were here they were going to understand what I'm I going through life isn't fair people varnish and die the saddest part is that I was the only child I don't have siblings so I'm in my own against the this cruel world. My energy can't connect with my brain and my brain can't focus without energy and plenty of it my supply of energy gets low each and every day it start to fade taking steps to monitor my brain’s energy supply is as basic and essential as keeping your car's tank full of gas. I just don't understand why would he do this to me.

"Good morning mommy" Zweli greeted taking a seat.

"Morning Babo"I said.  He looked at me

"Ready to face the new day? Zweli asked what is the use to go out there looked at people who are happy. "Just go to school I will be fine" "Mom I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this but you have to hear this from someone that man doesn't deserve you he's been gone for years now I'm sure where ever he is he doesn't think about you as you are just move on with your life" Zweli shouted it's still early in the morning for this I don't have the energy to do this with him

"You won't understand Babo"I said.  I knew very well that I was pressing the wrong button he doesn't wanna hear anything about David honestly he hate him. In his world he's dead to him in fact he never existed

"He doesn’t deserve you mom what makes you think that he will come back he left  you for years not months or weeks the only thing he left you with was false hopes that man doesn't exist mom you don't need him his actions say's it all he doesn't want to come back mom you are important to me and to this community I won't allow you to do this to yourself that man has been gone for years no communication no nothing what does that mean to you? Zweli asked. Probably he had a point I'm more important than I think to this community the are people who rely on me beside their ward councillor I need to make this difficult decision 21 years is a long time to not communicate or anything It seems like he doesn't want to come back now it’s time for me to decide what do I want. With all being said that maintaining the right attitude is easier than regaining the right attitude.

"Mom try to move on and let him go

I'm here for you and I'm not going anywhere" Zweli added. He was crying this is effecting him I need to be a mother to him I need to make sure that he's fine yet he's the one who's doing that to me.

"Babo I'm sorry"I said.  He nodded.

"I'm ready to face the new day" I said. He looked at me

"just go take a bath I will be waiting for you" Zweli said. I need to focus on myself I need more energy in my life my brain need my body to connect with it. A man doesn't just pick up and leave without contact for years if he hasn't got another woman on the side probably he's dead why I'm I keeping my life on hold?


We have two types of food in this world the is food that is prepared to be eaten and the is food that are prepared by love my wife always makes sure that I don't leave the house without breakfast.

"Thank you honey" I said getting up. She looked at me and smiled

"Have a great day" Khetho said.

"Don't miss me too much"I said.  She laughed

"I have the access to your office if it happens I miss you I will come there" Khetho said. This woman she's full of energy knowing her very well she will do that. I kissed her cheek and left she was the best thing that ever happened to me I loved the natural splendor and peace that comes with creating beautiful designs that's who I am hence why I'm a florist person. 


Zweli prepared a breakfast for me and him seeing my boy smiling like this it makes my heart to leaps for joy that's obviously each mother does that I'm praying that he makes it to the next grade.

"If you can smile like this everyday I promise his marks will improve believe me" Sanele said. Interrupting me from my thought when did he arrive he is a ghost or something he has the tendency of coming out of nowhere and disturb me from my thought and that is not cool at all.

"I love this new energy" Zweli said Hello why are they talking as if I was not around.

"Babo whatever you added on her plate it must be something that has a good vibe" Sanele said

"Guys I'm here" I said.  They looked at me

"So what? Zweli asked

"Don't talk like I'm not here" I protest.

"Of course she's here" Zweli said

"You will be late for class" I said. He laughed but his laughter was mixed with sadness what is it?

"Why? I asked

"You never said that in the past 3 years mom I thought I lost you I thought I will never see you happy again the only thing that I was waiting for is to see the principal walking in my class to announce that you commited suicide or you are taken to the mental institution without you mom I won't survive" Zweli said. Yes I was about to loss my mind but suicide was not on the picture.

"I'm sorry Babo I didn't recognise the pleasure I was putting you I'm sorry" I said. I'm one of the luckiest woman in the world I'm not rich but yet the are people who cares about me I have nothing to carry out my name but a son who's purely and rich in mind.

"If you are happy I'm happy" Zweli said. He took his backpack.

"And you are going without me? Sanele. Asked.  He looked at Sanele and winked at me this boy

"Goodbye mom have a great day Sir we will talk during your period" Zweli said leaving me with his Sir

"I'm happy to see you happy our mother" Sanele said

"Thanks for being a good friend and for being there for my Babo you are a good friend and a good listener I don't know without you where would I be"I said. He nodded when he got here four months ago I was a walking A corpse the only thing that was hassling me was to bath old people and doing loundry for people who are sick and can't do anything for themselves if I can pay more attention to my child I believe he will pass this year.

"I did what anybody could've done all we need it's a great friend to carry our burden along without judging us you put a smile on people's lives you also need that smile unity of the people can bring down any system. Sanele said. To let go and to move on is going to be the hardest decision to do and it's the saddest thing is to do too moving on will be the hardest thing to do but I was needed to do that for my son. David has to forgive me.


I miss my brother and my parents how will I get there we leave in a different society things have changed and I believe thet many things have changed we no longer leave a society where we used to say women belong on the kitchen while they've been replaced with technology. I'm saying this because I don't remember where my house is facing the last time I was there it was a small hut house that catered 5 people. I have to go and pay my parents a visit that's all I need to do this weekend the question is will they accept me will they recognise me. Will they expect my family. Well I will cross that bridge when I get there making mistakes is better than faking perfection.



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