I decided to come to the river to clear my mind since my day started very bad everything is not going well how will everything go well while I'm stuck in life waiting for a person who left years ago People do vanish people do die right but not my David he's still alive and kicking in life we laugh and cry some give up but I never will give up some will try some say hello to their loved ones while some say goodbye to their loved ones that's what my husband said 'goodbye' I miss him and everything I do is to think about him the question is does he ever think about me? did he get the job? I've many questions that seek answers. If I knew how to predict our future our marriage I would've created my future with my husband all I want is him to come back him to touch me him to remind me how much he loves me.

"LDavid I'm waiting for you please come home your home became my home and our son became my everything while you are my tomorrow" I cried I just want to be where he is I miss him all the way to the moon and back people describes me as a strong woman but that's not true I'm not strong as they describe me.

"This doesn't suit you mother to all" he said whipping my tears I faked a smile he's he stalking me faithful friends are hard to find yet I have found a reliable and true friend he become a good friend people believe that we have something going and that's not true when he gets here few months ago he knew no one it was 7 am in the morning he asked me the direction of Pride School luckly for him I was on my way there From that day we became friends it feels like we've known each other for years. "You can't change your fate but you can change your attitude" Mr Mazibuko said If fate could bring my husband back to me I will be happy every single minute I'm sure we would make a great team together building our community together but the reality is that distance took him away from me.

"Shouldn't you be at work? I asked.  He looked at the time.

"What time does your watch say? He asked looked at the time on my phone it's already late without our creator the is no hope because we lift all burden and troubles to him.

"What bring you here"? I asked looking at him.

"Your family is worried about you". Sanele said they call him Mr Mazibuko but he prefers me to call him with his name how did he know that I'm here he's he stalking me?

"I need sometime alone Sanele"

"You had all the time you needed mama now all you need is to go home be with your child and have some rest" Sanele said. I nodded and got up.

"The past should be the past and the past can destroy the future and that future could destroy your son's happiness when you do this to yourself he gets worried and it affects his studies Emily live life for what tomorrow has to offer you not for what yesterday has taken away from you" Sanele said. he wrapped his hand on my waist He walked to his car friendship is one of the most significant values in our life. However

friendship is one of the most significant values in our life. However it has become a daunting task finding and keeping a true and reliable friend nowaday tarnishing my present with dwelling to my past. With all being said it is also important to not be so consumed by the future that we are unable to enjoy the present. 


I'm having dinner with my family the is nothing I enjoy than spending time with them I used to make decisions that become mine and mine alone I've learnt to embrace the freedom of my own life but with my family and I we became a strong team.

"Thobi how was school today? She smiled judging by her smile school was fine.

"Don't even ask dad everything went well I'm just waiting for the announcement of the spelling B compaction date that's all" Thobile reply I like her energy.

"Are you sure that you will beat them again this year Ms Khoza"? Khetho asked with a smile on her face she knows very well that our daughter will win that spelling B compaction. We believe in her and we let her know that we have faith in her and her abilities.

"Ask no more mom I will beat them and this year I want the school that we will be competing with to know who is Thobile khoza" Thobile said.

"That's my princess" I said. She smiled and cleared the table she grew up very fast not so long she was running after me but now she's focused on her books.

I'm thinking to visit my parents and my brother Paul hopefully they will remember me I sometimes think 21 years is very long time and that hunt and affects me because I know very well that my parents loved Emily it will be hard for me to tell them that I've moved on and I builded a my little family with khetho whenever I hear my employees whinge about visiting their parents during holidays and Christmas I want to shake them and possibly give them a hard slap. They don't realise that some of us abounded our parents to mud flaps hut house while I live my life to the fullest But of course is not their fault that I left my parents there. Instead listening to them I picture my life with khetho and Thobile I left both my parents and my little brother and there's nothing I'd love meet them again and make them understand why did I choose this life.

"My books are calling me good night parents" Thobile said after an uncomfortable silence.

"Goodnight baby" I said while she was running to her room.

"Baby you are distance lately what is it talk to me? Khetho asked I looked at her.

"I'm sorry about that tell me how is your schedule this weekend?" I asked probably swift change of subject. "Well since my handsome husband asked I think we can have a weekend away" khetho said wearing her smile. "Weekend away it is then" I said. In life if you don't have anything to say just smile and walk way.


I never been so worried about my mother like this I should've not talked to her like that it's all my fault. She's my mother I need to respect her like everyone does. She didn't go to the market today if something happened to her I won't forgive myself.

"I think that's Mr Maziboko's car" Fikile exclaimed she's uncle Paul's daughter they live few street from here I rushed outside to meet my dirty mom.

"Mom what happened where have you been you got me worried" she just gave me a warm hug and she cried on my arms.

"I'm sorry mom" I said. She broke the hug.

"I need some time alone" my mother said she doesn't want to believe that my father he's dead if you want to step on her wrong side just say that I have the feeling that my so called father didn't make it to Gauteng I never met him and I don't think I will ever meet him.

"Thanks Maziboko you've been a grateful friend" My uncle said.  Uncle Paul he's my father's young brother he believes that my mother and sir Maziboko are dating yeah everyone believes that I know my mother very well she loves her long lost husband she won't move on she ruther stay single that's how lovely to this David ghost husband of hers.

"Thank you sir" I said.  He nodded. "You welcome guys let me leave before it gets dark" Mr Maziboko said I can tell that he was worried about her four months is not much time to learn sometimes behaviour unless you are very close with that person he's very close with my mother that's makes me be close to him that I can tell he's worried

"Earth to Zweli Khoza" Fikile snapped.

"You were saying? Sir Maziboko looked at me.

"Babo I'm a call away if you need anything" Mr Maziboko said he's always available for us.

"Thanks sir for being there for her" I said. Alway appreciate those who are there for you and your loved ones. "Anything for her" Mr Maziboko said. Of course he will jump for my mother's tune I know nothing about love but this man loves my mother who is still stuck on past. 



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