My wife kissed me. 

"I love you" she said between the kiss my love for this woman is beyond meeting her was a blessing. "I love you more Kuhle" she smiled and takes her bag I was supposed to take her for shopping but my body is not allowing me to move I'm not sick is that I don't feel like going anywhere today.

"Thanks for trusting me with your car" she added.

"I'm sorry for not keeping my promise" she kissed me again that's her way for telling me that everything is good 

My life is completely different than it was before. I left home with the hope that I will go back to my Emily but I never went back Jo'burg swallowed me. I got a job immediately when I got there I was working as a garden person. I've always loved to plant and I loved flowers too I worked for 3 months until I got a better paying job and on that company I worked for the company for 3 years before I met Khethokuhle we build a home together and little family together there was nothing on earth that was going to prevent us from meeting our destiny was meant to be together meeting Khetho was my favorite accident. 

"Emily I hope you are happy whenever you are" Hopefully Emily moved on or someday she's going to meet someone that will makes her happy and be a loyal partner to her make her feels beautiful as she was by than and that will stands by her even when she feels like you don't deserve that person. 

Spilled water can not be undone. Emily she was a caring loving person but destiny was never meant for us. I wish her love hope and everlasting joy and happiness. Sometimes when I'm alone I think about her and her hyponic eyes let's be honest no women should wait for 21 years waiting for a man that won't happen I and khetho we got married after I was promoted from being a driver to a logistic stuff manager she was pregnant when everything happened I was given a little paradise because I knew what I wanted in life. When I stood before God and ask him to forgive me for not keeping my promises to Emily that I wanted something more than being a stuff manager I wanted hope to build my career I didn't stop to build my goal and provide myself with training skills oversight and the environment that I was working on it had many opportunities. 

When Thobile was 3 I saw a how smart she was because at that age she could spell her name and count from 1 to 10 that's made me to build something for myself. With the small amount of money that I was saving for Emily to rebuild our house I built myself and my daughter a name. For the love of flowers I came with a plan to sell flowers many didn't believe in me while khetho and my the man that welcome me to his house believed in me I was mocked becouse I used to grow flowers in my yard and cut them to sell whenever my customers came to buy flowers I would ask why some would say for a sick friend or planning the bouquets for a wedding 

By that response I grew as a florist person and I was consult by rich people by than God answered my prayers I was given a stroke to set my own goal and I gave it all my best until I managed to buy my first florist shop. Give me a man without a goal home is where I am right now my wife and our daughter we are home and home is the soul of the space that has a lovingly crafted over time. The memories we make together there

home is where I am right now my wife and our daughter we are home and home is the soul of the space that has a lovingly crafted over time. The memories we make together there bit by bit laugh by laugh with some heartache thrown in for good measure make it seem inconceivable to come to my abandon wife whom we never build memories together I guess our marriage was never meant to be we rushed to things we were still young the only memory that we had was to watch our house being swept away a home is not a thing that is structured itself a home is something that a woman should build and never allowed anything to destroy it yet she let the floods destroyed that house I’ve left home with the hope that I could go back some day I was sad when I left certain especially to see that woman sad that didn't give me peace until I met my soulmate my hope my love and we built a family together I never anticipated the new life with someone else besides Emily but yet I'm a father to a 17 Years old teenager smart girl she's doing her grade 11 and she's an A student I'm proud to be called her father I'm David Khoza 


I looked at my son carrying his morning routine before he leaves to school. He wakes up around 4 every morning and do his morning routine everyday he never disappointed me.

"Mommy how long you have been standing there" Zweli asked.

"Long enough to see my handsome prince cleaning our yard" he smiled he helps me around during school holidays and weekend he look much like his father It's sad because he never met him. But only he sees him on picture and I picture my husband in him. I'm a street vendor I sell fruits and vegetables and vatkoek in the morning that's my job description people describe me as a community builder because I help whenever I can. Zweli will be turning 21st in the next coming 4 months I need to get him something as a birthday gift I know I won't afford to get him expensive clothes and shoes but I will see what can I get for him. He is repeating his grade 11 hopefully he will pass this year he's always on his books I don't know what went wrong because he's on his school work he spend less time with his peers he invest his time on his books.

"What if dad he's dead? Zweli asked I looked at him.

"Why would you think something like that? I asked I believe and I hope that he will come back just for me if he was dead he was going to visit me on my sleep like my parents and his mother does.

"Because I will be turning 21 soon and he's still not here you keep on feeding me lies that he will come back mom get it to your head the is no David that will come back here Ushonile lowo muntu Mama let's move on with our lives" (that person he's dead) Zweli said. I shook my head in disbelief he looked.

"Babo don't say such things" 

"Let me prepare myself to go school before I say something that I will regret after" Zweli said he pushed me and walked inside the house. What gotten to him. Raising a boy child it's not easy. I'm lucky because he's not on drugs yet.

"David you are needed please come back I'm not going anywhere until you find your way home" crying while I was still standing on the very same spot where Zweli left me. 



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