part 7 royalty or poverty? s2

# Anele "Shoot " I swallowed hard I was nervous my hands were palms were sweating I closed my eyes and pulled the trigger. "Wrong move!!" Said uncle I slowly opened my eyes. This was so uncomfortable for me Him: Never close your eyes look your enemy in the braveness ! B The guys started laughing " Cheese boy!!" " What did you think Bozza cheese boys?" Said the men laughing provoking me. " Do you want to be a weak king? How will you stand up for your people when you can't stand up for yourself?" Said uncle in a low tone kind of whispering. Him: Are you a weakling??? Stabane??? Sissy boycheese boy??? No wonder T-man fucked you woman you weak... He whispered the last part. Me: I'm not weak Him: You are Me: I'm not Him: You are utyelwe nguT-man I turned around and pointed the gun at him my lips were shivering. Him: Go a head shoot me I tighten my grip Him: You scared ??? Do it! " Whoa!!!!" Said the guys in unison I blinked uncontrollably he walked closer the gun touched his chest Him: Cheese boy! He chuckled then moved away from me. Him: I'm not T-man now focus on the object over there. Take it as if it was T-man do what you would do if he would walk in here gloating about how he made love to your chick. I angrily pulled the trigger shooting at the object non-stop . " Very good Kill him! Show him you are the King You are the Boss Bozza yama Bozza The great warrior !" I stopped once I realised there were no more bullets. The guys started clapping hands whistling. " Uyinja Anele sani!" ( You ar Dog Anele boy) I felt good I felt like a Boss Uncle: Good!!! I smiled Him: Sanele you next! I went to stand next to Ta T-do who tapped on my shoulder and said " Good Job!" I nodded we watched my brother play with the gun. " T-do teach him how to fight " Him: Sure Uncle: Tigas teach the other one and don't have mercy on them. They have to be strong! What now? As I was still asking myself that question I felt a punch on my chest followed by a Kick. Me: The the fuck? Ta T-do was beating the shit out of me I cried but that didn't help Me: Malume! " Fight my boy!" He replied Me: Mom said we shouldn't practice wrestling Him: She doesn't have to know I was on my own and had to fight him back he was strong but I took my chances. Later on... We arrived home my body was sore my neck felt broken I was limping. I went straight to my room I was still angry at uncle. Him: Anele! Me: Ndizomxelela uMamam uzobona! ( I will tell my mother you will see!) Sanele was relaxed he was enjoying this while I was not enjoying it anymore. # Sandiswe It was around 8pm I was watching Generations. The twins were at their room

acting strange. " Hey " I turned around Luthando was inching closer. Me: Hi how did you get in here? Him: I have access in this house Me: Okay Uncle is not home Him: I know Me: You know? He came to seat next to me I shifted uncomfortably Him: How are you? Me : I'm good and you? Him: Good... He said rubbing his hands together Him: Sandi Me: Yes Him: I don't know how to put this....I... He closed his eyes Me: Are you okay Him: Sandi look... He held my hands I could feel my body reacting. Him: I...Li...I have feelings for you....I tried to hide them but I couldn't... I was shocked yanking my hands from his Him: Please say something My tongue froze I couldn't utter a single word. I felt his warm breath on my face his cold lips touched mine. I first hesitated but then again went with the flow I wanted this as much as he wanted it. " Yhooo yhooo Funeral Funeral!!!" We pulled out Anele was standing there . Him: You brave my man!!!! I salute you! Me: A- Him: I didn't see anything I don't want to be a witness!!!! He walked to his room I started to stress Me: Luthando please go He stood up Him: I'm sorry He said going out I sighed out loud covering my face. The following day... Luthando came to fetch me the twins were not going to campus because they were done for the semester. I got in the car buckled my seatbelt then greeted Him: About la- I cut him mid sentence Me: It was a mistake Him: Not to me I looked at him Him: I love you Sandisiwe Me: Uncle will never approve this Him: You old enough you will soon be 21 Me: That doesn't mean anything Him: So what now? He asked as he was staring ahead driving Me: Don't know Him: What he doesn't know will not kill him Me: Nothing is hidden forever Him: Let's get married then I froze for a second Me: W...What? Him: That is the only way Me: I'm still young and I'm not ready for commitments Him: Come on Sandi He slow down and looked at me Me: Let me think about it...this is scary! ................................................................... It was the 24th of November I have agreed to marry Luthando but we were scared to break the news to the family. We decided to tell them the following year after my graduation for now we were keeping it to ourselves. Well... I woke up a little bit later everyone was gone it was just me. I checked my phone I had few happy birthday messages but non from my family. That broke my heart no lies it was my 21 birthday and non of family wished me not even Luthando. I sulked the whole day Sanele and Anele arrived later at noon. They looked drained Anele: Hey Sanele: Hi Me: You guys are unfair "WHAT?" They asked in union Me: It's my birthday HELLO! Anele: Kanene Happy afternoon almost late birthday! I rolled my eyes Sanele: As he said! Me: Mxm! They rushed upstairs Later that day... It was around 6pm The twins decided to take me out. Me: Where are we going? Anele: Relax! Luthando drove us to this hotel when we walked in everyone looked at us and said " Surprise " In unison followed by happy birthday song . I was astonished without words. I spotted my biological parent my Aunts and uncles and my grandparents. Tears automatically flew the feeling was beyond words. They bought me a Car yes a car brand new from the box. My brothers were so jealous but I mean like who wouldn't? That was the best birthday ever!!!!! My parents were so happy and proud of me. My parents stayed few more day in P.E I went back to the village with them and spent the whole December holday with them. Luthando was calling every night I missed him so much. He personally came to fetch me after new year my parents didn't suspected anything.

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