Part 1

I covered my ears with the pillow the door opened and I knew it was mom.
” It’s not school today ”
I said after placing the pillow
“It’s Sunday Anele !”
She pulled the cover without warning leaving me half naked
Him: You only have 10 minutes young man
She said opening the curtain sunligh filled the room.
Me: I don’t think Jesus will like what you just did!
Mom: 10 minute!!!
She yelled as she exited the room leaving the door wide open. My mom is something else.
I angrily rolled out of bed took a quick shower then walked downstairs wearing a nevy two piece suite.
” Hurry up”
Me: I’m hungry
Dad: That means you on a fast good my boy I like the progress!
Said my dad as he was walking out
Me: You unfair!
Sandisiwe walked out as well followed by Sanele who was wearing a two piece as well.
I dragged my feet as I was heading to the door.
We arrived at church I took seat at the back row next to my twin.
Sanele: I’m sleepy
Me: Tell me about it
After church we waited at the car while Sandisiwe and my parents were talking with the brethrens.
I hate church it is boring I alway get sleepy.
Later on…
We arrived home I quickly went to change into a shorts and a vest.
I found my twin at the lounge watching T.V
Me: Mom is calling you
Him: Why?
I shrugged my shoulders
Him: How was her facial expression?
Me: She was smiling
Him: Okay
He stood up and went upstairs I took the remote and comfortably sat down changing the channel.
” Who are you taking for a fool?”
Me: Chill man life is too short
He came to stand in front of me
Me: And then?
I backed my head
Him: Give me the remote
Me: And if I don’t?
Him: You will see
Me: I’m not giving it
I pushed him aside
Him: I’m warning you Anele!
Me: Mxxm
I said staring at the screen the TV went off.
Me: What the…
Sanele was standing by the switch
Me: Turn on the switch
Him: And if don’t?
I stood up and we fought
Dad walked in we immediately stopped.
” Continue ”
He said we looked at him amused
Him: I won’t repeat myself makwedini! (Boys)
His facial expression said it all. We looked at each other not knowing how to start over.
Dad: Kaloku nina ningo ( You are)John cena act like you don’t see me!
He said making the ” You can’t see me” action.
We stared at each other Dad was looking at us.
Dad: I don’t have all day!!!!!
I felt a punch I punched him back. We fought until we got tired.
We stopped
Dad: Who said stop?
My ribs were paining I was breathing heavily.
Me: I’m tired
Dad: I though you like practicing wrestling although it is said ” Don’t try this at home ”
Sanele: We sorry Tata
Dad: Sanele!
We had no choice but to flight again.
” What the hell is going on here?”
Asked mom as she walked in and I was like ” Yekeee!” ( Good!)
Dad: Watching Wrestling
We stopped
Mom: How can you watch the kids fight like this?
Dad: They not fighting they asked me to watch them as they practice wrestling.
Mom: Wrestling???
Dad gave us a dead stare We didn’t answer.
Mom: No more wrestling in my house you won’t watch it on T.V and you not gonna speak about it!
Me: Mom!
Sanele: But-
She cut us mid sentence
Her: Bring your books I want to check your books.
We dragged our feet upstairs and came back with our school bags.
Mom inspected our book one by one.
Her: I see
She took all our books and walked upstairs with them.
We sapared I went outside and sat under the tree my body was sore.
My phone rang it was my girlfriend.
Me: Babe
Her: I miss you

51 51); font-family: "Open Sans" Helvetica sans-serif; font-size: 14px; text-align: center;">Me: I miss you too what are you doing?
Her: Just finished practicing my maths wena?
Me: Sitting outside
Her: I already bought my matric farewell dress
Me: Can I see it?
Her : Just make sure you wearing a plain black shirt with any colour suit
Me: Baby
Her: No!
Me: Can I come visit you?
Her: No my parents are home
Me: By the shop ke
Her: Okay
I smiled then walked inside.
Dad was now at the lounge with Sandisiwe and Sanele.
Me: I will be back I’m going to check on Siviwe
Dad: Yazi ke uyo checker ( You going to check on your girlfriend)
Me: Heee andiyazi uthetha ngantoni ( I don’t know what you talking about)
Dad: That was not a question it was a statement.
Siwe: It’s unfair yazi I’m older than them but they are allowed to date
Dad: Ubuzwe ngubani? ( Who asked?)
She rolled her eyes
Dad: Sikukhabe kethina! ( And we kick your ass)
She fixed her face immediately I just walked out.
When I arrived by the shop I called her and told her I was waiting for her.
She arrived minutes later wearing a blue dress she was skinny with curves she was a dark bone with an afro.
” Mdako mnyama ongeva sepha !”
She blushed I pulled her closer for a kiss.
Me: You gonna come with me to the gym tomorrow neh?
Her: No I can’t
Me: Why?
Her: I will be practising math tomorrow
Me: Come on babe you know I’m good in math I will help you
Me: Do I have a choice?
Him: No
Later on…
We were all sitting around the table eat supper except Sandisiwe. She went back to school. She was doing her second year at NMMU.
Me: Mom I need my books I have a maths homework
Mom: Wait
After eating Sanele and I cleared the table then went to do the dishes.
Mom was really unfair I mean we are the royalties we have a lot of maids in this house but she force us to do the dishes everyday.
When we were done with the dishes we went to the rents room.
” Don’t you think it’s time for little junior ”
We over head dad say we looked at each other then shook our heads.
Sanele opened the door we walked in
Me: No we don’t want little junior
Dad raised his brow my dad is scary he doesn’t take shit.
Sanele: Are you guys not old for….
I pitched him
Dad: For what?
Mom looked at him I prayed a silence prayer. Oh Jesus!
Sanele: For having another baby?
Dad: Did you knock?
Mom: Go back close the door and knock
We went back closed the door then knocked
” Come in”
We opened the door
Mom: Yes
Me: We here for our books
Mom: You had all weekend to do your homeworks sunday is for revision not homework.
Sanele: Haibo Mama
Dad: Go back to your rooms
We followed each other to the door went to our separate rooms.
I called my babe she didn’t answer. I assumed she was with her parents I listened to music then slowly fell asleep.
“What the…”
I cut the sentence once I noticed it was mom. My blankets were on the floor
Her: Fuck….say it
Me: Mama what kind?
Her: It’s time to do your homework since you didn’t do it on Friday and Saturday.
She is not for real I checked the time it was 1am.
Me: Mama did you check the time?
Her: Yes my prince
Me: Mama are you alright?
Her: 100%
She dragged me out of bed I followed her to the dinning room I found my brother busy there.
Me: The study is walmer
Her: I know
Sanele: Mama can I please go get my gown?
Mom: No !
It was so cold imagine I was only wearing my boxer.
Me: I’m gonna call the Social workers
Sanele: And child line
Mom: What about the police?
Me: Mom this is child abuse
Her: I will call the minister of education your principal and class teacher ndigqibele ngo maths teacher and tell them you only do you homework on Sundays.
We kept quiet she watch us helping here and there. She was really good with mathematics especially Dad. My parents were cool but not so cool because they they wake up at 1am to do homework
Me: Mama do you know normal people are sleeping
Her: Yes my boy…I wish you were also normal people but unfortunately you abnormal.
When we were done we went back to sleep. I told myself I will never do my homeworks on Sunday.
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