part 9 royalty or poverty?

"Lwazi..." He snapped out of it and quickly picked up my dress Me: Here dress up He immediately gave me his back I touched his shoulders Me: I know you also want this I said in a soft voice Him: You Married Lihle Me: But I'm not happy He kept quiet Me: He doesn't love me He yanked himself Him: I don't want trouble with King Lihle please dress up! I looked at him he swallowed very hard trying to control himself. Him: Now!!!! He exclaimed I angrily dressed up Me: I thought you love me I could feel tears flowing Him: You are somebody's wife I'm sorry He opened the door when I was done dressing up. Him: Go! Me: ... I looked at him but he looked the other way I sighed heavily then left. Tears flowed even more the pain in my heart was beyond human understanding. I ran to the car opened the door and got inside. "You nearly found me gone " He started the engine after uttering those words. I ignores him and stared ahead I was hurting wanted to be alone and cry my lungs out. We arrived home I walked straight to the bedroom and cried myself to sleep. "Sisipho...." That was the name they gave me. I opened my else Thando was sitting next to me with a worried facial expression. I felt slight headache I held on my head Her: What is going? Ngu Bhuti? ( Is it my brother?) I shook my head Me: I'm fine... it's just headache She rolled her eyes Her: I'm 27 years old Me: So? Her: I'm not stupid I told her everything her jaw dropped and eyes popped. Me: I know She closed her mouth Her: Sisipho Me: What? It's not like your brother loves me I stood up Her: Try harder to impress him Me: Why should I? Him: He is your husband I know my brother can be stubborn but when he loves he loves. Me: I guess Nelly have all the attention... I mean she is beautiful I will never be compete her "Bull!" She said standing up coming my way Her: You love Lwazi right? But you can't have him and you stuck with my brother Me: Tell me something I don't know.. I said sitting at the edge of the bed she followed and sat next to me. Her: Do you want to be miserable for the rest of your life? I shook my head Her: Now you have to do everything to win Luyolo's heart Me: He doesn't love me Cc Her: Make him love you and I'm gonna help you! Me: I don't want trouble Her: All I want is to see a smile on your face Me: I'm not his type She rolled her ears Her: Come on you beautiful with a the most beautiful smile... Me: You just saying to make me feel better She pulled me up Me: What you doing? We stood in front of the mirror Her: Look at how beautiful you are.... I stared at my reflection Her: You have no make up unlike Nelly. 80% of her beautiful can be removed by a towel. Look how you rocking this dress black is beautiful... I smile started to form Her: Wow look at your eyes I started to see beauty I started to see myself differently. Her: Say I'm beautiful I smiled Her: Say it Me: I'm beautiful I said softly Her: Louder! Me: I'm beautiful! She smiled Her: Good! Now let's go to the dining room I smiled and we went to join the family. We had a wonder family lunch although I missed Lwazi . I just hated him for refusing to take my virginity I thought he loved me. Early January... Everything was finalised I had already bought my school uniform and school back. I was excited to go to school Luyolo didn't even know what was going on. I also decided to take time to study him what he likes and what he doesn't like and what kind of a person he is. Well... It was Monday morning the schools were opening and it was my first day. I woke up early this morning I was nervous and scared but excited at the same time. I iron my school uniform then took a long shower. I lotion my body and got dress in my full school uniform. My straight back was still fresh I just added moisture and walked downstairs. I made coffee for Luyolo's since he preferred coffee before eating anything. I made it strong as he like it with two tea spoons. He walked downstairs wearing his back pants with a blue shirt. I served him the coffee on a tray he looked at me. Him: What with the uniform? Me: I'm starting at school today Him: Oh... He walked to the lounge I made myself cereal. After eating I washed my bowl then made our lunch boxes. I took his and shoved it at his bag I started doing that when we came back from the village and when he comes back from work he cames back with it empty. When I was done with everything Uncle Steve drove me to school. We were early

Uncle Steve drove me to school. We were early he dropped me and left again. Later on... We were at our classes seated. I was sitting at the front quietly the others were chatting making some noise. "Can I sit next to you?" I looked up it was a light in completion girl she looked shy and innocent. I could tell by the washed off colour that her uniform was old. Her shoes were clean and shinny but they were beyond repare . Her afro was clean and neat she was holding a plastic bag. Me: Of course Her: Thank you She looked ahead Me: My name is Lihle Ndzube and you? Her: Amanda ....Amanda Makhasi ..... Me: Okay Our class teacher walked in and we stood greeting her. She was a coffee colour with braided hair she introduced her self as Mrs Vele and she gave us a chance to introduce yourself one by one which was kind of embarrassing. At break time... I spotted Amanda sitting alone I joined her. Me: Hi Her: Hello She looked surprised Me: Do you mind if I join you? Her: No... of course not That is how we because friends we spent breaks together and shared my lunch box with her since she didn't bring lunch everyday. I lied about my marital status and said I'm single and I'm living with my brother. Few months later... We became so close with Amanda we did almost everything together. She was very bright she was a genius. We spent most of our time at the library. I bought her new school uniform and a school bag she was so excited. With a friend like her on my side I was doing good at school. One Saterday afternoon I was bored at home all my home works were done. I decided to take my friend out I first made lunch for Luyolo then asked Uncle Steve to take me to Amanda's house. She stayed at Veeplaas. She was excited to see me we shared a hug and we walked inside her house. Her mother was busy patching a dress sitting on top of a wooden chair and her siblings were playing in front of the house. I greeted and she smiled she couldn't speak but Amanda didn't want to go deeper on that matter and I let go. She refreshed then we went to the Mall we did some shopping. She was happy the reason I did all those for was simply because I know how it feels to have nothing and I loved her. She was humble loving and a free spirit. Later on we started at my house. She couldn't close her mouth Her: Wow! Me: Let's go to my room We went to my room Her: Wow can I sit ? She was pointing at my bed Me: Yes Her: Can I be your sister? Me: You already my sister njena! She smiled Her: Your family is rich Me: Anyways let's fit our clothes After that fitting session we were tired and threw ourselves on top of the bed and looked at each other. Her: Thank you Me: Thank you for being my friend She smiled we chatted for a long while Her: Are you ready for the test Monday? Me: More than ready We giggled On our way down we met Luyolo downstairs. Amanda: Molo Bhuti He didn't answer he just went upstairs Me: Don't worry he likes acting serous Then faked a Smile. Uncle Steve drove her home after few minutes. " Who told you to bring strangers into my house?" I turned I faced him I was busy preparing supper. Me: She is my friend Him: Did I ask? Me: .... Him: I don't want strangers in my house UNDERSTAND? He emphasised the last word I quickly nodded. Him: Good! He stormed out of the house and didn't sleep at home. Few days later... I was sitting at KFC waiting for Thando I was wearing a plain dress with sandals. "Waiting for someone?" Asked a male voice I lifted my head. It was a guy wearing formal but without a blazer. Me: Yes Him: You have been sitting here for more than 30 minutes. He pulled out a chair and sat in front of me. Me: I'm waiting for my sister Him: Where is She? Me: I don't know Her: I'm Xolani and you? Oh my God his smile Me: Lihle Him: Oh nice meeting you Lilly "Lilly?" Me: Okay Bhuti He frowned Him: Xolani or X Me : Xolani I said shyly and he smiled Him: Which I could stay longer but my lunch is up and have to go back to work He winked at me Him: Was nice meeting you Lilly I nodded Him: My phone... Him: Can I use yours to buzz it? He didn't even wait for my response he took my phone and called his phone but it rang at his pocket. Him: Arg... I'm sorry Me: No problem He waved I waved back and he disappeared. Thando finally came and he was breathing heavily. Her : Sorry to keep you waiting Me: Cool We had our lunch catching up since she was scarce. She was working at the bank as a teller. I missed her kodwa and her craziness .

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