part 8 royalty or poverty?

It was the day before Christmas we were on our way to the village. " Don't you want something to eat?" I shook my head I was not hungry we stopped at a garage for fuel. I stepped out stretched a little then went to the ladies. We hit the road later on I fell asleep . Later on... We arrived at the village we drove straight to the palace. Everyone was happy to see us Thando was there already Thando: I missed you I smiled Me: Me too! We shared a brief hug Queen: How are you my daughter? I bowed Me: I'm fine my queen and you my queen? Her: I'm fine She brushed my tummy Her: Nothing yet? " Mama we brought you some things " Said Luyolo after clearing his throat Thando took me to the lounge and we catch up. We later took a walk around the village I really missed the place. My phone rang as we were walking and it was Luyolo It was a Nokia 3310 Me: Hello Him: You like attention Where are you? Me: I'm with Thando Him: I didn't ask who you with Where are you? Me: Walking around Him: I want you here in 5 minutes I'm tired of the people asking your whereabouts! Then he hung up " What is it?" I stopped Me: Your brother... He says he want me back in 5 minutes Her: Missing you already? Wow that is romantic I rolled my eyes as we walked back to the palace. The palace was big surrounded by different plants. Not everyone could enter without permission there were two house helpers I liked them because they were so kind. Christmas day.... I was woken by Luyolo's phone conversation with Nelly Him: Come family....What you wearing?.....Mmmmm....I wish I was there....This is gonna be my worst Christmas ever...No one can take your place.... I stood up and left him talking on the phone I brushed my teeth and washed my teeth. I asked to go see my parents they didn't have a problem. I took a quick bath and wore my traditional attire. Luyolo was forced to drive me home we stepped out together. My mother was so excited to see me Her: My baby We shared a brief hug Her: You look beautiful I faked a smile Luyolo greeted my parents Dad: Tshini Madoda ! Dad: Nosakhele bring a chair for the Prince! I could see Luyolo was irritated but kept his cool by pretending. " He hates me Mama" I said to my mother as we were inside the house Her: I'm sorry my child I wish there was something I could do Me: Why??? MAMA WHY? She looked down Me: He doesn't love me nothing I do is good enough Her: Try harder Me: Please Mama

I want to come back home She cupped my face with tears on her eyes I could see pain through her eyes. Her: I'm sorry baby you can't Tears escaped my eyes Me: Please Her: I'm sorry Me: I'm not happy Tears rolled down from her cheeks to her neck. She closed her eyes Me: Mama... Her: I failed you my child Me: Mama... Her: I hope you forgive me there is nothing I can do... That alone kills my soul! I felt tears burning on my cheeks she was really hurting Her: Kuzolunga ngenye imini... ( Someday it shall be well) Nyamezela mntanam nyamezela She pulled me to her chest I rested my head and felt how fast her heart was beating. Her: I'm sorry my child She moved her hand back and forth on my back. Her: I love you mntanam never forget that! A while later... We had to go back to the palace we were having a Christmas lunch with the family. " Can you please do me a favour?" Him: What favour? He replied staring ahead Me: I need to see a friend I promise not to be long Him: We spent almost an hour at your house with your nagging father asking for Money money money as if I am an ATM ! Me: Please I begged I really needed to see Lwazi . My mother told me he came back for Christmas. Him: Mxxm! Where ? I directed him and we stopped by his gate I got out and went inside there yard. Tham-tham was taking a bath she smiled when she saw me Me: Tham-tham! Her: Molo Cc Me: You gonna dress up for Christmas? She nodded Me: Wow! She giggled I exchanged greetings with Lwazi's mother Her: You glowing I can see the prince is talking good care of you I faked a smile Me: er...Where is Lwazi Ma? Her: At his room Me: Let me go check on him She nodded and I knocked The door opened. He froze holding on the door he looked so handsome with his mustache neatly shaved. My heart skip for joy Me: Can I come in? He unlocked the button door I walked in Me: Please close the door He closed both doors Me: I'm sorry He turned slowly and faced me Him: Why? Me: I didn't know Him: You promised Me: I was forced Him:... Me: I love you Him: It doesn't matter you taken now Me: I'm sorry Him: What do you want her? Does your husband knows you here? I looked down Me: He is waiting outside Him: Oh Me: I wanted to explain Him: Do you think that will make me feel better? Me: I'm sorry Him: Stop apologising Me: ... Him: Go to your husband Me: Not until you make me a woman Him: How? I took off my dress Me: Take my virginity... I want you to ... His jaw dropped Me: Please I walked closer to him he was astonished Him: I...I Me: Take it

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