part 7 royalty or poverty?

Days turned to weeks it was the same thing nothing new and nothing less. I was just bored sitting at home doing nothing I decided to ask Uncle Steve to help me look for a school and he agreed. I woke up early this morning I made my bed and opened the window and curtains Fresh filled the room. I stood by the window and watched the view. It was nothing interesting just cars passing by and the beautiful houses. I walked downstairs after a long hot shower I laughed to myself how I though this was rain. After showering applied lotion and wore my prints scarf around my waist white shirt and a doek on. I decided to wear my black pumps I had a lot of shoes who wouldn't if you had a sister-in-law like Thando. I walked downstairs and made myself cereal. Luyolo had left for work already uncle Steve walked in. He was in his 40's he was happily married with with three kids but had never seen his family they were back home at the village. Him: Nkosazana I smiled Me: Uncle Steve I stood up to make him something to eat I made him eggs bread and a cup of coffee He took of his hat and rolled up his sleeves. Him: Thank you Me: You welcome Him: Nkosazana... Me: Uncle I looked at him as he was looking at his plate. Him: Can I go see my family this weekend? Me: Is there a problem at home? Him: My son needs money... Me: For? Him: He is studying and they won't allow him to write the exams if he does not pay the money by Monday. Me: How much is it? He scratched his head Me: Uncle Him: R2000 Me: Yhoo... So do you have that amount? Him: No.... But have a R1000. I will make a loan when I get there Me: Oh okay. A while later... We drove around looking for a school for me. After a long tour I was finally accepted New-well in New Brighton I was gonna start my form 5 there. I was so excited beyond words. I was told since it's nearly December I will start the following year January. I didn't mind as long as I'm going back to school. It was early October which means it was only few months left. I gave uncle Steve a R1500 from the money I received from Loyolo two days ago. He was so happy I even told him to go because I had no plans this weekend. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• " Come on loosen up!" Said Thando as she was gulping her wine. Me: How does it taste Her: Taste I took a sip from the glass that was on my hand. It tasted sweet I liked it Me: Not bad Her: I told you I finshed the first and second glass I was now holding the third one. She jumped off her chair as soon as her brother walked in. Her: You can't just go Him: And then? He was wearing two piece Adidas tracksuit with Adidas sneakers I could tell he was going for jog he was that gyming type. He looked so handsome his white teeth brown eyes I was drooling at his lips as he was speaking with his sister. I looked at the glass and blinked I suspected the wine. I stood up as well and stood next to him blushing. Him: Take! She smiled Thando: That's one of the reasons I love you. Him: Mxxm Then he plugged his earphones as he was exiting the house. She grabbed my hand and we walked upstairs. She picked an outfit for me then we drove to the Mall at Greenacres. Me: Not shopping again! She dragged me to one of the stores Her: Bhuti gave me his Card so do you know what that means??? We bought more shoes and dresses Her: You have to remove that doek you still young and plus we not in the village . After shopping we went to the salon they braided my hair long fine singles. We came home late that night Luyolo was sitting at the lounge when we walked in. Him: My Card please! Thando: With pleasure! He grabbed his card then furiously went upstairs. Thando giggled while put a straight face Her: Relax.....He will cool down. She slept over that night Her: Are you not gonna join your husband? Me: We sleep in separate rooms Her: Xa ezoku tsweba nenza njani? I didn't follow actually I didn't understand what she was saying. Me: What is that? I sat next to her Her: Like... Me: I don't know what you talking about She came close to my ears " Sex" I popped my eyes Me: NO! She giggled Me: We don't do such things Sies! I said disgusted Her: You mean you guys haven't? Me: This topic is uncomfortable Her: Haibo come on! Me: He has never kissed me or even touch me She gave me an astonished look Her: How is this relationship of yours? She stood up and searched my drawers and took out red lace lingerie. Me: And then? Her: Wear it Me: What? NO! Her: Lihle! I changed and wore it with a silk gown on top. Her: Now go to his room Me: What??????? NO! HA.A I folded my arms Her: He won't resist you! She shoved me out of the room and closed the door. I just stood in front of his door

I was cluelessI was even scared. I took a deep breath then knocked as I was about to knock for the second time the door opened. He froze then cleared his throat Him: What do you want? He put a serious face Me: I didn't know what to say I wished the earth could open and swallow me. Him: ... "She is your wife Bhuti " Said Thando's voice at the background Him: Ungenaphi ke wena Cc? ( Where do you fit in?) Her: She is a woman and have needs Oh Bawo! I shouldn't gave agreed now I looked desperate Him: Please don't stick your nose where it doesn't belong! He pulled me inside and closed the door. I stood by the door Him: You want sex? I'm gonna give you sex! He removed my gown then pushed me to the bed. After gusping for hear he followed on top of me. My heart beat increased my whole body experienced shivers . He place his lips on top of mine I couldn't respond because I didn't know how. He got between my legs I was really not comfortable with was happening. Him: I can see it's your first time He removed my panty uvalo loma entanyeni. I felt his finger touching my clint I closed my legs he opened them again. He rubbed gently this time a moan escaped on my mouth The sensations were indescribable it felt so good. He stood up " Can't do this!" He disappeared into the bathroom leaving me there like a roasted chicken. I closed my legs and slowly searched for my panty. I found it and put it on. " I'm sorry.... it's not you its me" It was Luyolo I didn't reply I was ashamed Him: Look I don't love you I love you not my type. I like my women sexy slender and light in completion. That some how hurt I picked up my gown Him: You can spend the night I'm not in the mood for Thando. The next morning.... I opened my eyes I saw Luyolo lotioning his body. He was naked I quickly closed my eyes. I waited till he vanished to the bathroom then I sneaked out of the room. " Who do you think will make the bed?" He asked as I was exiting the door Me: Huh? He didn't repeat himself he took his bag and left. I made the bed and opened the curtains " How was it?" Said thando as she walked in Me: Haibo! Her: Was is sore? Gosh this woman! Me: I would like to keep it private I couldn't tell her the truth or otherwise world war 3 would start. Her: Mmm.... I smiled Her: That says it all! We went to make breakfast after brushing our teeth. Her: Oh please! I snapped out of it Me: What? Her: I know you can still smell him I didn't even realise I was holding on my gown? I smiled Early December... " Fine!" He said angrily I looked at him Him: We spending Christmas with the family! He said grabbing his car keys and left I noticed he forgot his phone but when I went outside he was already gone. I asked Uncle Steve to drop it at his office later on. As I was busy preparing lunch I heard a knock at the door . I went to open it was Nelly Her: Hello She walked inside wearing designer clothes Me: Hi She was so friendly shame and she didn't know what was going on. Her: I didn't tell Luyolo I'm back I want to surprise him Me: Okay Then I walked to the kitchen she followed Her: Don't you want me to help you? We chatted then dish out lunch we ate together. Her: What can I cook for him? What does he like? Me: He loves his meat especially pork Her: Perfect... Can I please cook tonight? Me: No problem She showed me her sexy lingerie that she was gonna wear tonight. I don't know why I was getting jealous I faked a smile then left her at the lounge. Later on... Luyolo came back from work he found us at the kitchen. Nelly: Baby She rushed to him and pecked his lips Nelly: Why do you look surprised to see me? Him: Why didn't you call? Her: And spoil the surprise? He smiled and they kissed I left the kitchen and went straight to my room.

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