part 5 royalty or poverty?

The car stopped in front of this big big house and there were so many people outside and many cars parked. Me: Who's house is this? Her: It's a Mall come on! We walked out the car people were staring at me and I felt small because I was the only one wearing like That. Me: Hello hello hello I greeted every single person passing by and waving at them Me: So many people in one house? Yhooo We entered some store took out few dresses and I went to try them on Me: I like them Her: Let's go get you shoes She gave me a pair of stilettos Me: Won't be able to walk on them Her: Come ontry them on I tried them but struggled to walk on then she paid for tge stilettos and bought sandals as well. We exited the store and went to a room that has so many door and many sinks and mirrors. She ordered me to wear the new clothes I wore a black dress with the sandals. Her: Better! We did more shopping Lingeries shoes dresses Toiletries and perfumes. After what seemed like forever we sat at this place. We ate bread that didn't rise with some topping. The bread was in triangles shapes. It tasted nice though. Me: I love this bread but it is flat She chuckled Her : It's Pizza...say it Pizza... Me: Pizza Her: Good! After eating she bought us pink Amasi with added sugar Me: Amasi alapha amnadi and abanda kamnandi ! ( Amasi from this side taste nice and are cold) Her: It's a Milk shake Me: Do you feed the cows sugar or do you have different cows than us??? She chuckled Her: This is not Amasi It's Milkshake Me: Okay! We arrived home later on. I took a nap then woke up after a while Thando was no where to be found even her car was not outside. I was still full I switched on the Tv since I was told switch button to press. But it happened that I took the wrong remote . The music start playing loud I dropped the remote I picked the other one and the Tv went on . Then the mixed sounds made my head spin around. I pressed every button on the remotes I took the white small one. I pressed all buttons and cold air filled the room it was like I just opened a Window on a windy day. I panicked I didn't even know what to do I was like Mr bones. "What is going on here?" I popped my eyes my tongue failed me and I couldn't utter a single word. He switched off everything then there was silence. Him: Unxilile? ( Are you drunk?) Me: I'm so- Him: Ungathi umbi wenze izinto ezinga gqibekanga? ( knowing that you ugly but you still you do stupit things) Ndaveske ndaphiswa (I felt the urge to go to the toilet) Me: I was trying to switch on the Tv Bhuti Ndinendawo ezivovayo ( I was bowing) He looked at me disgusted as if he was seeing vomit. Him: Don't touch my stuff you hear me! I jumped Me: Ye....yes Bhuti He clicked his tongue and storm out. I sighed and didn't even know where to go because he went to the bedroom. I stood un that same position afraid to even move since I was told not to touch anything. I decided to go sit outside at the veranda

it got dark outside and I was feeling cold. I decided to get back inside we met at the bedroom door Him: Jonga ( look) I inched backwards Him: Take all you things and move to one of the guest rooms Mom is gone I don't see any reason why we should sleep in one room. I nodded and took my bag together with the shopping bags and move to one of the guest rooms. I stayed there and didn't go out. Friday morning... " Libi!" I jumped Luyolo was standing by the door. Him: Make up and go bath we leaving for the village. Me: Really I stood up and hurried packet all my clothes I quickly took a bath and wore one of the dresses we bought the other day and sandals. When we were done he told me to take the front seat. After a long drive.... We arrived at the village I was so happy to see my people. Me: You can drop me here Bhuti I will walk the remaining distance He ignored me and we drove to the palace he parked the car as soon as we drove inside the compound. I was nervous we walked inside. The King and the Queen( She was the women who was with us at P.E) stood up as soon as we walked in. They seeim excited I could see by their facial expression. Someone came and took our bags and lad us to our bedroom. I just passed out " Food is ready..." I rubbed my eyes and yawned at the same time. Me: Okay... I followed her and there were people at the dining room they stared at me as we walked inside. There were faces I didn't know everyone was smiling except Luyolo. King: My daughter in-law come sit next to your husband. Luyolo rolled his eyes I sat next to him. He had a younger brother with two older sisters which came with their husband's and Thando. Thando: Have you seen your dress? She asked excitedly Queen: That is for later They were all excited about the wedding which was the following day. I wish I could just cry out loud I thought he was bringing me back but he was not. People were busy preparing outside while we were chatting. The following day... It was the day of the wedding I was dressed in a black and white traditional dress with a black doek and Xhosa beads . I looked beautiful I must admit A knock came through as I was staring at the mirror . "You look beautiful " I turned it was my mother Me: I don't want to marry him Her: I'm sorry baby.... I felt tears forming Me: I love Lwazi Her: I know... Me: Does he know? I sat on top of the bed Her: Yes Me: How is he? Her: ... Me: I promised him Her: Baby somethings never go the way we want them to. Me: I want Lwazi I cried she pulled me to her chest Her: I'm sorry baby... Me: Please tell him I love him and will always do. Later on... People were eating and drink almost the whole village was there. We were husband and wife now he was wearing almost like me. I spotted Lwazi he was staring at me with tears. I looked down when I looked up he was walking out the gate. I wish I could stop him there was nothing I could do. I watched my other half disappearing among the trees. I felt tears on my cheeks I stood up and went to cry alone. We left the following morning since he was working on Monday. I was in a Makoti attire with a mini blanket on top. We silently drove back to P.E my heart was broken it was in pieces. I had Lwazi's image looking at me with a broken heart and tears in his eyes. I wish I could explain to him but didn't have the chance. Money is the root of evil ...

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