part 4 royalty or poverty?

I didn't know which side to go I stood at the passage. "Why you standing there?" I turned and it was the woman Me: Some guy told me to leave " Luyolo!!!!" She yelled as she stormed in side that room I heard them arguing I was just confused . I wanted to go home I missed my mother. "Lihle!!!" She called my name I didn't move I was afraid to go inside that room Her: Come... She grabbed me and I walked inside. He was removing his shoes. Her: You gonna sleep here....this is your room Him: Mama! Her: This is your wife she is not going anywhere. The sooner you accept that the better! Him: Out of all the girls? Boom ! You chose her? Her: Not now Him: She is not my type she is...gosh! He stood up and I moved back Him: She is not even beautiful! I felt so small ugly and pale. I hated my father for bringing me here. He disappeared into another room but there were so many doors in the wall others were small and others were large. Why so many door on one wall? "Go to bed Lihle" She opened the covers and I got in nervously. Her: Don't mind him Me: I want to go home Her: This is your home Me: What did you mean when you said I'm his wife? Her: You will understand soon. Then he left I jumped up as soon I heard a banging sound. It was Luyolo wrapped in a Towel he stopped when he saw me and I covered myself. Him: Great! Mxxm I heard him moving around my heart was beating fast. I was so scared of him I wanted to cry. I felt him entering inside the cover I jumped and stood next to the bed. Then he switched off the light I stood there in the dark. I wished I was home I sat on the couch that was standing at the corner then fell asleep. The next morning.... "You gonna marry her!" Him: I'm not gonna marry that village Thing! That hurt "LUYOLO!" Him: She is ugly Fat and she is dark .... I was wearing size 34 and dark in completion. He was arguing with his mother Her: Cultivate her! You getting married this weekend and that is Final Khuzwayo! That was his surname Him: What about Nelly? I want to marry her... I don't love that farm girl in my room! Her: Her name is Lihle Him: I don't care! I want that girl out of my house ....I don't want to see her when I come back Her: That's not your choice to make Him: Great!! Her: I'm leaving now I'm going back to the village . Take care of her I will see you on Friday. Him: Take her with You can't leave me with her. Her: David take my bags to the car Him: Mom! Her: Luyolo out of my way I heard the door opening I stood up. She walked in wearing a beautiful traditional dress. Her: I'm leaving my daughter...Luyolo will take you shopping tomorrow. Please don't worry he will come around and please take care of him. Me: I want to come with Her: This is your husband's house Luyolo is your husband. We paid your bride price in full so make him happy! What? I can't believe this. How could my own patents sell me? I felt betrayed and tears started flowing. Luyolo walked in he was already dressed he just took his blazer and bag. He didn't utter a single word I heard his car driving off followed by other. Then there was silence in the house I noticed I was alone I felt the urge to loo. I walked outside and went at the back I sat on the lawn and helped myself. The place was so quiet and the yard was so big. I went back inside I made the bed then went to kitchen I was hungry. I didn't know where to start looking for food I opened the first door under the sink and the was a 2L bottle of Milk but the milk looked funny. I opened the cupboard that looked different from the rest it had two doors I opened the top door and saw diffrent kind of food I only recognised fruit and veg and I saw bread as well. The cupboard had lights on

I only recognised fruit and veg and I saw bread as well. The cupboard had lights on I closed and opened close and opened Kind of enjoying doing so. I was Amazed because it was also cold inside the cupboard. I took the bread then poured the milk the milk was thicker that I imagined. I searched for a spoon but couldn't find any. I searched all the doors and drawers till found one I went to sit outside. I ate one spoon but spat the food out the milk didn't taste nice. Later on... I was laying on top of the bed I was bored and hungry. I didn't know where to fetch firewood so that I could prepare something for myself to eat and boil water for me. Luyolo came back from work looking tired he sighed the moment he sat at the edge of the bed. He didn't even greet when he walked in. Me: B...Bhuti He turned and face me with his right eyebrow raised. He looked pissed Me: Where can I find firewood Him: For? I swallowed very hard Me: I want to prepare food and boil water for me to wash. I haven't ate proper food since morning. I only had an apple Him: Firewood??? He chuckled Him: The stove and the kettle is at the kitchen. He said walking out I went to kitchen and searched for the stove and kettle I identified the kettle but it looked different it was a plastic kettle. I just stood there lost I felt stupid. He didn't come to even s show me He was ruthless and hated me and was not hiding it.I slept hungry that night without taking a bath. I didn't even know where to fetch water I hated this place it was nothing like the village. I woke up early because of hunger I went the cupboard which had lights. I took a banana and a apple. I sat down and ate I went upstairs and Luyolo was not in bed I heard water falling almost like the sound of rain. Me: Is it raining na? I asked myself I noticed the sound was coming from the room Luyolo like to disappear to. I opened the first door I saw a pile of shoes I opened the other I saw Blazers I until I opend this one that went through to the other room that looked similar to the room I took my bath the other day. I looked at the small room that was transparent it was raining in that room and Luyolo was inside . The rain stoped and he walked out Him: What THE! He quickly covered his nakedness Him: Get out! Me: I just want water from the rain Him: Out! He shoved me out of the room he was angry. Later on... I was now alone in the house I went to that room again I sat there waiting for it to rain. I was holding a small bucket. But it didn't rain at all not a single drop I placed the bucket there just in case it start raining. I went to the lounge and sat there with nothing to do. I just missed Lwazi I fell asleep on the couch. I dreamt of Lwazi and I getting married I was woken up by someone. I jumped and a beautiful lady was standing in front of me. Me: Molo Cc I bowed Her: Lihle right? I nodded Her: I'm Thando Luyolo's Sister She stretched her arm for me to greet I greeted her. Her: How are you? She said sitting down Me: Im fine She was that English type rolling her tongue with her fancy English. Her: I'm starving what did you cook? Me: I don't know where the stoveis I haven't eaten since yesterday. Her: What? The stove is at the kitchen She stood up and I followed her Her: Here is the stove She rolled her eyes turned it on and the plate turned red Her: There you go I scratched my head Me: I didn't know is the firewood inside? She giggled Her: Don't worry I understand She showed me around explaining everything Finally I took my bath and wore my clothed. Her: Hurry up I'm taking you out! I walked in wearing my green flowered maxi skirt and a red shirt . That was my best outfit with my white grannies. I styled my black afro. "You not serious!" She said as soon as I walked in Me: What? I looked at myself Her: I'm not going with you looking like that! Me: How? Her: That's why my brother....arg you know what ?let's go shopping first. We locked the house and drove to town.

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