part 2 royalty or poverty?

I was woken by the cacophony around me the people talking outside the sound of clashing pots and plates and the sound of the radio. I sat up straight stretching my arms and yawning. "It's Sunday!" That's one of the reasons I hated sleeping at the kitchen. Mom would wake up early and make sure everyone wakes up as well. I angrily stood up and folded my mat and blanket. "Ndikugalele ngalamanzi ebusweni!" ( And I will throw this water on your face) She was holding a Yogurt container which we used as a Jug. I went to their room and place the blanket and Mat. "Go fetch firewood before your father wakes up" I rubbed my eyes as I was walking to the bush to fetch the wood. It was not far though. I came back after a while with a pile on my head. I sighed after placing them in front of the house. "Start the fire!" I grumbled as I started the fire the mosquitoes were on my case. I was even hungry and weak My father lost his Job 5 years ago and struggled to find one. He has been diong piece Jobs Lwazi's mother was so helpful . She shared everything with us they were not that poor like us but they were not rich either. Once I was done making fire I placed a pot of water then went inside. Mom: I will go to the Market Monday your father received Money from the King. Me: Really? Her: Yes and it will be enough to buy new shoes for you I smiled Me: That's generous of the King! Her: Yes ..... at least we will have something to eat this afternoon Me: I'm starving yhooo can't wait Her: The field is waiting Me: Haibo Mama! Her: Ndo- I quickly went ourside and sweeped the field. " Lihle!!!" That was was my father calling . Can't someone have peace in this house? Me: Ta? Him: My Tea! I thought he was sleeping I went to check on the water and it was boiling. I made his Tea and served him at the bedroom. A while later... We went to church and I was wearing shoes that I received the previous day from one of the neighbors. They were too small but I lied and said they fit perfectly. As we were walking I could feel the shoes. Hayi they were killing me hayi njekancinci but told myself I will not take them off. The service went perfectly fine and we went back home but started at the spaza for something to cook when we get home. Few weeks later... I was waiting for Lwazi at our usual spot. I felt cold hands covering my eyes but the scent told me who it was. Me: Lwazi Him: Mxxm how did you know? He let go and I turned He was smiling wearing a Red shirt with a black pants all tuched in he was a gentle man always formal with a Navada cap. Me : Hello He was smiling looking at me leaning on the tree with one hand. Him: My sweet potato I smiled he was a charmer and was talkative always active. He leaned for a kiss and we baby kissed. Him: How are you today? Me: I'm good and you? Him: I'm good because of your beauty! I blushed Him: Qash qash ! Ndikuphathele ntoni? ( Guess what I bought for you?) I smiled Me: What? Him: Close your eyes... I closed them I heard his bag opening. Him: Open I opened it was a packet of Simba chips I smiled. I never ate them before I only saw the rich kids eating them. Me: Lwazi! I took them Me: Thank you I opened them and took one out Me: MmmMmm.... Delicious Him: I'm glad you like it... Can I ? Me: No! I moved the packet aside Him: Haibo! I pouted He chuckled shaking his head Him : I'm gonna miss you Me: I will miss you too Him: But I will come back on my free time Me: Promise? Him: I promise ! Me: I will wait for you Him: You promise? Me: I promise! Him: One last thing! He searched for something in his bag while I was enjoying the chips. " It was my grandmother's " I lifted up my head it was a beautiful bracelet. Me: Wow! It's beautiful Lwazi He placed it on my arm Him: Please wait for me everytime you look at it

think of my promise. Me: Lwazi Him: I love you Mambamba! Me: I love you too Radebe! He smiled and kissed my forehead Him: I will come to you house tonight please don't sleep Me: Okay! Later on that day... I saw the King's Men in our house they were talking to my father. I served them food as I was instructed they smiled as I was was bowing. "She is really beautiful " Said one of them Dad: There is no but! I walked away after serving them Mom was at the kitchen and I could see she was not okay. Me: Mama are you alright? Her: Ewe go fetch some water before it is dark. I slowly went to fetch water then came back. I did the dishes Dad was so happy laughing with the king's men. They left later on Mom went to bed early that night and that bothered me. Lwazi came when everyone was sleeping. We walked to his house which was unusual. Him: I want to spend the night with you before I go. Me: Tata Him: You will be home before 4 am Me: My mother wokes up at 5am Him: Stop stressing We were the only ones at the road we arrived at his house few minutes later we tiptoed to his room. Lwazi was 5 years older than me He was 25 years old. We walked inside I stood by the door Him: Get under blanket Me: Hayi Him: You just gonna stand there all night? Me: I will sit at the edge of the bed Him: Don't be funny! He begged me until I agreed he placed me on top of his chest and we chatted. He talked about our future and all that stuff we were laughing softly so that his mother can not hear us. I was so heart broken that he was leaving the following day. Me: Promise me you will not date someone else that side He chuckled Me: You have nothing to worry about Hlehle Me: Better or else I will kill you! He giggled so hard then I covered his mouth Him: Sorry Me: You want your mother to wake up? Him: Sorry Me: Yhoo Him: Please wait for me as well.... I want to find you still in one piece Me: You will! Him: I will miss you yhoo Me: Me too ...I will be bored! He smiled Him: I will come back for you don't worry I smiled He accompanied me home the following morning people were sleeping and it was dark and scary outside. We stood by the gate Him: Please don't disappoint me take care of yourself Me: I will He pulled me closer I felt safe in his arms. He broke the embrace and placed a soft kiss on my lips Him: I love you Me: I love you too...please don't go Him: I don't have a choice I have to take care of my family. Don't worry I will be back for you! I could feel tears forming Him: Hey hey... He lifted my head Him: I'm not going for good I will come back Me: I miss you already Him: Focus on the bigger picture Hlehle.... I will come back for you and that is a promise He kissed my forehead and I cried He calmed me down then left later on. I got inside As I was beginning to enjoy my sleep my Mom woke up and I had to wake up as well Gosh! I was yawning as I was Making the fire I just wanted to sleep. I made porridge I was sleepy nodding in between from the sleep. " Nosakhele I will not talk about this matter again!" That was my father Mom: No you can't Dad: I can It is done ! Mom: What about her feelings? Dad: What does she know? She will get used to it! Mom: You unbelievable! Mom stormed out of the house I was just curious what they were talking about. I walked inside Dad went to the other room and I was standing at the kitchen wondering.

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