part 1 royalty or poverty?

"Mama...Mama!" I yelled as I was running inside the yard. Mom: Yintoni? I tried to catch some breath with both hands on my knees Me: Ta...Taka Lwazi! She dropped the cloth she was holding and wiped her hands on her apron . Her: Speak up! Me: He passed away! Her: What? Me: The house is surrounded by neighbors! She pushed me aside and ran out I followed after her. A week and few days later.... "You miss him?" Lwazi: A lot He replied throwing stones at the water ahead of him. Then there was silence I picked up some stones as well and did the same. Some of the village children were swimming. " When is your Dad arriving?" Me: At the afternoon he went to see the King He just nodded still staring ahead. Me: Why? Him: I just don't want you to get into trouble Me: I enjoy your company Him: Okay.... Silence.... After a while of silence he stood up and held my hand Me: And? Him: Let's go fill your bucket Me: I don't want to go home Him: Why? He chuckled Me: Mom will send me up and down Him: Vila ndini! He took my bucket and I dragged my feet following him. I watched him fill the bucket for me "You love him don't you?" I snapped out of it Me: What...what? I turned and one of the village girls was standing next to me holding an empty bucket . Her: You heard me! She chuckled Lwazi walked to us. Him: Let's go Girl: Hi Lwazi Lwazi: Hi Buhle Then we left Me: How is your mom ? Him : She is...I don't know Me: I should go and visit her tomorrow Him: Yeah Me: Did your uncles leave after the funeral? Him: They left this morning Me: Better! We arrived at my house Mom was busy chopping cabbage. "Lwazi! How are you my son?" She asked as Lwazi placed the bucket down Lwazi: I'm fine Mamzo and you? Her: All is well. How is your Mother? Him: She is fine Mamzo Her: Better Listen Ndoda you are now the man of the house . You must take care of them He nodded Mom: I don't want to hear that you impregnated a girl you hear me???? Him: Don't worry Mamzo My eyes are only fixed on one Women and planning on Marrying her once I get a proper Job He chuckled looking at me Mom: Wow! When am I meeting the women? Him: Very soon Mom: Can't wait She said excitedly Him: Hahaha Her: You better! Him: Nowilda will be happy to have a daughter inlaw! Him: Yes she will Her: I wish I had something to offer you but... She said with a sad expression Him: Don't worry Mamzo He took a R10 note and handed it over to Mama Mom: Enkosi Ndoda! He smiled Him: It's a pleasure Mom: Can you please come cut my lawn tomorrow Him: No problem....I must be on my way Mom: Okay Ndoda please send my regards to your mother He nodded then left "Yintoni wabobotheka ingathi ugalelwi swekile?" I didn't even realise I was blushing Me: Hayi... Her: Go prepare the fire Lwazi already has a Women Me: Haibo Mama! Him: Go I went to the back and made fire. Later on... I was sleeping at the front actually our house was a two room house made off soil and wood. We didn't have electricity we only used paraffin lamps . I heard a whistle outside and I knew it was Lwazi. I stood up and tiptoed to the door

I cautiously opened the door and went out. I found him standing at our usual spot with both hands on his pockets . Me: Hey Him: Hi How are you doing? Me: I'm good and you? Him: I'm good ....Are you cold? He took off his jacket I was shivering. Him: Wear it I wore the Jacket Him: Feeling better? I nodded we chatted about general stuff. We were not dating we were friends. "I'm leaving next month " I froze for a moment and stare at him Me: What? Him: My uncle in Cape Town wants me to go work with him. Me: Cape Town??? Him: Yes Me: I will never see you again? Him: You will...When I have saved enough money I will come pay your bride price and move with me to Cape Town I didn't know how to react He lifted my head and made me face him. Him: I love you I felt different sensations and body felt weak. Me:... Him: You don't have to say anything now... Me: ... He smiled Him: You look beautiful do you know that? I blushed Him: I love your Smile your eyes .....You make me go crazy! Me: Enkosi I said shyly Him: Ey Madoda! Yhoo this guy knew which buttons to press Later that on... He accompanied me to the door we stopped when we reached the door. Him: I love you and want to make you my wife I smiled Him: Please don't take too long to respond Me: Okay He moved closer to me I just stood still didn't know what to do. I felt his soft lips on mine then he moved back Him: Get inside before your father wakes up Me: Okay Him: Goodnight Me:Night... I walked back inside and slept . As soon as I closed my eyes my mind rewinded everything. My body started acting abnormal with different sensations and started having goosebumps. I ended up smiling to myself. Oh my God I'm in love! I covered my face at that thought . The next morning... I found him waiting for me at the river wearing a black Navada cap. He was smiling at me. "Simomondiya madoda!" I blushed as he said those words. Me: Hello He reached for the bucket and quickly fetched water. We sat beside the stream after filling the bucket. Him: How did you sleep last night? Me: Well and you I was blushing ntakabawo ndikweliya lamaChina izinga Him: I slept well as well uhmmm so... Me: Yes Him: Huh? Me: I will marry you He smiled Him: Oh Madoda! He started singing praise He was happy. Him: I can't wait to make you my Wife and have children... Me: Oh please .... We chatted for a while on our way home he bought me a bombi . I sucked it as we were on our way Him: Mama said i should bring you Amasi Me: Really? He nodded Him: Yeah...You like it? I nodded Him: Did you eat this morning ? I nodded although I was lying Him: Okay He turned around as we were approaching my house. I placed the bucket on my head and walked inside the yard.

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