The happiest people don’t have the best of everything they just make the best of everything.
What is Royalty without happiness?
What is Happiness? Is it material things and money?
If it was why are the rich still searching for it?????
Most black parents fail to understand that it is all about Status Money and cars to them.
I wiped my hands at the back of my flowered skirt.
Me: Ma?
I said walking inside the house
Her: Go fetch water mntanam
Me: Okay Mama
I took a bucket and hurried to the river. There was no one at the river I filled my bucket and placed it on my head.
The sun was blazing and the soil was burning I had no shoes on. Not that I had any and my stomach was making funny sounds because of hunger. I haven’t ate since yesterday morning.
I could feel my body trying to fail me but I forced myself to move.
“mdako mnyama ongeva sepha!”
It was Lwazi walking my way I smiled
Him: Let me help you
He removed the bucket from my head as soon as he approached me.
I sighed
Me: You didn’t have to
Him: I want to
I smiled
Him: Your smile make my joints weak
Me: Stop it!
He smiled
Me: Where were you going?
Him: To see a friend
Me: Okay How is your father?
Him : He is trying but… By the way what are you doing tonight?
Me: Nothing
Him: Can I come see you tonight?

51 51); font-family: "Open Sans" Helvetica sans-serif; font-size: 14px; text-align: center;">I stopped and gave him a dead stare
Me: You know my Dad
Him: You no longer a child
Me: I am in their eyes
Him: If I was rich I was gonna come pay Lobola
I giggled
Me: Haisukaaaa
We continued walking
Him: Heeee…. I won’t utter further words.
When we approached my house he dropped the bucket
Him: See you Tonight
Me: Mxxm
He winked at me and I shook my head as I entered the gate.
” Drop the bucket and come eat baby ”
Said my mom as soon as I came in.
I dropped the bucket the and ate Umfino with my mother.
Her: Nowilda gave me the food
I smiled Nowilda was Lwazi’s mother which is my mother’s Friend.
Me: I will go and fetch water for her when I’m done with the laundry
Her: Good girl
Me: Where is Dad?
Him: He didn’t say where he was going
Me: Okay!
After eating I went to finish the laundry.
Later on…
I went to Lwazi’s house and found his Mother crying and the neighbors were there
Me: Mama…
My eyes locked as I saw Lwazi shaking his father.
” Dad please don’t leave us you promised!”
His father was laying hopeless and cold. He was dead Tham tham was just confused because she didn’t understand what was going on.
She kept chasing the chickens away as they tried to enter the house..

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