Chapter 75

 “The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity.The optimist  sees opportunity in every difficulty.” – Winston Churchill 


After a rather long drive we finally arrived in Ga-Mogalakwena.  As always my mother's family was so happy to see me.  My uncles were all there – along with our Great Uncle Frans.  Aunt Hunadi and Sinah were the ones who were patiently waiting for us outside and the moment they saw the car they called everyone else to come outside.

Hunadi: (excitedly) “Ba fihlile (They are here)!  Oh ngwana wa sesi (my sister's child)!  Your grandmother would have been so proud of you!  You have found yourself a good man!”

She started chanting clan praises while Sinah was ululating.  Everyone came out – even the neighbours.  It was really nice to see people happy for us but of course I could tell that the neighbours wanted to see what was actually happening.  Bethuel was so happy he was right beside me with his arm around my waist.  He was all over me as if he hadn't just insulted some blast from the past a few moments earlier.  We were welcomed into the yard and the first thing we had to do was go behind and let the ancestors know that I had bought a car well my boyfriend had bought it for me but because it was mine and I had to drive it I had to inform them.  Apparently I had to inform them about all the major milestones in my life even though they could see everything that was going on.  They said that it was our way of keeping a bond and keeping them in our lives making sure that they didn't feel left out or forgotten by us.  

Aunt Hunadi blessed the car and of course Aunt Celia was not there as expected.  Aunt Portia and Abel managed to come as they were invited by the Makwetla's from there onwards it was party galore.  Drinks and food were all over and everyone was having the time of their lives.  My family had become so fond of Beast that even when the men were drinking alone he would go sit with them.  He had become a part of the family.  I didn't even understand what exactly it was about him that they loved so much I mean one would have thought it was because he had money and wasn't afraid to spend but Aunt Portia shed some light regarding that to me.  She saw how much I kept looking at him in wonder.

Portia: (smiling) “Let me guess you're asking yourself how you managed to bag a man like him right?”

Hazel: (blushing) “Something like that.  It's just that they are so fond of him.”

Portia: “Who wouldn't be so fond of a man who has chosen to adore their daughter with so much love and is not afraid to show her off to the world?  Bethuel has chosen to love you and care for you – despite where you come from.  He is one of a kind and it honestly takes a lot of character from someone to be loved by a spouse's entire family the way he is loved.”

Hazel: “I suppose you're right Mmane (aunty).”

Portia: “Marriage is tough Hazel but it shouldn't be tough to the point where you are abused and misused.  Bethuel loves you too much to do that to you.  I'm so sorry for what you have gone through but I believe that God's mercy and grace are upon the two of you.”

Hazel: “Thank you.  I believe so too.”

Hunadi: “Hazel can you please ask Bethuel to buy me another box of wine?  Gape ena ya tsefa (this one is so delicious).”

Portia: “Hunadi I'll go with her if you don't mind.”

Hazel: “Beast won't like that.”

Portia: “Ridiculous.  He should know that you're an adult and you're quite capable of taking care of yourself.”

I quickly called him and told him what I wanted me to do.

Hazel: “Baby Mmane (aunty) Hunadi wants some more wine.  I'm taking a stroll with Aunt Portia to the tavern.”

Beast: (frowning) “Hold on let me come with you guys.”

Hazel: “Don't be silly enjoy yourself with my uncles and Abel.  I'll be back soon.”

Beast: (reluctantly) “Okay but at least keep your phone nearby in case you don't feel safe.”

I was actually shocked that he even agreed.

Hazel: “Okay I will.”

He took out some money and gave me some.

Beast: “Here.  Take some money.  Add some more on whatever everyone is drinking.”

Hazel: “I do have money you know.”

Beast: “Yes and it isn't meant for you to spend it on other people.  Your money is your money and my money is your money.”

I chuckled as I gave him a brief kiss and went to the car with Aunt Portia.  The tavern was literally about 5 minutes away I guess we were too lazy to walk.  Besides she just wanted to get a good feel of the car. 

Portia: “This car is so beautiful.  You're so blessed baby girl.  I just wish that God blesses you with many more.  This world is full of evil people.”

She was right about that last part.  Once we went out she led the way since she knew the place and started ordering.  I really hated taverns to be honest.  I didn't have good memories of them.  Everyone was staring at me and you know how men always stare at women in a shebeen.  Aunt Portia ensured I was right close to her and no one came near me.  They respected her a lot.  While I was loading alcohol in the car I heard a familiar voice.

Ghadaffi: (chuckling) “If I didn't know any better I'd say you were following me.”

Hazel: “Excuse me?”

Ghadaffi: “You don't remember me?”

I shook my head.

Ghadaffi: “Ouch.  I'm Brandon Ghadaffi the guy you met earlier on today when you were with your boyfriend.”

Oh it was that guy who made Beast so uncomfortable.

Hazel: “Oh I see.  It's fiance by the way.”

Ghadaffi: (laughing) “Fiance?  There's no such word in African culture.  For as long as he hasn't paid any lobola for you – he remains your boyfriend and you remain unmarried.”

He was so condescending

I see.  It's fiance by the way.”

Ghadaffi: (laughing) “Fiance?  There's no such word in African culture.  For as long as he hasn't paid any lobola for you – he remains your boyfriend and you remain unmarried.”

He was so condescending though.  I didn't even need to explain anything to him but I was curious as to why Beast was so uncomfortable around him.

Hazel: (frowning) “Hmm you seem to know quite a lot.  What's your deal anyway?  How do you and my fiance know one another?”

Ghadaffi: “That's for him to tell you I mean you of all people should know he has quite a few skeletons in the closet.”

I was instantly annoyed by his tone – yet he seemed to think that he was charming me.

Portia: “Hazel this is the last of the alcohol.  We can go now.”

Aunt Portia seemed rather dismissive of Brandon which meant she also knew him.

Ghadaffi: (smiling) “Mam'Portia we meet again.”

Portia: “Ja (yes) Brandon.  O kae papago (where's your father)?”

Ghadaffi: “I don't know I'm not his keeper.”

That was a bit rude.

Portia: (clicking tongue) “Hazel a re sepele (let's go).”

I got into my car yet he was so adamant to make sure that I saw him.  I was about to start my car when he came right my window.

Ghadaffi: “At least give me your numbers Hazel.  I'd really like to talk to you.”

Portia: (annoyed) “Wena (hey you)!  Don't you ever get enough of sticking it into other people's wives?!  I wonder what Norah would say about your behaviour  Brandon!”

Ghadaffi: “Hao (goodness) Mam'Portia.  I just want her number I don't want to get her pregnant.”

Portia: (irritated) “Voetsek (piss off) wena (you) you disrespectful thing!”

I was about to start the car when I saw Beast right in front us.  I knew right there and then that shit was about to hit the fan – very fast.

Beast: (angrily) “Don't you get tired of following other women around Ghadaffi?”

Ghadaffi: (chuckling) “Following you around?  I can't help it if fate wants me to meet your girl.  Like I said she's not your wife.”

Beast got so angry that he grabbed him by his shirt and banged him against the car leaving Aunt Portia and I a little shocked.

Beast: “You sure like testing people's limits don't you fucker?  How many times do I have to tell you to stay the fuck away from her?!”

Ghadaffi: “Chill man I meant no harm.”

Beast: “You do mean harm when you start talking to my fucking wife!  Don't make me disrespect her by beating you up right in front of her!  I don't roll like that.  As for you why don't you run to back to daddy and that wife he chose for you?  Leave Hazel the fuck alone and I swear the next time I won't be so nice.”

Ghadaffi: “Relax dude.  I wouldn't want to end up like Raymond.”

Right there and then something just didn't feel right.  I saw Beast's face change instantly.

Beast: “What the fuck did you just say?!”

Ghadaffi: “Nothing look I'm sorry.”

While Beast was about to let him go I heard yet another voice but I had never really met the man.

Dragon: “Beast we finally meet again.  Pity we could have met under different circumstances.”

Beast: (firmly) “Dragon.  What are you doing here?”

Dragon: “You're not the only one with family in Ga-Mogalakwena.  We came to visit family.  Why don't you let go of my son before I blow your brains out?”

Beast: “I'm not scared of you Dragon.  You should know by now.”

Dragon: (chuckling) “Well you should know by now that I never leave any stone unturned.  You fucked me over and now you're going to pay for it.”

Beast: “Hazel go back home.  I'll meet you there.”

Dragon: “Be careful sweetheart.  He's not the man you think he is.”

I drove off without thinking twice.  I didn't like the fact that they both wanted to embarrass Beast in front of Aunt Portia like that.  I mean imagine if they knew he was a gangster before he became a legit businessman?  I didn't care I mean it didn't bother me but I didn't want them to look at him differently or start treating him differently because of that. It was from that day onwards that Bethuel's past kept creeping in on us slowly and turned both our worlds upside down.  A new way of living was slowly introduced to me while he slowly faded from the rest of the world.

Romans 8:5 - “For those who live according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh but those who live according to the Spirit set their minds on the things of the Spirit.”


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