I can't really remember what happened yesterday...l wake up with a heavy head more like having a hangover

All l remember it's when l was on the mountain from there l don't know how or who brought me back but all l know is Hector made a way for me to come back

I am tightened with chains...from here l don't know what will happen to me..so the sooner l come with a plan to escape the better

"Need help?...Your Angel "Jenny" isn't around"

That was the horrific Hector leaning on the door

Me: "please uncle sir...do not hurt me"

Hector: "l won't hurt you..l am not that stupid...l won't hurt you because l still need you..isn't you are a star?"

I nodded...

Hector: "take"

He said then threw a syringe to me

Hector: "you choose it's either l inject you.. Chloe inject you or you inject yourself but what l know is that you will have to take that injection so you can have as much energy as so can to record and create new songs...okay?"

I nodded...

Hector: "good"

He then approached me and picked the syringe and injected me...from there l got weak...weak like l haven't ate for the past ten years


Chloe hasn't been herself after the whole incident

Yes the fans are really saying a lot about her but what they don't know is that she is shining in pain

She drove herself to the main studio when she arrived she tried to record and none was working out for her

She ended up destroying the equipment whilst crying...the equipment isn't damaged at all but the studio is messed up

She then received a call from her father and answered

Immediately after she disconnected the call she drove back home and open the drawer and took out a syringe and got in Gracelyn's bedroom

She approached her and took out the syringe fighting her with the aim of vacinating her

They fought each other on top of then bed till the weak Gracelyn manage to vaccinate Chloe

After Gracelyn vaccinated Chloe...Chloe passed out on top of the bed

Gracelyn searched Chloe and luckily she found the keys...she unlocked the chains and lastly went to look for the cuff keys

Within no minute she found it and removed the cuff on herself and placed it on Chloe's leg...

The idea of stealing some cash crossed Gracelyn's mind but she knew that she doesn't have much time and Hector might walk in anytime...the same Hector who is planning whatever he and God knows for her

She departed the house and ran without even looking backwards...or aside

She ran till she lacked stamina but still didn't take any breaks...the break she took it was when she fell in this certain bush which was an hour and 30minutes away from Hector's house


Hector got in his house and found Chloe lying in bed...He was aware of gracelyn's escape since her cuff was on Chloe's leg

Hector paced up and down trying to call their family doctor since he wanna avoid taking her to the hospital and dragging the journalist's attention and police investigation on who vaccinated Chloe

Within no time the doctor arrived and did few examinations then assured Hector that she will be up within no time


I woke up with a heavy head...what l know is that l might be safe or in trouble

I don't recognise this place and never been here since l was born 

Could Uncle sir found me?

But that guy is cruel...if she found me she was surely going to get me cuffed and taped but l am freely sleeping on the hand made mat

I woke up and rubbed my eyes and suddenly hear a melodically sweet and heart warming voice from the outside...

I jumped out of bed and went outside..l.couldnt help it but to join him

It was a young boy..he is around my age or older

Our voices when they are together they just do wonders...this is just so perfect


It's few hours after the doctor was done examining Chloe and Hector is in his study room having a bottle of whiskey

Chloe walked in his study room and sat in the couch without saying a word... surprisingly she was waiting for hee dad to give her a lecturer since she remember what exactly happened

Hector: "Chloe it's almost a festive season and at this point we should be more productive like never before...then this happens"

Chloe: "And whose fault is it dad?"

Hector: "your fault...your fault Chloe...what were you exactly thinking to let gracelyn slide?..Do you have any idea what can happen if the world learn the truth?....Chloe l don't know where the hell Gracelyn is...she is untraceable...do you even know what this could mean?..it could me that she is under the police protection and they could be running a private investigation soon and against us"

Chloe: "Dad l am to be blamed because gracelyn slipped away...you are technically putting the blame on me because l can't sing?"

Hector: "Nobody knows about that Chloe"

Chloe: "but we do dad"

Hector: "Please do not get on my nerves young girl...you can't fail twice in life... academically you are a stupid dumbass...l have sent you to the most expensive private school and l found highly trained tutors but what did l get from you?...a pure fail...a fail that doesn't even qualify for a simple collage when l expected you to be at varsity...my baby you can't fail twice...it's either you will get that Doctorate title or being a star okay!"

Chloe: "l hate you"

Chloe said with red eyes whilst in the verge of Crying...she said then excused herself

Hector kept on calling her but the anger Chloe had didn't allow her to listen to her dad

She slammed the door and took a walk whilst crying and listening to gracelyn's acapella performance


Gracelyn and the so called guys bond lend them to taking a walk 

they are walking together whilst holding each other's hands...You would even think they have known each other for years but honestly they suit each other

Gracelyn: "so..you didn't tell me your name"

Guy: "You didn't ask me"

Gracelyn: "You didn't give me a chance"

Guy: "okay let me give you a chance to guess"

Gracelyn: "To guess?"

Guy: "yes guess"

Gracelyn:"okay...Mhhhm...prince?..you must be prince right?"

The guy chuckles....

Guy: "Why prince?"

Gracelyn: "It just suits you and your deeds"

Guy: "and what did l do?"

Gracelyn: "You picked and saved an unconcitious girl who was laying helplessly in the bush...if you were someone else you were going to take advantage and rape me or even sell me to those drug dealers who are in need of strippers and prostitutes"

Guy clears throat...

Guy: "and the talk is too deep and l sense some emotions there"

Gracelyn: "oh yes... we can change the subject"


Gracelyn: "so you are?"

Guy: "Justin"

Gracelyn: " Bieber?"

The guy bursted out a laughter

Guy: "I am cool with anything you would like to call me"

Gracelyn closed her eyes and went like

"I've never that it will be easy"

Justin followed the next line of the song "Down to earth" by Justin Bieber and the next moment was like:

🎵🎶🎼"I never thought that it'd be easy

'Cause we're both so distant now

And the walls are closing in on us

And we're wondering how

No one has a solid answer

But just walking in the dark

And you can see the look on my face

It just tears me apart🎤🎼🎶


🎶🎼So..we fight.. so..we fight through the hurt..through the hurt

And we cry and cry and cry and cry

And we live..and we live...and we learn..and we learn

And we try and try and try and try🎼🎶


🎵🎤So.. it's up to you and it's up to me

That we meet in the middle on our way back down to Earth

Down to Earth..down to Earth

On our way back down to Earth

Back down to Earth..back down to Earth... back down to Earth.... back down to Earth....

Back down to Earth... back down to Earth

back down to Earth... back down to Earth🎤🎵

🎵🎶Mamma...you were always somewhere

And...daddy...I live out of town....

So...tell me how could I ever be normal somehow?

You tell me this is for the best

So...tell me why am I in tears?

Whoa...so far away. And now I just need you here🎼🎶


🎶We fell so far away from where we used to be

Now we're standing and where do we go

When there's no road to get to your heart?

Let's start over again🎵🎼


🎶🎼Fell so far away

From where we used to be

And now we're standing

And where do we go when there's no road

To get to your heart?

So...let's start over again🎤🎶


🎶🎼I never thought it'd be easy

'Cause we're both so distant now

And the walls are closing in on us

And we're wondering how🎼🎵

And after the sang together...the next minute their lips were attached... kissing

I believe it’s the way that he makes her feel..it’s the way that he kissed her ... it’s the way that he makes her fall in love..

Fall in love??

Yes..l know they just met but it doesn't take a minute to know that you love someone... connection has no boundaries and no one can avoid it

Is Gracelyn really in love with a stranger??

I must say yes because she went with the flow of the kiss and held Justin tighter

As he kissed her... She wondered how...in the middle of a rainstorm she could feel like she was burning alive.

They stop kissing and the awkward moment came

"That...that was nice"

Says Justin

Gracelyn: "it must've been"


Gracelyn: "You know there is a competition that will be held..l think by Mr James himself and surely you will win"

Justin: "competition?"

Gracelyn: "Yes you heard me very well.. please try it"

Justin gave gracelyn an awe look without even knowing what to say....

[Please excuse the errors]




To be continued


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