It's a week now ever since Justin has never been in touch with gracelyn

He even ask himself that "why do girls run away from people that make them happy and stay with the ones who don't?"

As if it's confirmed that Gracelyn ran to another guy

Sometimes he wish he was a little kid again

skinned knees are easier to fix than broken hearts.

Nonetheless at least before she left she gave him an ideal way of making money

Justin goes to town every morning to perform and collect those few coins generous people throw in his bowl

He has been doing this for a week now yet he managed to buy a bed for himself

Those are good news aren't they?

Well Justin is on duty and all of the sudden a posh machine parked by him and the mighty Chloe opened the window

Chloe: "hey..why didn't you show up for the theatre week?"

The trembling Justin..who absolutely doesn't believe that the mighty Chloe still remember him after the auditions

Chloe: "oh silly me l forgot to introduce myself..well l am Chloe"

Justin: "oh no ma'am...l know you..l know you very well like everyone does..l think you have worked way too hard till you don't have to introduce yourself"

The flattered Chloe chuckled and asked


Justin: "Yes..l mean you ain't just a singer but you are an ambassador and  international..you took our country to the map...this feels like a dream..can l please have your autograph?"

Chloe: autograph?...ah no..you can't have it

Justin: "oh..but why?"

Chloe: "I am aware you didn't pitch in the auditions"

Justin: "so you still recognise me?"

Chloe: "Surprisingly l do..so let's avoid autographs and stuff..for now l will give you my address..yes you didn't make it to the competition but maybe my dad can organise something for us"

It all felt like a dream for Justin

Do you have any idea how many good singers and rappers are locally stuck because they have no platform to showcase their talent

Not to mention those whom their beats get stolen because they meet the wrong people

He was always praying for this day not knowing that it will come so soon

Chloe handed a piece of paper with her address and contact details

Chloe: "l am highly expecting you..do not disappoint"

She said then asked the driver to drive away


Sometimes what you see it's not what you get

Yes..go check my social media accounts..l have million and millions of fans including fake accounts but l've got to realise that l need more than that

My whole entire life l have been lonely and empty nevermind that l am coming from a rich family..l needed an ear to listen to my problems

A mother to tell me everything is gonna be okay when else fails and a father to guide me

All l wanted it was guidance and support more than fame

Who knows..maybe if l was guided and supported l wasn't going to be stuck with the mic with Gracelyn's voice...

But l guess it is now too late to reveal all

Well l just arrived at my father's record label and l walk pass all the workers

Oh god..the respect they give..l for sometimes get offended if a cleaner who is old enough to be my mother or even grandmother bow when she greets me but l guess l have to live with the situation

I went to my dad's office and as l was approaching it..l saw him having a heated conversation with incredible Jay through the glass since there isn't a wall

The gestures weren't really pleasing..you could see that whatever they were arguing about its beyond

Incredible Jay it's one of the most quite and humble artists and l have never seen him like that

When l opens the door he was already on his way out 

I called out his name and he told me to leave him the hell alone and he stormed out

I then approached my dad who was enraged

Me: "Dad"

Hector: "Don't stand me and daddy me because you will desert me like everyone..isn't l am a moron"

Me: "Dad you are angry"

Hector: "l pick homeless dogs and take blackjacks out of them and feed them my bones and when they are used to bones they now think they deserve meat...ain't l took kind?"

Me: "Dad yelling and cursing won't help...we have many problems to deal with.. remember we still haven't tracked gracelyn down"

Hector: "and you think l am not aware?..Chloe l turn every sleepless night l have... thinking about her and sometimes wish she appear and blackmail me because all l want is to know what she is up to with who and you are here assuming that l am not working hard to find that bitch"

Me: "Dad l've never said you are not working hard on finding her but l was reminding you on how important it is for us to find her...Dad we need to find her..she can sing.. yelling at me won't help out..stars are leaving this label on by one"

Hector: "who doesn't know that?"

Me: "Since you know..make a genius move because this building without a crew is just an empty space"

He chuckles

Me: "is there anything funny l have said"

Hector: "So You just said l have many years in waste and my power for any empty space?"

Me: "Maybe"

I say whilst heading to the door..l then stopped on my tracks and said "oh please consider bankruptcies"

I said then left


Justin has never been happy like this in his whole entire life 

A part of him knew that he could do anything

He knew that God always gives His best to those who leave the choice with him.

And believed that Success is falling 9 times and getting up 10.

All those thoughts ran in his mind whilst his was on his way to the mall 

Yes a guy is going to meet up with thee 'Chloe'

He got in and bought a pair of jeans and shoes but a part of him thought of formality so he took a suit but the price tag was against his will

So he returned it and got something affordable for himself...yes he doesn't have much but the business was better today he made R264 plus the rest of the money he saved

He bought a pair of shoes worth R150 and a pair of jeans for R100 then a golf T-shirt worth R80 and that was the attire for the heavenly visit


Chloe and her dad were never best friend's when she was growing up but for the past few years

I would say ever since Chloe embarked on this entertainment journey they have been best friend's for real but now things are sour as much as they are tough

Chloe is in her nighties and sadly cancelling her gig's and appointments

And the argument between incredible Jay and her dad really occupied her mind 


That was Hector who just got in

Chloe: "Dad...l would really like to have a word with you on a cool platform as much as l can't tolerate your temper"

Hector: "Chloe you know all l want is the best for you"

Chloe takes a deep breath

Chloe: "Dad social media had a huge impact in my life and yet you think that doesn't bother me"

Hector: "l know baby and l am aware...l'd really appreciate if you can make an input and work with me... people are turning against me baby"

Chloe took calculated steps towards her dad and held his cheeks

Chloe: "Dad this isn't the end of us"

Hector: "You say?"

Chloe: "l say and you might as well fire Jay..he think the world revolves around him"

Hector: "You know l can't fire him"

Chloe: "Dad l don't know what you were arguing about but we jumped his boundaries and if he speaks to you like that..do you think the rest of the stuff will respect you?"

Hector: "it's nothing serious honey...it was just an immature confrontation about Gracelyn's where abouts and the statement l released"

Chloe: "Dad you need to call the shots..even if you do not fire him at least remind him who is in charge"

Hector: "How do l do that?"

Chloe: "l don't know but we must find something to sue him about"

Hector: "No l don't think that's a good idea he is not a threat and he is an orphan and the only thing that completes him it's music and he is nothing without music"

Chloe: "okay let's not destroy him for now"


Gracelyn is now a complete street kid..or must l say street adult?

She has found herself a family of streetkids

Her herself she never thought she will find herself eating from the dustbins but l must say the circumstances forced her to

She is now into shoplifting and they sometimes steal clothes from the washing line

I must say gracelyn is now a junkie..pure junkie

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To be continued


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