It's in the morning... Chloe is in her bedroom sitting on the edge of her bed having yoghurt listening to the radio and smiling like a kissed fool

"Well l don't know who we should talk about if not Chloe...this girl is raw...this girl deserve her own statue...this girl is rocking us...she got the industry in her palms...she is rocking the rest...after we thought we have seen it all she decided to drop a bombshell and performed an acapella last night at Sandton for the first time in her life"

Chloe got all confused when they said something about Sandton and acapella because she was the stadium and never has she performed an acapella

When Chloe was bout to take her phone and call the radio presenter and confirm that it's a lie she didn't perform any acapella and she wasn't at Sandton but stadium the presenter played the so called performed acapella

Chloe lost her mind when she heard Gracelyn's voice and everything else didn't make sense to her

Chloe rushed to Gracelyns bedroom and when she was about to get in she found her mother in gracelyn's bedroom and decided to eavesdrop 

Gracelyn: "now l understand why Chloe is so obsessed with fame and like to perform... yesterday l really had a good time...wow people really know how to give and show love...you know l now understand where Chloe is coming from but how do you feel receiving all the tribute on behalf of someone else?"

Jenny: "cold blooded bastard"

A tear escaped Chloe's eye when she heard those words especially from her mother

Gracelyn: "Yesterday....it was the only day where l felt alive...l felt my heartbeat and my spirit was set free..l felt like a chicken which was trapped in wings and unable to fly but once an apportunity to "

Jenny: "Look at you...how emotional you are"

Gracelyn: "What you did for me it's big Ms Ma'am...choosing my happiness of your daughter's"

Jenny: "come here"

Gracelyn moved her head to Jenny's chest and slept comfortably

"I should've known you guys are cooking something"

Gracelyn jumped out of Jenny's chest when she heard those words from Chloe who just got in shedding tears and mucus


Later that day a meeting was called by Hector after he heard Chloe's side of the story

Never have l seen Hector so angry like that...his veins said it all and he could kill a souls by just a slap according to his condition

Jenny and gracelyn are sitting on the floor facing it...whilst Chloe is sitting next to her furious dad..folding her arms and thighs

Hector: "You guys know what you did and you definitely have to learn a lesson but the question is how?"

Gracelyn: "uncle sir...we are sorry ..l swear Ms Ma'am did nothing..l am the one who begged and convinced her to give me this opportunity"

Jenny: "stop lying gracelyn...you don't have to protect me..this is all my fault...you were sleeping in your bedroom when l approached you and pitched the idea to you..l am willing to take whatever punishment given"

Hector: "You know the last time you messed with my daughter things didn't unfold good... therefore before l can do something l will regret please and kindly take a break from this family"

Jenny: "meaning?"

Hector: "Book a flight to the Dominican Republic"

Jenny closed her eyes and took a deep breath...she knew she had no choice but to agree otherwise..she could be given worst punishment more than this one

Jenny: "l receive"

Chloe: "It's not like you have any choice dear"

Jenny gave Chloe an evil look you'd swear she just cursed her

Chloe: "Even this trash have to be punished"

Hector: "That one is a special one..l will personally deal with her


Jenny is in the bedroom packing in tears... Gracelyn enter

Gracelyn: "so you are leaving?"

Jenny: "Yes...the punishment can be worse than this one you know right?"

Gracelyn nods

Jenny: "l will miss you"

Gracelyn: "me too "

They hugged

"We really don't have the whole day"

That was Hector who was furiously standing in the door...they broke the hug then Jenny zipped her bags and took them... Gracelyn followed her with the rest

Jenny got in the car...when the car was departing the yard the teary gracelyn waved to jenny

"And who do you think will wash the dishes when you are standing there?...she is gone and you are on your own mistress"

That was Chloe who was standing behind the teary gracelyn

Gracelyn didn't pay much attention to her...she decided to walk out of the yard without even giving a thing if she is cuffed and immediately she leaves Hector will know

Gracelyn departed the yard and took a walk without even know where she is going till she reached a large mass of earth and rock rising above the common level of the earth or adjacent land

usually given by geographers as above 1000 feet in height (or 304.8 metres) though such masses may still be described as hills in comparison with larger mountains...She then sorrowfully sang one of her most selling songs..she sang in tears and full of mucus expressing her pain

She sang till she lacked stamina and passed out...few minutes later after she passed out..Hebron's hackers arrived and took her

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To be continued


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