About an hour ago l was at the city of gold...the city of crime..the city of blood...where you sell your soul just for a living..wow a city of lights..they say "Maboneng" when they call it. Well no matter how negative the environment can be..l can still kill a person to go settle there..rather than going to my homeland.."isikhetho" village

well don't get me wrong l love my home besides home is where the heart is but the reason behind me favouring the city life than the village life it's because l am treated differently all in the name of being a princess...a potential queen and in the name of reserving my virginity for the potential future king.

What l hate with all this process it's because l was denied to be a child...denied to have a thrilling childhood...not even having a boyfriend...therefore l despite being from the royal blood with everything l call a heart.

Well my name is Buhlebendalo Zwane...l am known as the princess of the "isikhetho" village..no matter how l get taboo with the situation the fact still remain that l am the princess wether l like it or not...

wether l wanna normalize it or not..

I am 25 years old doing medicine in one of the universities around Johannesburg.

Last night l recieved a call from my mother..

it sounded argent but l didn't pay much attention to that call..just after in few hours one of the servants walked in my room demanding to see me then he said they are here to fetch me because my dying father has a "death wish" to make...that really amazed me because the last time l check my father was recovering...from there l had no excuse to deny the trip because all my assignments were submitted besides l was still going to email them so bingo..

Few hours later..

we finally arrived home.

well the trip was a long journey but it took a short drive...l got out of the car and the first person l saw was  Ntombi

well Ntombi knows 99% of my life if you might ask l have to admit that sometimes she knows me more than l know myself...she has been working for my family since from her early age..

asearly as eighteen years old...

so she is my big sis and a servant at the same time...

wecall each other "ding" to avoid the emphasis of me being her princess.

Ntombipraises my clan names "Ntombi Ntombi please stop it" l said

Ntombi:"How are you?"

Me:l am good.

Ntombi:you don't look fine.

See..Ntombi know the deepest me and more deadly things about me.. just by a look she knows that l am not fine...and of cause l am not

Me: Please Ntombi you the one who is not fine here.


Me:you are supposed to give a hug ding.

Ntombi:I am sorry ding.

She said whilst opening her arms wide for a hug...

Thenmy mom appeared shouting...

shehates to see me treating Ntombi as a sister not a servant she believes in boundaries a lot

Mrs Zwane:Ntombi l've been warning you about Buhle.

Ntombi:l am sorry your majesty.

Mrs Zwane:You should be because that's not the proper way to welcome your princess

Ntombi:l am sorry.

Mrs Zwane:get out of my sight!

Then Ntombi left..l shrugged

"was that necessary?"..l asked

Mrs Zwane:Yes..Ntombi have kneel down and praise you whenever she welcome you.

Me:But l don't mind mom.

Mrs Zwane:The power isn't in your hands.

I folded my arms and glared at her and she didn't even give a thing about that.

Mrs Zwane:Wandile..Wandile

She was calling one of the loyal servants in my family...Wandile.. who happens to be Ntombi's boyfriend..well no one knows about that only me because Ntombi and l share everything..he approached us and started praising me"Argh even  you Wandile" l said using my inner voice..l would've stopped him if my mom wasn't present.

Mrs Zwane: Wandile take these bags to the room.

Wandile bowed and said "my queen" then he did as he was told 

Mrs Zwane: you can roll you eyes as much as you want but rules are rules.

Lol l didn't see her watching me..she left then l followed

Welcome to the castle..the isikhetho castle..

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[To be continued]


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