I am in my bedroom alonenever been confused like this in my whole entire life..l was told that my dad is sick and he wanna make a death wish but when l arrived l found him doing well in health..more stronger than last time l saw him..more stronge like a bull..as l was wondering someone knocked.

Me:Let yourself in.

Ntombi walked in..l thought she was here to check up on me but she was with other servants.

Me:Oh please ding.. Whatever it is please postpone it for later.

Ntombi:l am sorry princess..l was sent please co-operate..girls please proceed

I looked and Ntombi she was dead serious they started by ruining my Peruvian 

guys a whole Peruvianl am talking about an import here.

Me:That hairstyle is expensive okay!!

I said whilst trying to defend myself

meanwhile l was shouting another ruined my make-up. 

Ntombi:pour that colormine carefully

What! a colormine again!

 imagine from a foundation with contour to a colormine..this must be a joke

 l guess l have no choice but to agree that l am defeated


You guys met me earlier on when l was with Nyeleti but l didn't introduce myself..l am khayone Nzimandethe king's only heir..l am 26 years of age and l graduate two years back l am currently working at the biggest financial institution..few days back l was told to come back home because my dad is not good in health and indeed he is not

since l am back things have been going south but ever since l took a walk and bumped to Nyeleti my mind is been to her

l felt someone's presence as l was deep in thoughts..l turned indeed there was someone it was Mzwakhe..we call him Muzi..he is like a brother to me..we grew up together but we don't relate at all

He came in our lives when he was only a month old dropped by a woman that woman asked for a toilet from there..we never saw her again and now Muzi is 20 years old he is a servant too

Him:l wonder what makes my prince smile alone like a kissed fool.

Me:Hey you Muzi..watch you mouth l am still your prince and older than you

Muzi crouched and praised me

Me:Hey stop that shit l need a favour

Him: Anything for you.

Me:Do you know Nyeleti?

Him: Nyeleti..Nyeleti..Nyeleti Langa?

Me:Whoever she is manl want you to send a letter to her

Him:a love letter?

Me: Something close to that not really.

Him:oh l see.

Me:Will you?

Him:any reward?

Me:come on you know l got you

Him:sure then

Me:thanks boy

I taped his shoulder

Me:Let me get on top of it then

I went to my bedroom and took all the stationary..as l was begging to write words escaped my mind..l don't even know how many pieces of papers l have tornan hour even passed whilst l was finding words to write..even Google got useless as l was searching for ideas

"My prince l was gonna stop if l was you"

I didn't even bother to turn that's Muzi who always get in my room without knocking

Me: Unfortunately you ain't me.

Him:Yeah l might not be you and l might me a virgin but l know love when l see one and l can advise you.

Me:So you think l can take advices from virgins

worse you are even single..oh not to mention that you have no ex.

Him:But l can still advice you

I just sucked my teeth and continue to write

Him:What about you tell her Whatever you wanna tell her face to face?


Him:Trust me when you look at her in the eyes..words will just flow

"This idiot might be right you know"an inner voice inside me said



I looked at myself for a moment and l was a different someone..someone suitable enough to be the queen..the outfit is not bad especially since l love beads and colours but the fact that my nipples are exposed outside l am not cool with itl stare at myself at the mirror the feeling is just so different

Ntombi:See ding..you are an African Queen.

Me:But ding..

My mother appeared 

Her: Buhlebendalo Zwanesee now you look exactly like me your mother.

Me:mom part of my breasts is exposed

Her:Ntombi please tell her this is how we dress.

Ntombi:Yesmother queen and dressing like this is nicer than dressing like Joburg slay queens

Me: I'd rather dress like the so called Joburg slay queens rather than exposing my Assets.

Her: whatever you think it's okay as long as you obey the rules.

Me:but mom

Her:Buhle l won't negotiate with you..your father has called you.

Me:so l should go see my dad whilst l am half naked?

Her:Better since you know


Her:You amaze me at times..you act like you never grew up here..you know these things Buhle therefore follow my ass 

She said making her way out


So the prince and l came across the decision that l will fetch Nyeleti for him..well l know it's something wrong to do but l take every chance to make an extra cash..I arrived where Nyeleti stay and l keep on pacing around thinking that she will recognise me since she is sitting outside with her mom but nothing..l am.even making signals but no luck..l am waving she is not looking at me..l am whispering still no progress

[Continuation 2]


What choice do l have now?..l had no choice l followed my mom until l got in the room where my dad was sitting with my uncles and other important elders it looked like a meeting or so

Mr Zwane: Buhlebendalo my baby


I responded while trying to hide my nipples as possible

Mr Zwane:The Zwane's here is your daughter.

I stood still like l was showered with cold water in winter

Mr Zwane:No Buhle don't disappoint me greet them.

What more l could've done?..These people are my family..lve known them for my whole entire life but seeing me dressed like that was awkwardl couldn't even go closer to them..as much as l know waving was disrespectful l waved and said "hello everyone"

Mfanelo:she is grown huh..She even greet us like her peers

That's my uncle mfanelowho happens to be my father's uncle..this one he is cruel..l even suspect the idea of me dressing like this came out of his head.

Mfanelo:Sit down

I took a seat on the mat where my mother and aunt were

Mfanelo: should l break down the news?

Mr Zwane:you may proceed brother.

Mfanelo:Buhle as you know we lied about your father being sick.

"Jeez mfanelo get to it..isn't that obvious?"

Mfanelo:The person who is actually sick it's king Nzimande from isiyakho village

"Then why why am l called since that got nothing to do with me"

Me:But l am sure the doctors can come up with something right?

Mfanelo:Buhle..Chief Nzimande is old so your medication you suggest won't work.

Me:Yho..sounds like a dead end.

Mfanelo:it is a dead end therefore his son should step in as a king and you marry the son to complete the puzzle

Me:Excuse me...

Mfanelo:No turning back

Me:Dad..mom..aunt..say something what about my career

Mfanelo:you will graduate then settle down as a Queen

I looked around expecting someone to pull out a laughter and say it's a joke they were all serious l just couldn't then..l walked out




To be continued




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