You know helpers with gossiping...l found one of the helpers gossiping with the other actually l don't vibe these two because they think l get a special treatment since l've been working here for years 

Helper 1:l wonder what will happen if the princess is dead

Helper 2:Things will go south trust me

Helper 1: or maybe ntombi will be the princess

They bounce each other's hands and laugh

"Unfortunately she is alive and back"

Helper 1: what?

Me:You heard me now can you please do what you are paid to?

They moved......


Muzi doing the chores khayone appear

Khayone: Warrior

Muzi praises khayone..

Khayone:l always tell you not to call out that shit when responding to my greetings

Muzi:you are a prince after all

Khayone: whatever..Muzi can you please go and check Nyeleti for me

Muzi continue with the chores



Khayone:what's up what's wrong with you?

Muzi:l am good

Khayone:you don't look good and for the matter l am the one who should be down because l am the one who is ignored by my girlfriend not you

Muzi:l heard your conversation with your dad lately

Khayone:And?..Is that why you are bitter

Muzi:l realised that l am nothing without your dying father and since you arrived l've been doing nothing but breaking the rules

Khayone: Breaking rules

Muzi:yes l know very well that you are bind to marry Buhle..yet l organise meet ups for you and Nyeleti 


Muzi:Nono my prince l don't wanna hear a bit of it because at the end of the day if the king finds out l will be thrown out and you will be forgiven

Khayone:Muzi don't be like that

Muzi:Do you have amnesia?

Khayone: excuse me?

Muzi:l am asking because you tend to forget the reason why you are here..okay let me remind you..you are here to be trained as a future king and to marry Buhle are we clear?

Khayone:oh so you are doing this to me?

Muzi:you and your dad just reminded me that l am nobody..l don't know my real name or surname..you adopted me and the least l can do is to appreciate and follow your dying father's rules

Khayone:(snap) Muzi my father is not dying okay?

Muzi:fine whatever he is doing since he is not dying 

Muzi continue doing the chored

Khayone:Fine Muzi let's say you are rightso l should leave Nyeleti after l took her virginity?

Muzi:you have to because she was going to lose her virginity anyway and she won't be the first one to be heart broken

Muzi leaves...


Muzi's shadow disappear....


I can't just sit and relax yet l am to be blamed for the stupid brat named the princess's disappearence l am at our sangoma's place seeking answers he is making noise Coming with no answers

Me:Mzilikazi stop making noise and tell me whether the princess is dead or alive

Mzilikazi:(yelling)go home mfanelo..go home!

Me: Mzilikazi l didn't come here to be sent home..l want answers 

Mzilikazi: Mfanelo you are disrespectful and in this case you are not disrespecting me but the ancestors now leave

Me: whatever

I stood up and left..sangoma's be useless sometimes mxm

[Mrs Zwane]

Today is one of the day's whereby when l kneel down to prayl will be thanking God for saving my baby...without asking anything more

Buhle:mom l promise l will never go missing or stress you again... is just that l needed a break from uncle mfanelo

Me:l understand my baby

Buhle:even though you understand..l swear it won't happen again

Me:you are grown my baby not only physically but mentally too..l have a faith in you..l knew you won't do anything stupid but with mfanelo's pressure you can attempt to

Buhle:l know mom..l won't let uncle mfanelo get to me because he always win

Me:so you will step in

Buhle:l don't want to mom and l don't even understand why does this have to happen now because Mr Nzimande is still alive 

Me:Baby mfanelo is selfish and the fact that he has no kids kills him 

Buhle:l know mom..its painful but l didn't say mfanelo must be infertile

I saw my daughter in the verge of crying..what more l could've done than hugging her..l love Buhle a lot..l think it's because she is my only daughter


The pains are better now and l am back to work..selling of cause... anyway l have been ignoring khayone's calls..this thing is madness there is no me and khayone..allowing khayone to take my virginity was a very stupid move and l want no further wrong move

Car hotter....l shifted and damn it khayone..l continued to walk..he got out of the car wanting to have a word with me..l refused..he begged me till l got with him in the car


I saw my cousin... Khayone lifting a vendor which is more unacceptable..l should have known l should have known about this long before..how can Khayone even?

Well l am going to tell uncle Nzimande..l know he is not at his best In health but he has to know


Martha (mfanelo's wife) is getting out of her room and bump to Mfanelo

Martha: Mfanelo you have been missing for so long

Mfanelo: are you mad?


Mfanelo:An old man like me can go missing?

Martha: Sweetheart not in that way l meant that l missed you

Mfanelo:Are we in primary?

Martha: Mfanelo!

Mfanelo:Missing each other it's for new couple...not for you and l 

Martha:l just asked you where were you and it turns to a fight...did we have to?

Mfanelo:I was at Mzilikazi trying to find answers..worried about another man's daughter since you can't bare one for me

Martha:You should have said you were at Mzilikazi and kept quit

Mfanelo:l was at Mzilikazi and l am keeping quiet.

Martha:I don't want to fight with you okay...Buhle is back

Mfanelo:she is back?

Martha:No she is not

Mfanelo:she is back or not?

Martha:you heard me l said she is back

Mfanelo: oh that's why Mzilikazi gave me that stinking attitude...fake sangoma's

Martha:We all know how strong Mzilikazi is that's why you ran to him right?

Mfanelo: Mzilikazi is a corn artist

Martha:says who?

Mfanelo:Me or what are you now taking other people's side over your husband's side

Martha:you know that's not true

Mfanelo:or what are you dating him?

Martha: mfanelo!

Mfanelo:Just say it if you wanna feed Mzilikazi's bones and snakes.. lizards and cats your blood and vagina

Martha:You've said Enough mfanelo

Martha leaves....


Min'enhle is practising how she is going to tell the king what she saw lately..she need a bit of practice because the king is quite a serious person and friendly to on one regardless being family


That was Muzi..min'enhle turned and faced him 

Muzi: Please don't tell the king

Min'enhle:So you also know?

Muzi: Yes and if you tell the king l could lose my job 

Min'enhle:How please elaborate

Muzi gets down on his knees and begs


I came back from selling today because l regurgitated surprisingly l barely vomit this happened after l had a conversation with khayone...he suggested l come take a nap he will take all the oranges and give me the exact amount

surprisingly l barely vomit this happened after l had a conversation with khayone...he suggested l come take a nap he will take all the oranges and give me the exact amount l should've made so l can lie and say l sold them all because telling my mother that l am commiting won't be a good idea too


After all the drama that has happened..l even forgot about calling the love of my lifethe father of my cute little baby girl Lwandleguys my baby is cute and she is blessed to have a father like Karabo...Karabo is such a sweetheart although sometimes he over love but still l love my man guys

Karabo:Babe when are you Coming back?...this house is too big without you

Me:l know baby and l miss Lwandle

Karabo:Yeah she miss you too but Buhle can l ask?

I wonder...

Me:sure Babe

Karabo:For how long are you going to hide us?

Phew..So Karabo know that my family doesn't know about him and Lwandle..they think l am still a virgin and have no idea that l have a baby and honestly this is not my last year at varsity l failed my sixth year the time l was pregnant because pregnancy went hard on me..but luckily l got a supportive partner he made sure l get a safe delivery and go back to School without my family suspicions the worst part of the situation is that he doesn't know that l am a princess..l lied and said my dad is a pastor therefore he will be embarrassed at church if l get pregnant without finishing the programme



Karabo:l asked you how long are you going to hide us?

Me:Karabo l don't knowthe fact that l have a baby with you can tear my family apart 

Karabo:l know baby but think of Romeo and Juliet

Me:Karabo this is not a novel and our situation is different from Romeo and Juliet go and read it again

Karabo:fine you don't get the point but if we can unite as a couple nothing can come between us

Me:Karabo ngikipite nawe(Karabo l am cohabiting with you)


Me:No Karabo..l am a student and l am living with you and l have a kid..my parents dont know about that..don't you think that's enough for me?

Karabo:That's what l am trying to fix Buhle

I felt someone's presence it was Ntombi she got in without knocking

Me:Karabo l have to go

Karabo: Buhle...

I hung up

Me:As your princess l suggest you knock before you enter

Ntombi:But ding

Me: princess

Ntombi:l am sorry princess..the elders sent me to call you

Buhle:l am comming 

Ntombi stands

Buhle:l said l am coming!

Ntombi:Buhle was that Karabo?

Buhle:F'tsek leave my room

Ntombi leaves..Buhle looks at her daughter's photo and kisses it 

Ntombi:l love you baby




To be continued



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