Khayone standing alone deep in thoughts smilingwe all know he is thinking about Nyeleti right?Muzi appear

Muzi:You really have to stop this madness okay!

Khayone:Muzi what's wrong?

Muzi:If you love Nyeleti you gonna stay away from her okay?

Khayone:Can't you leave me alone?

Muzi: min'enhle saw you and l caught her planning to go and tell your daddo you even have an idea what will happen if your dad can find out about your affair


Muzi:she can be disallowed to stay at isikhetho village or even worse 

Khayone:Muzi you stopped min'enhle from telling my dad right

Muzi:l managed

Khayone:Thanks but please don't ever tell me what to do okay


Khayone:Yes l'd appreciate if you you can concentrate on counting cows and doing other chores because that's what you are good and passionate with ld swear you are even having sex with those cowsimagine in 2019 there is still someone who is after cows and farmshit


At isikhetho palace every elder gathered and they are waiting for Buhlejust after they told someone to call Buhle she got in and the servants welcomed her by praising her clans and ululations mfanelo stood up meanwhile Buhle was giving her a "l wonder what the fuck are you going to say" look

Mfanelo:The isikhetho rulers and buildersl am happy to be given this platform to talk actually an honour but l will just give my brotherthe king an opportunity to announce the decision taken without any waste of time brother you can stand up

Ululationsclans and speech of gratitude.....

Mr Zwane:Thank you brother thank youMy people we all know that the princess was missing and we told the king from Isiyakho village and he suggested that we continue let things the way they are as long as he is alive


Mr Nzimande:yeswe want our future rulers to be more educated than us so that they can empower the village



If l can say l am getting better l'd be really lyinghow long does virginity breaking pain last?

Never mind the pain my abdominal is painfull have a headache l would say it's walking in the sun but l've been doing this for a very long time or maybe l broke my virginity at 23 that's why is this painful worse l've never masturbate


Min'enhle is listening to music singing along and making a lot of noise khayone burger in and yelled out her namethe volume was on 100% you wouldn't even hear a gunshot sound but min'enhle heard the yelling khayone

Min'enhle: prince khayonewhat makes you pay me a visit?

Khayone:l want to ask you a favour

Min'enhle: l've been looking forward to hear that kind of a language

Khayone: please stay away from my business

Min'enhle:what business exactly?

Khayone: min'enhle NzimandeDon't you dare test me

Min'enhle: Khayone you are literally asking me to let you lose direction in life by dating a commoner a low classMrs Avuxeni what the fuck!are you insane

Khayone...gave min'enhle a flat slap

Min'enhle:Oh so she even taught you violencethanks you might leave my room


Mfanelo sitting alone Mrs Zwane appear with a dish

Mrs Zwane: Mfanelo please wash your hands 

Mfanelo:(surprised) Mazwane ain't you a queen?

Mrs Zwane:l am

Mfanelo:where are the servants

Mrs Zwane:Around

Mfanelo:Don't l have a wife?

Mrs Zwane:You do

Mfanelo:Then why am l served by you instead of my wife or the servants?

Mrs Zwane:Martha went to town

Mfanelo:oh she likes shopping a lot more than her husband that's why she forget her duties as a wife

Mrs Zwane:Duties as a wife?

Mfanelo:Yes she should be bearing kids for me

Mrs Zwane:Relax mfanelo the time for that will come

Mfanelo:we've been married for 25 years now Mazwane


Mrs Zwane gets uncomfortable with the conversation

Mrs Zwane:Well mfanelo since she went to town l insisted to serve you

Mfanelo:You insisted?

Mrs Zwane:Yes l wanted to get an opportunity to talk to the king Nzimande up until you came across the decision to let this get the way they are

Mfanelo:Oh so this is a bribe?

Laughs...yeah it's rare to hear a laughter where there is mfanelo and Mazwanethey always had a beef on each other because they once dated and the relationship didn't work out and surprisingly they are now family since Mazwane is married to Zwane mfanelo's brother

Mrs Zwane:No it's more like a peace offering

Mfanelo:oh l seefor peace

Mrs Zwane:for peace

Mfanelo:cool come sit so we eat

Mrs Zwane:Are you sure?since you don't associate yourself where there are woman?

Mfanelo:Just come sit poko

They chuckled....poko is the name they used to call each other back in the days where they were dating


Nyeleti is not getting any betterMrs Langa got in since she saw her door opened and it is supposed to be closed since she is expected to be selling by this hour

Mrs Langa: Nyeleti are you done selling?

Nyeleti:No Min l am not done

Mrs Langa:Stupid me yes you are not done that's why you are back by this time and my Orange's are outside and you are sleeping here

Nyeleti:l am not feeling well mom

Mrs Langa:The princess is here

Nyeleti: Buhle?

Mrs Langa: yes

Mrs Langa: Please let her in mom

Malaga leaves....few minutes later Buhle got inside

Buhle:Leti you shouldn't be sleeping

Nyeleti:But l am

Buhle:You have to wake up l didn't come to watch you sleepingl want us to take a walk maybe to the riverget some fresh air

Nyeleti:l wish Buhle but l think l am in trouble

Buhle: trouble?

Nyeleti:yeah khayone and l did the deed 

Buhle: What?

Nyeleti:Yes l think l am pregnant!

Nyeleti jumped to the weak Nyeleti and kissed the hell out of her

Nyeleti:Woah Buhle easy take it easy

Buhle:Smart move you saved me

Nyeleti:saved you?

Buhle:Yeseven though they agreed on dropping the idea of me stepping me in khayone and you will have kids and l will continue with my Karabo 


Buhle:Yes Khayone will marry you and we will break this stupid norm

Nyeleti:we know that's null

Buhle: Nyeleti this is a normal battles and usually victims get victory

Nyeleti: Buhle!

Buhle singing and cherishing

[Mr Nzimande]

I am not a dying materiall know l won't die anytime soonl am not god but l know my days of livingl am playing this game named morabaraba alonewho does that?wise people like me 

"Big brother you will forever love that game and you remind me olden days before technology"

That was my only sister named ZinhleMy family is really empty she is the only person l trustl trust her more than my wife and the rest of the elders and uncles are traitors in disguise that's why l make it as possible as l can to make sure that her and her daughter min'enhle live a good life 

Me:Yeah this is my healing mechanism it helps me to distress

Zinhle: Distress from what?

Me: Everything Zinhle

Zinhle:Oh is it about what Zwane and Mfanelo did?

Me:Those guys were my boys how dare they make a decision then tell me later about it?

Zinhle:l thought you were cool with it?

Me:l had no choice but to agree because they already announced itand who the hell out me in a situation where l have no choice?l am not dead yet but they do as they please

Zinhle:Be easy in yourself brother 

Me: Zinhle am l that weak?l remember mfanelo and Zwane were my followers

Zinhle:l remember

Me:By that time they were so young and naive knew nothing about the throne running from a very terrible war 

Zinhle:Yeah they escaped terrible wars and natural disastersthey won't forget what you have done for them that's for sure

Me:They already forgot Zinhlel asked them only one favor one and they fail to give me Buhle

My temper rose more than it should've then l coughed blood....




To be continued



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