[Mrs Zwane]

I am Mrs Zwane.. Buhlebendalo's mother..meaning l am the queen

well Buhle arrived yesterday after she got a message that states that her father is dying...

well that's a lie her father is in good health but the person who is sick is Mr Nzimande...the king of the other castle few minutes away from the one we are rulling that one is named "isiyakho"...Well according to them since Mr Nzimande is sick very sick to an extent whereby he can't be cured therefore we are waiting for him to pass on..meanwhile waiting we suggested that we should train his son to be a real king so things can get easier after the death of the chief but all that process will happen after he married my daughter buhlebendalo.

I know that's overwhelming because l don't know how my Buhle will respond to this matter...my baby is naive so l must fight for her at least

..now l am heading to my husband to taste the waters

Me:My husband..l brought you some tea.

Mr Zwane:What are you up to?

Me:Come on Zwane

Mr Zwane:My wife...l mean this is a surprise Ntombi is the one who always do the honours.

Me:Well you are right..l wanted to benefit a chance to have a extra pillow talk with you

Mr Zwane:l knew it..well what makes you make time for your husband during the day?

Me:it's about Buhle

Mr Zwane:what about her?

Me:my husband..we called Buhle so she can marry khayone and step in as a Queen right?

Mr Zwane:yes that was the main reason.

Me:Can we please postpone this mission for as long as Mr Nzimande is alive please

Mr Zwane:phew..My wife that's a tough one

Me: Zwane...l am scaredl am scared for my baby...the only daughter l have...

Buhle still needs to learn and understand what does it takes to be a princess...if she hate being praised imagine other things that can happen.

Mr Zwane:Mhmm

Me: Remember she is about to complete her degree and medicine is not a cake walk the least we can do is not to stress her.

Mr Zwane:My wife l will think about it

Me:Thanks my husband

I stood up and went to kiss him...we are old but our love feels new everyday

Me:You can have your tea 

Mr Zwane:Let me have my bribe

We shared a laugher


You must be wondering who the hell is "Nyeleti"...Well l am Nyeleti Langa and l am 23 years old...l am Tsonga and most of you call us "mashangani" well being a Tsonga makes me wonder how did l even end up being a resident at "isikhetho" village...Well l've spent almost my whole life here...as for my parents l don't know a thing about them at least l have my father's photo and as for my mother l have no clue how she was and that always disturb me...l

stay with my Aunt and uncle...

the relationship between me and them it's like they are my parents they have no child ...so they treat me like their daughter and they are good at parenting that's one of the reasons why l don't wanna  disappoint them..During the day l am selling oranges and l go around and market customers..well l sell oranges the days l am not going to school l am currently doing media studies at the nearest university although l've always wanted to go to Joburg...

l guess things don't always go our way...

Asl was going around doing my routine l bumped into a very handsome guy tall and dark with some cat eyes..gosh..he is a man..l even lost my tracks and collided him l almost fell..he balanced me

l thought he was going to shout.."Can't you see where you are going"..

but the opposite happened he even helped me pick up oranges which fell on the ground...He looked familiar.

Me:Thanks uhmm..

Him: khayone

He said whilst handing his hand..l guess it was for a handshake then l went with the flow

Me: Nyeleti

Him:wow nice name..it's beautiful like it's owner

I pulled out a careless laughter...since he was too cute to admire a dirty unattractive me.

Me:Lol l am not

Him:You don't tell yourself that you are beautiful...let us admire you since we see you clearer than yourself and the mirror.

I got lost somewhere in the conversation...as much as l thought l know him l also saw a necklace on his neck which made me believe that l know him..from where?..l don't know

Him: Nyeleti.


Him: are you still local?

Me:uhmm..yes..your necklace is

Him:From the royal family

Dammn yes it is from the royal family the Nzimande's from the isiyakho village..where my aunt sometimes gets piece jobs.

Me:Whoa khayone so you are the family member

Him:No the prince..their heir.

Me:Wow so l am speaking to the future king

I said whilst couching and praising him 

Him:oh come on Nyeleti stand up

He said whilst giving me his hand to balance when l stand up..l held it and god his hands are so soft and warm.

You won't believe when l say...l actually had a bond with him he helped me sell the oranges all of them...most people bought the oranges because they wanted attention or whatsoever from him..we then went to the river and hand some few minutes of bond l can't even remember what he was saying but l have to admit l enjoyed every moment of it..it felt like a dream.

From the he accompanied me where l stay honestly l was kinda Ashamed of the two room l stay in but apparently a person who loves you will accept you as you are right?...we stood at the gate stealing each other's looks then my aunt appeared

Me: I have to leave now

Him: Woah... Nyeleti before you leave when can l see you again?

Me:Bye Khayone 

I left him hanging then l went straight to my aunt


Her:Nyeleti where did you left your respect?

Me:Mom what are you implying?

Her:you can't stand with guys at your father's gate.

Me:Mom stop exagerating it's not guys it's a guy...a guy mom.

Her:What difference does it make you are still disrespecting

Me:Well l am sorry my old lady.

Her:Trust me baby..these boys are up to no good...

aswe speak he might be having a foreskin...

wannamake you pregnant and sick.

Me:No mom he doesn't have a foreskin..jeez.

Her:ohso you already had sex with him..

that's why you know

Me:No mom Obvious he doesn't have it because he is a Nzimande

Her:The royal family?

Me: Exactly.

Her:And what makes you to be connected with the wealthy someone?

Me:l am not that bad mom.

Her:Yeah you are beautiful on your own way my baby but forget he ain't yours.

Me:Jeez woman...

whosaid we are dating?

Her:No one but l want you not to even think about it.

Me: Whatever..look l made profit enough for your stockvel contribution...l sold all the oranges

Her:All of them?

Me:All mom

You should have seen how excited she was guys my aunt loves money lol .....

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To be continued


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