People there is no place like home but isikhetho is boringif l was in Joburg maybe l was going to be with man having a lot of sex or with Gigi listening to her crazy ideas

Oh shit speaking of Gigi l haven't called my bitchl call she answer on a third ring


Eish l forgot she is a noise maker....

Me: whaaaaat!!!

Gigi:l missed you

Me:so did l

Gigi:and then what are you wearing

Me:l don't even know what to call it

I chuckle.....

Gigi:l hate to see you wearing that honestly

Me:l am considered as a virgin Gigi

Gigi:what!a virgin Buhle!

Me:pure virgin

Gigi:Does that mean you won't tell them.about Karabo and Lwandle anytime soon?

Me:l wouldn't dare

Gigi:But Buhle Karabo is a good guy

Me:that's why he is my man

Gigi:he wanna be serious

Me:l know but blood is thicker than water

Gigi:l know friend but this is killing youl know blood is thicker than water but you have to tell them and yes they will be angry but is just to Karabo and Lwandle

Gigi doesn't get thisdoes she?

Me:this is not about karabo

Gigi:Fine do it for Lwandleshe didn't ask to be born

Me:You have a point friend

Gigi:Thanks for understanding me once 

Me:yeah this won't be easy

Gigi: it's worth a try

Me:Bye Gigi will call you later 

Gigi:Bye friend

I hung up the call actually l was in the mood to talk to her but she made me lose interest when she gave me advice l didn't ask forl won't dare say a thing about Lwandle and Karabo never!

[Mrs Zwane]

A woman got her own needsyes l am a queen married to a king and l should respect the fact that my husband is a busy someone but doesn't my body deserve a little bit of sex?yes it does

I bought two pair of G-strings purple and redwhich one should l go for purple?no l will go for red

Someone bangs the door...l took away my things the opened the door and surprisingly Martha got in crying

Me:Martha what's wrong?what happened?

I sympathize her and give her water to drink


She drinks...

Me: what's wrong sis?

Martha:l told mfanelo about my infertility issue

Me:oh l know

I say whilst rubbing her back and comforting her...

Me:Martha wether you have kids or not you are a good woman remember Buhle prefer talking with you more than me because you are a mother figure to herl remember the first time she was on her periods she ran to youl was so heartbroken that my daughter trust you more than me  but l realised that  it's because you are amazing

Martha: sis


Martha:thank you

Me:you are welcome

Martha:can l sleep with you

Argh... plans ruinedWhatmore can l say?

Me:of cause you can

Martha:thank you

Me:you are welcome


Muzi doing the chores Zinhle appear


Muzi praises her

Zinhle:so you are taking her of your home just as your name says "Mzwakhe"

Muzi:Yes auntyyes

Zinhle:I seeso Muzi do you give yourself to think about your future?

Muzi:Future my elder


Muzi: l'd be lying if l can say yesl think my fate is here

Zinhle:You wanna die as a servant from Isiyakho?


Zinhle:Really?Don't you wish to be privileged like khayone?

Muzi: Aunty Khayone is khayone and l am Mzwakhe l don't know myself

Zinhle:What do you mean you don't know yourself?

Muzi:AuntyYou said l am Muzi because you don't know my nameage birthdayparents you know l sometimes wish like she should've dumped me in the bush maybe the lion's or wild dogs could've came and had supper for themselves

or maybe l was going to cry and cry till l die

Zinhle: Mzwakhe!you know we love you this is your home

Muzi:Yeah my point was that don't compare me to khayonehe doesn't even wanna be a prince 

Zinhle:Did he tell you so

Muzi:He doesn't that's why he he dating an outsider


Muzi: Nyeleti

Zinhle: Nyeleti Langa

Muzi:Yeah she is even pregnant

Zinhle draw in the breath suddenly...


Martha folding the clothes Mfanelo enter

Mfanelo: Morning my wife

Martha: morning

Mfanelo:How was your night?

Martha: Good


Martha continue to work mfanelo leaves and come back



Mfanelo:l don't blame you


Mfanelo:Being unable to give me kids

Martha:so are you still sending me home?

Mfanelo:l won't

Martha:and lose your cows for nothing?

Mfanelo:Are they that valuable?

Martha:l have to agree the cows have no value but they were part of dowry

Mfanelo:But they are not a sign of love they are there to reunite and there are couple's who didn't pay dowry for each other to be together and they are forever happyMartha you and l have came too farl love you l can choose you everyday

Martha:You mean that?

Mfanelo:just that

Martha:okay but l have to warn you that if you take a second wife you just have to know that's the way we gonna separate

Mfanelo:l won't baby

Mfanelo gets closer to Martha kisses her and they close the door...

*Scene controlled*


How could he?how could khayone do this shitno l have to face him...

I went to his room and found him sleeping l grabbed the sheets 

Khayone: Ahh auntywhat do you want

I got to a boiling point where l couldn't control myself l just gave him a hot slap and walked away



Martha getting dressed Mfanelo in bed looking at her

Mfanelo:You have a nice body though

Martha chuckles....

Martha:such events ain't supposed to be done during the day

Mfanelo:when then?

Martha:maybe at night when everyone is sleepingthey might hear us

Mfanelo:they will learn to have partners too

Martha:And pretend to be teenagers sneaking in

Mfanelo:Love makes you feel like a teenager 


Mfanelo:Yeah l realised that l haven't love you the way you deserve to be loved because of my obsession with kids

Martha: Perhaps it wasn't an obsession but a wish

Mfanelo:Yeah maybe if we had one we were not going to beg Buhle to step in the thronemaybe she was going to step in with pleasure

Martha:That's if she existed

Mfanelo:she can

Martha: Really?

Mfanelo:you want me to show you how?

Martha:l'd like to see

Mfanelo grabs Martha kissing her whilst brushing her ass and throw her in bed undresses her and eat her p**sy 

*Scene controlled*


[Continuation 1]

I went to fetch Muzi and got with him inside khayone's room

Zinhle: Khayone are you insane?

Khayone:l am in love 

Zinhle:You have to fix this

Khayone:how l wish

Zinhle: excuse me

Khayone: Zinhleyou got pregnant with min'enhle is min'enhle's father from the royal familyoh nevermind that he abandoned you so you want me to do the same with my baby?

Zinhle:Those things are not relatedStop making different things look the samefix this

Khayone:How madam?

Zinhle:l don't know but l want it to be fixed before my brother knows about it

Khayone:Forget it Zinhle forget it and you need to calm down because l am expecting them to be here anytime from now

Zinhle: Khayone Nzimande...

Khayone:Don't even..

Zinhle: Khayone Nyeleti is a commoner

Khayone:That's exactly why l wanna make life easier for her for our son

Khayone walks out....


Martha knitting and singing out loud Mrs Zwane enter

Mrs Zwane:and someone is happy today..

Martha:you can tell

Mrs Zwane:l can tell

Martha:just ask me why l will tell all

Mrs Zwane:l know

Martha: excuse me?

Mrs Zwane: Everyone heard the noise

They share a laughter...

Martha: really?

Mrs Zwane:trust me

Martha:Do you blame is it's been a while not having it now

Mrs Zwane:wow


Mr and Mrs Nzimande having tea together in their special hut 

*Clan praises*

Mrs Nzimande:Are you expecting visitors?

Mr Nzimande:No..

Muzi enter..

Muzi:My king we have visitors

Mrs Nzimande:Muzi my husband is sickwe are not expecting visitors in this period

Muzi:l am sorry motherl will tell them to leave

Mr Nzimande: Muzi

Muzi:my king

Mr Nzimande:Let them in

Mrs Nzimande: Nzimande you are not in a good position though

Mr Nzimande:Let them in Muzi

Mrs Nzimande:why are you so stubborn?

Mr Nzimande:Muzi why are you still there?

Muzi:l am leaving my king

Mrs Nzimande:Muzi my husband is sick

Mr Nzimande:Muzi l am your king

Mrs Nzimande: Muzi l am your queen

Mr Nzimande:Muzi listen to me

Mrs Nzimande: Muzi don't open

Mr Nzimande:Muzi go and open

Mrs Nzimande:Muzi

Muzi leaves....



Buhle on a video call with her baby 

Buhle:Bye Nana l love youtalk latercall Daddy

Karabo appears in the screen

Karabo: Buhle


Karabo:You really have to do a thing about us


Karabo:what does a "gosh" supposed to mean?

Buhle:l called you guys because l miss younot to be interogated

Karabo:You know you woman always talk about bad you are treated by man and now l am a single father you will never hear anyone say a thing about this

Buhle:Don't you dare guiltrip me Karabo

Karabo:You don't have to feel guilty if you are innocent

Buhle breathes in

Buhle: Karabo.... 

Karabo:No don't Karabo me Buhle just tell me how long am l going to live like this

Buhle:this will end soon

Karabo:Soon has always been soonyou know what?bye Buhle

Buhle:we are not done talking Karabo

Karabo:we will never be done if you don't wanna make a big move okay!anyway l have to feed your baby which you have abandoned

Buhle:l didn't abandon her

Karabo:oh the same kid you forgot she was turning one yesterday?

Buhle:I am not that bad

Karabo:who the hell leaves a one year old behind?huh it's almost a month nowand her first word is papa instead of mama how do you feel huh?


Karabo hung up




To be continued


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