Outside the isikhetho palace..warriors and servants gathered and they are having an interlocution about the princess's where abouts Mfanelo appear

"Attention attention..everyone pay attention"

Every servant pay attention to Mfanelo

Mfanelo:Boys we now surely know that the princess is missing therefore l won't be wasting more time explaining what's the matter because that's not even any of your fucking businesswhat l can say is the princess left the palace in a very furious mood... without worrying about what might happen to herwe are worried about what she might do to herself..now you know what to do..go find her

Every warrior departs the palace carrying necessary weapons since they don't know what the might come across


That was Mr Zwane..Mfanelo turns

Mfanelo:Bafo (brother)

Mr Zwane:Uzithumile izinkabi?(did you send the Warriors?)

Mfanelo:yebo ngiqeda ukubathuma (yes l just sent them)

Ntombi appear and praise their clans...

Mr Zwane:yini Ntombi?(what is it Ntombi?)

Ntombi:my king the queen doesn't wanna open the door so l can wash her legs

Mr Zwane:(snap)So l must Break in and wash her legs?

Mfanelo:Ntombi it's okay..go and find something to do 

Ntombi:(bows)your highness


Mfanelo:Bafo uthusa ingane(brother you are scaring the kid)

Mr Zwane:kungcono uthukile eyam ingane kungenzeka ishonile lapho ikhona(at least she she is scared my daughter could be dead wherever she is)


Warriors singing along the way looking for the princess 


Buhle is walking with Nyeleti helping her to sell the oranges

Nyeleti:Buhle don't you think you are looking for problems with what you are doing?

Buhle:inkinga zani Nyeleti?(what problems Nyeleti?)

Nyeleti:you know this won't work

Buhle: Nyeleti uyamthanda yin ukhayone?(Nyeleti do you love khayone?)

Smile ....


Buhle:Ngibuke emehlweni uthi cah(look at me in the eyes and say no)

Nyeleti looks at her without a blink


Buhle:So you are serious you wanna live with a lie?just break the tribe and follow the love of your life

Nyeleti:You have to be his at the end of the day

Buhle:Ngine ndoda egoli futhi ukuyitshela ukuthi angisoze ngaqhubeka Mayo kungayibulala

(I have a man back in Joburg and telling him that l can't continue with him will kill him)

Nyeleti:Your man have to be strong

Buhle:Yebo uzoba strong kepha ingane yam incane ukuthi ingaba strong(yes he can manage to be strong but my baby is too young to be strong)

Nyeleti got disturbed a bit


Nyeleti:Buhle you said you have a baby?

You could tell that Buhle didn't hear herself saying that

Buhle:Ngisho lokho mina?..Hayi ngisacela ukuzikhulula (did l say that..l need a toilet)

Buhle gets in the bush minutes later.... Nyeleti looks for Buhle


Crowd singing from a distance....

Nyeleti:yhoooo shikwembu tatana ivamani lavo?..shuu ukunitipfuna nitsutsuma (oh lord whose that?..let me help myself and run away

Nyeleti takes off her shoes gets in the bush and stepped in poop surely it was buhle's poop it proved that after Buhle was done she left Nyeleti there..Nyeleti leftthe crowd appeared kept on Looking

Warrior 1:Guys l see footsteps

Warrior 2: it can be anyone's footsteps

Warrior 1:No l have a feeling that our princess was here

Warrior 2:we don't have time to feel let's find the princess

Warrior 3:Let's stop debating l suggest we take different routes and we shall find her

Warrior 4:l agree

They did as they said


Mrs Zwane looking at Buhle's photo shedding tears..Mr Zwane enter

Mr Zwane:My wife

Mrs Zwane: Zwane's ingane yam ayikho Kanti asikhulumanga ngalokhu yin?(Zwane my child is missing didn't we discuss this matter?)

Mr Zwane:Mazwane(Mrs Zwane)

Mrs Zwane:Cah Zwane's sivumelene ukuthi ngeke simtshele loludaba manje simuyekele afunde aqede (Zwane we agreed not to tell her this matter now but let her learn first)

Mr Zwane:But l said l will think about it

Mrs Zwane:You thought about it and made a selfish decision Zwane!

She broke and Cried out loud

Mr Zwane:Bengaz ukuthi ubafo ngeke aze avume(l knew that my brother wasn't going to agree)

Mrs Zwane:Mfanelo this..mfanelo that..Do your people know that you can't make decisions?..Do they know that you are actually sitting in the throne but the ruler is mfanelo!?

Mr Zwane:my wife....

Mrs Zwane:Now my child is out there because of mfanelo!..will mfanelo will mfanelo be the princess if the wild dogs or lions eat my child?

Mr Zwane:angeka adliwe ubuhle (Buhle won't be eaten)

Mrs Zwane:As long as she is out there she will be eaten!I want my daughter Zwane l want my daughter!

Mrs Zwane says whilst throwing slaps at Zwane..Mfanelo enter

Mfanelo:Ma kaBuhle!(Buhle's mother!)

Mrs Zwane:Ngifuna ingane yamngiyifuna iphila (l want my daughter l want her alive)

Mrs Zwane leaves the room

Mfanelo:Ngizwa umsindo ngile ngaphandle... yin Bafo ushaywa ngumfazi?(I heard noise whilst l was outside..what is it?..are you beaten by your wife?)

Mr Zwane: uthukuthele mfanelo (she is angry mfanelo)

Mfanelo:She still have no right to beat up her husband..more especially a king..You are weak brother..you are weak but l am not concerned because Soon khayone and Buhle will be rulling

Mfanelo leaves.....


Khayone is sitting on top of a big rock at the river


Khayone turns and see Nyeleti

Khayone: Nyeleti

Jumps to her and hugs her turn around with her 

Khayone:you came?..l thought you are not

Nyeleti:sengila( l am here)

Khayone:you just spoke Zulu

Nods with a smile

Khayone: perfect....the way l like it at least our kids will know Zulu 

Nyeleti cracks out a laughter


It's almost five hours warriors searching without any luck

Warrior 4:man l am tired

Warrior 1 :Hayi ndoda inkabi ayikhathali uzoya kanjan empini?(No man a warrior doesn't get tired..how are you going to go to a war?)

Warrior 2: Wandile..Wandile..wandile

Wandile:Yin?(what is it?)

Warrior 2:woza uzobona(come and see)

Wandile went closer and saw a vest with blood

Warrior 2:akusiyiyo Eka nkosazane?(It's not the princess's?)

Wandile:the blood looks fresh and the princess doesn't have 24 hours missing

Warrior 1:But it doesn't mean it's hers

Wandile:you can see the material that it's from Joburg bro

Warrior 2: She was wearing traditional attire the time she diassapeard right

Wandile:she could have changed!

Warrior 4:so the lion's are done

Wandile:we don't know about that but at least me found something during the search 

Warrior 2:l agree

Wandile:let's go


Hhawu hho lo lo banjani laba bantu?

Hhawu ye le le banjani laba bantu?

Oh yeah

They willl be like:

Ng'thandana nebhinca

Ng'thandana nomkhaya

Tell me do you get to choose your lover?

Tell me

do you get to choose your lover?

Tell me do you get to choose your lover?

Hhawu hho lo lo banjani laba bantu?

Hhawu ye le le banjani laba bantu?

Oh yeah

They willl be like:

Ng'thandana nebhinca

Ng'thandana nomkhaya

Tell me do you get to choose your lover?

Tell me do you get to choose your lover?

Hhawu hho lo lo

The "laba Bantu" song by Q twins ft Ntencane and DJ Tira was playing whilst Nyeleti was all over khayone's arms cuddling and caressing watching the water from the river flowing


Mfanelo pacing around making numerous calls Mrs Zwane enter

Mrs Zwane:Any news

Mfanelo:what are you doing here ain't you supposed to be at the kitchen or somewhere with the other ladies?

"My king!my king my king"

Wandile appear

Mrs Zwane:Wandile!

Mfanelo:shut up Mazwane are you a king?

Mrs Zwane:so you are the king?

Mr Zwane: Wandile what is it?

Wandile:My king we couldn't find the princess

Mr Zwane:what do you mean you didn't find the princess?

Mrs Zwane:But Wandile we did an induction you must be knowing every corner in this village you should be this useless!

Mfanelo:Close your smelly mouth!..Wandile continue

Wandile:we couldn't find her but....

Mr Zwane:but??


Mrs Zwane:Amen..Wandile just talk

Wandile:we found this..

Shows them the vest..Mrs Zwane broke and just screamed calling out her daughter's name..praying asking for light

Mrs Zwane:ingane Yami..ingane yami simakade..ingane yam eyodwa..ingane yam ayisekho..ngiyathemba usujabulile Mfanelo futhi nguwe ozoqhubeka ashade ukhayone..shada naye ukhayone angithi ubulele ingane Yami(my baby..my baby lord..my only child..l have no child..l hope you are now happy mfanelo and you are the one who is going to marry khayone..marry khayone isn't you killed my daughter)

Martha enter

Martha:Sisi yin?( sister what's wrong?)

Mrs Zwane:buza inja yomyeni wakho(ask your husband's dog)


Khayone and Nyeleti getting inside khayone's hut kissing and undressing each other




To be continued


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