Mrs Langa looks at the time and peak at the window no sign of Nyeleti and it's almost 20:00 whilst she was supposed to be at home by 17:00

Mr Langa:Am l not getting something to eat?

Mrs Langa:It's time to eat of cause but l can't see Nyeleti

Mr Langa:A husband is supposed to eat with or without the daughters long as you are around my needs should be taken care of

Mrs Langa:you are right my husband

Mrs Langa takes the dish and let Mr Langa wash his hands gives him a cloth..then grabs a plate with food and eats

Mr Langa:Where is Nyeleti?

Mrs Langa:Just eat it's not like you care

Mr Langa:My wife l was hungry to be worried about a fully grown woman at least if she was 18 or 21 but she is 23

Mrs Langa:maybe she went to buy stock 

Mr Langa:maybe

Mrs Langa:but since in the morning?

Mr Langa:maybe the market is full

Mrs Langa:even if it was full she is supposed to be back by now because the market is already closed

Mr Langa:or she got herself a man

Mrs Langa:(snap)No she can't it's too soon

Mr Langa:woah..easy don't bite me l was just suggesting

Mr Langa:just eat

Leaves...the leaving room..Mr Langa continue to eat


Wandile sitting with Ntombithey are done with all their chores since they are servants from isikhetho castle

Ntombi:So are they planning the funeral?

Wandile: without the body?..remember we only found the vest

Ntombi:yeah but l think Buhle is alive

Wandile:you sound so sure

Ntombi:l am sure because the time she diassapeard she wasn't wearing a vest

Wandile: Maybe the vest is not hers

"You are right Ntombi"

They turn after hearing Mrs Zwane's voice and bow

Ntombi:your highness

Mrs Zwane:l agree with you guys it might not be hers

Ntombi:of cause it's not hers

Mrs Zwane:can you please come assist me with something Ntombi

Ntombi: anything mother of isikhetho

Mrs Zwane leaves.. Ntombi follow


So l kept my virginity for full 23 years and it was broken in l can't believe that l actually had sex with the whole's so painful down there or maybe it's because it's my first time but let me tell you that he was gentle as possible as he canl wonder how does he take me for..l mean l am not even his type..l am not that girl with nails..weaves..eyelashes and so worse he spent most of his days in Joburg so he must sure have a girl who is his type..l pray that my pussy was at its best smell because l only too a bath in the morning without a soap so l am not sure about it..since l was sweating the whole l can't even look at funny how he catch me stealing his looks..we finally arrived at home l couldn't do any sleep over my mom can murder me..khayone packs the car outside the gate

Me:Bye Khayone

Khayone:Not even a kiss?

Me: khayone l am in trouble okay!..the gate is already locked

Khayone:good then let's go back to my room

Me:Are you mad!

What!?..did l even say that to the prince..oh no l didn't but you wouldn't blame me

Khayone:yes l am mad in love

I suck my teeth and fold my arms

Khayone:are you Coming with me?

Me:hell no l am jumping the wall plus it's not that tall..bye khayone

He was about to say a thing when l closed the door and left..then l climbed on top of the rock to reach the upper level of the wall so l can jump painful as it was down there l forced to jump of till l managed then l sneaked to my room


Fuck..l turned slowly l saw her folding her arms with the "where the hell were you?" Look

Me: good night mom

Mrs Langa:oh so the need is good according to you?

I just mumbled to prevent her from being pissed off even more

Mrs Langa:you can't even hear yourself know it's late enough to be a night but you didn't even bother to come back home as early as you can

Nyeleti:l was selling mom

Mrs Langa: selling?

Nyeleti:Yes mom and l made profit

I searched my pockets and there was no money prolly l left it in khayone's car..then l rose my face..l earned a slap without expecting

Mrs Langa:Since when do you lie to me?..are you even aware that we are not safe anymore 

Me:l am sorry mom

I said touching my slapped cheek 

Mrs Langa:The princess is missing or maybe even eaten by if the lion's can be able to eat the royal blood who do you think you are?

Me:Buhle is dead?

Mrs Langa:Go to your room!

I left immediately before l get another slap


Being a servant it's hard and as hard as it is..the queen is making my life difficult now..she doesn't want to open so l can give her food..l knocked numerous times and my hands are now painful...Mr Zwane appear


I turned and bowed 

Me:my king

Mr Zwane:Go and serve others tea..l will handle the queen.

Me:your highness

I left him knockingyou might even think the queen is not even inside but l have hear her breath when she sniffs..l think she is crying


I can't move my body it's really painful down there..l am still in bed and my phone is kept on ringing..l wanted to pick it but sis could've wake up


That was my mom getting in..l wonder why l didn't lock the door

Mr Langa: Nyeleti go fetch water...its now 9:00


Mrs Langa:Don't okay me..move girl

I had no choice but to force a move..l can't make my mother get suspicious besides at the end of the day l have to move

Mrs Langa: Nyeleti you are bleeding

Oh my breaking a virginity like this?..l didn't even feel blood comming out.was your first time this bad?..l doubt

Mrs Langa:Are you okay?

Nyeleti:Yeah it's periods..that's why l woke up this late l didn't have enough sleep because of the pains l went through the whole night

Mrs Langa:okay let me rest a bit

Nyeleti:No mom l will go fetch water

Mrs Langa:are you sure?

Nyeleti:yes mom

She Leftafter she left l immediately jumped to my phone and texted khayone

"Khayone my whole body is painful and l am bleeding"


Zwane's knocked till he managed to get in..Mrs Zwane is in bed shedding tears not saying a word

Mr Zwane:Since last night you haven't said a word

Mrs Zwane:ufuna ngithin (what do you want me to say?)

Mr Zwane: anything that is going to make you feel better

Mrs Zwane:Well Zwane you fetched my baby at Joburg and failed to protect you can't even find her know l hate suspecting that my daughter is dead..l just want to find the whole truth of it so l can make peace with myself

"Mama ukuhuluma ngani?"("mom what are you talking about")

Mrs Zwane immediately jumped out of her bed and went to Buhle hugs and kisses her numerous times thanking the Lord


I found a disturbing message from Nyeleti stating that she is bleeding..yeah l know she is a virgin but after she took a bath the bleeding should stop but according to her case it's not..l am deep in thoughts l just hope she is good in health because it was unfair of me not to tell her that l was once infected by one of my ex's in Jozi..where l got admitted at the hospital because l have STI's and my dick had sores and l used to pee something yellowish and smelly but it got treated so l doubt that's the reason..l am more stressed because she blue ticked me.


That was my dad l turned

Me:yes dad

Mr Nzimande:How does it feel like being at home

Me:It's not bad as l thought..anyway l see you are recovering 

Mr Nzimande:at least you answered me as a man..anyway it's not like l can't even take a just that my cancer is not fading away

Me:l hear you father

Mr Nzimande:Yeah so far l can tell that l am not throwing my chieftaincy in waste

Me:it's all muzi's work

Mr Nzimande:yeah good job..although l tend to underestimate that boy sometimes

I chuckled...

Me:Father Muzi is cool why would you underestimate him

Mr Nzimande:Muzi is weak

Me:l disagree fatherMuzi is not weak he can chase the bulls to the kraal

Mr Nzimande:His ancestors are weak.. remember we found him at a very young age..or should l say month?

Me:imagine 3 months dad

Mr Nzimande:we are estimating that it's 3 see his ancestors could've made some means to find him

Me:yeah Neh

Mr Nzimande:It's painful to be lost and it's worse he doesn't even know his real name that's why l named him Mzwakhe because this is his home

Me:yeah he is a blessing in disguise

My father coughs....

Me:Dad are you okay?

Mr Nzimande:take me to my bedroom

I did as he said




To be continued


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