Sis is much better noweven more strongerits a relief that the pregnancy signs diassapeardl think  l was overreactingwell know what time is itit's time for workl took oranges and depart the house

"Nyeleti are you going to sell?"

Me:Yes mom

Mrs Langa:l thought you are still in pains

Me:Mom l am much better now and we need money don't we?

Mrs Langa:You always have a point my baby good luck

I left but before l get out of the gate l saw a girlShe is nice and she doesn't seem to be from this hoodeven the outfitappearence actually the girl is driving and when l look at her she is 18 or less

Me:Hey girlyou look familiar


Girl:I am not familiaryou know me

The attitude okay.....


Girl:l am not here to explain or introduce myselfl am here to give you a friendly warning

Me: Regarding?

Girl: Khayone

Damn....this girl is khayone's cousin l think she is min'enhle or something but her name has nhle 

Girl:He will get you in trouble or even worse killed

Me:l don't follow

Girl:You wouldn't follow like every girl in this village who wish to sleep with my brotheror maybe you earned yourself a jackpot but trust me you ain't going to claim it 

Then the girl got in the car and leftl felt nausea and ran to the nearest place where l can vomit

"Nyeleti is it true"

I slowly turned with an aim to deny but it was written all over my facel mumbled and the next minute l felt a hard slap landing on my face


I was just sitting then l thing just told me why not take a walkthen l took a walk only to bump to khayonehe is fine but not my typel wouldn't go for himl don't like light guys he is light besides his complexion l am taller than himjust imagine

Khayone:Hey Buhlel am khayone

Me:l know you dude

Khayone:so your dad told you about me already?

Me:You are always on media and were familiar then my Friend gave me a clear picture of you

Khayone:your friend?

Me:yes Nyeleti

I mentioned her on purposeif you might ask

Khayone:oh what did she say about me

Me:Relaxit's good things only

Khayone:Oh and you actually have no problem with me dating her?

I chuckled...so khayone thought l am into him?

Me:What?the more you fall for her the better 

Khayone:I am glad we are on the same page

Me:Anyway congratulations about the pregnancy l pray your dad don't make things hard

Khayone: excuse me?

What?...so he doesn't know?

Me: Nyeleti's pregnancy...

Khayone:(giggling)oh thank you

Me: Anyway can l leavel mean l've been away from home for a while now

Khayone:sure bye...

I Left...

Khayone:(To himself)"what so she is pregnantmaybe that's why she went grumpy on me.....


Zinhle standing in front of the window looking at the view outside through the window deep in thoughts

"I can't watch my brother die a  disruption deathl have to do something to remind the Zwane's that the power is in our hands l have to start at Mzilikazi"

Mrs Nzimande Enter....

Mrs Nzimande: Zinhle

Zinhle immediately departed the world of thoughts..

Zinhle:sis in lawHow is my brother?

Mrs Nzimande: Getting there

Zinhle:phew..at least

Mrs Nzimande:You know Zinhle l knew fetching khayone at Joburg wasn't really a good idea

Zinhle:My brother have cancer and we even know that he will die in few months that's why we fetched khayone we are preparing for the future

Mrs Nzimande: Khayone's concerntration is not into this

Zinhle:You noticed?l am glad you didtalk to him you are his mother

Mrs Nzimande:You know how stubborn khayone is

Zinhle:You won't tell me about that okay!you gave birth to him so you should be knowing how to handle himl need a drink

Stands up pour whiskey for herself you'd swear a wine it's like water for Zinhle she goes with a cognac


Muzi is in the kraalon his way to take the cattle for water and food min'enhle appear and caught Muzi by surprise because she barely get closer to a kraal since she is too clean to be in a dirty place like a kraal

Min'enhle: Mzwakhe

Muzi: min'enhle what are you doing here

Min'enhle:what do you mean what l am doing?

Muzi:You are to dapper to be here

Min'enhle:Come on Muzi

Muzi:Did your mother send you to me?


min'enhle appear and caught Muzi by surprise because she barely get closer to a kraal since she is too clean to be in a dirty place like a kraal

Min'enhle: Mzwakhe

Muzi: min'enhle what are you doing here

Min'enhle:what do you mean what l am doing?

Muzi:You are to dapper to be here

Min'enhle:Come on Muzi

Muzi:Did your mother send you to me?

Min'enhle:Nol personally want to have a word with you

Muzi:a word with you?

Min'enhle:Yesl was at Nyeleti's house lately


Min'enhle:yes and her appearance and physique didn't please me

Muzi:What do you mean?

Min'enhle:she looks like a pregnant someone

Muzi:what?why do you think so?

Min'enhle:I spent almost my whole entire life living with my grandmother so l know such things

Muzi:You are not even sure mini

Min'enhle:l am

Muzi:so why are you telling me?

Min'enhle:l want you to help our brother get out of this mess

Muzi:mini khayone is an old manhe can handle every situation he Brough to himself


That was Mrs Nzimande calling Muzi

Muzi:your Highnesses



Buhle get in the yard bump to Ntombi Ntombi praises her

Buhle:Hey Ntombi

Ntombi:You are scarce these days huh


Buhle:No you are exaggerating Ntombi

Ntombi:You got yourself a man?


Buhle:is there any type l can date here?there is no type of a man l can go forl like city guys Joburg Sandton

Ntombi:so ever since my man is from hereeven worse he is a servant does it mean he ain't a catch?

Buhle:ah no Wandile is not bad besides as long as he makes you happy and gives you good sex it doesn't matter

Ntombi clears throat....


Ntombi:We never had sex

Buhle: excuse me?

Ntombi:yes Wandile is scared

Buhle chuckles clap her hands and shed tears Wandile appear and praises Buhle

Buhle:how are you wandie?

Wandile:fine my princessyou?

Buhle:l am goodanyway see you around my people

Buhle leaves Wandile hugs Ntombi Buhle looks and laugh


Khayone gets out of his car locks itMuzi appear and grab him

Muzi:l've been looking for you

Khayone:l was missing?

Muzi:idiotYou gave min'enhle a slap that didn't stop her from meddling in your business she is in your case

Khayone:And who the hell is your idiot?

Muzi:Your moves are idiotic khayone!

Khayone:what moves?

Muzi: Nyeleti's pregnancy

Khayone:you now know?

Muzi:so it's true min'enhle is right

Khayone:Damit min'enhle!

Muzi:fix your mess before it gets hard to be fixedthe king is already sick imagine what will happen if they find out about this

Khayone:There is nothing to be fixed here if there is any move l am going to make l will support Nyeleti and my kid

Muzi:You tend to forget who you areyou are a prince the royal blood run in your veins and you don't choose who to marry the ancestors choose for you

Khayone:The ancestors once had a chance to live their lives l khayone Nzimande never told them what to do and what not to therefore they are go to the nearest hell

Muzi:Fine can you at least try to tell aunty Zinhle about this

Khayone:My father's sister will forever side with everyone who think they can tell me how to live my life

Zinhle appearMuzi praise Her...

Zinhle:Muzihow many times should l tell you that you are family don't praise me

Muzi:l will try to adjust aunt

Zinhle:l see the princeking to be is well taken care of huh

Muzi:yeah aunty

Zinhle:good job l trusted you with him 

Muzi:my pleasure anyway the prince has got something to tell you

Zinhle: good shotl've always want to have a word with him too

Muzi:talk prince

Khayone clears throat...


Mini appear

Min'enhle: khayonethe king is calling you


Min'enhle: Mom


Min'enhle:you too

Khayone and Zinhle leaves....

Min'enhle:and you Muziwhat are you looking at me?

Muzi sucks teeth and leaves


Martha in her bedroom looking at the scan crying mfanelo enter

Mfanelo:l finally got youthese days you and town are inseparableor what did you get yourself a manif so tell me so that l can send you homeface the poverty you come from and take my cows back

Martha doesn't reply but sniffs mfanelo gets closer realise that she is crying

Mfanelo: Martha you are crying?

Martha wipe of tearsmore shed

Mfanelo:You know l can't sympathize you when l don't even know what you are crying for

Martha: mfanelo for your own benefit of knowledge as l am going to town regularly l found out that l won't be able to bear any kid for your and you know what you are liberty to decide whether you wanna send me home back to poverty or what

Martha leave and slams the door




To be continued


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