Alarm ringing..........

I wake up and rub my eyesif that annoying alarm starts to ring l already know it's time to make a move

Today it's going to be a busy day

A girl gotta find an MCdecoratorssound Carter's tentcakeoutfitmake upshoes and a photographer....


That's my unemployed boyfriend Tami....

I shake him but he keeps on shoringl shake him againno difference

I walk out of the blankets and opened our bedroom curtain wideHewoke up when the sun flashed his eyes

Tami:what's wrong now?

Me:wake up

Tami:where are we going?

Me:wake up Tamiyou need to do the garden

Tami:Babe l have no plans today l will do it later

Tami must be madso he forgot about the big day

Me:Tami my mother is comming back and we have guestsso you better get out of those blankets

Tami:Babe come on

Me:Tamiyou choose if you are going to get out of that bed well or l pour you water from the fridge or l drag you outyou choose

Tami:But baby

Me:Tami nono Tami please stop what you are doing with mel have a lot of things l still need to docan you please go and work on the damn garden

I didn't realise that l was yellingl don't like raising my voice on Tami

He will think l am bossy because l take care of everything since he is not working but l am glad it worked

He woke up and went straight to the laundry room and took out his working two piece and left

Well Tami and l met at Varsitythat's seven years back and yes it was love at first sight

I was doing Diploma in accountancy and he was doing bachelor of arts yes we are both graduates

Unfortunately he is an unemployed graduateHe isn't expecting any salary when the month ends but still my man does hustle...

I take care of everythingl pay all the billsbuy him Vaselinebeard removercologne and clothes

Luckily we are staying at my mother's apartment and my mother knowsshe doesn't mind because Tami is such a supportive partner

Tami kept me going when my mother got involved in a car accident together with my aunt and dad but only mom survived

I think l didn't go through depression because Tami was there for me whenever l needed himbefore and after the funeral

When l go to check my mother he made sure that he is there

before and after the funeral

When l go to check my mother he made sure that he is therewhen there is an upcoming test he made sure that l studyso who wouldn't want to keep such son in law or boyfriend??

Tami's mother passed on when he was doing matric and he knows nothing about his father

I might as well say l am the only person Tami has because the time we were at Varsity he had this demanding auntinstead of sending Tami money she will be demanding Tami to send her money forgetting that Tami is at school not work

Poor Tami would hustle some few cents for me and that aunt although l sometimes felt guilty when taking his money when l see very well that he has one pair of shoes and l know most of his clothes

l used to take it because no one says no to Tami

When Tami graduated and found no job that aunt kicked him out of her house

Tami begun to rent a smaller room around where he stayed

He couldn't afford rent and went to loan sharks

He failed to pay the loan sharks and they a beated him so bad that he landed to hospital

l went to see him with my mother since she knew him

When he got discharged he obviously had nowhere to go so we took him in and he recovered and started looking for a shack

since he was obviously going to afford it

When my mom heard that idea she said he can continue stay with me plus he will be gaurding me when mom is gone since she is a business woman

My mother is a Tailor and she design clothes with African fabrics and exports them

She sometimes design clothes for celebritiesso she is a very busy person

She is coming back todayl am not sure at what time

l am doing a welcome back party for her since l haven't seen her in age's  all in the name of quarantine lockdown and corona

l  missed her imagine almost six months without seeing your mom.....

Phew l think you now know a lot about me anyway l am Masego Kano and l am Teresa Kano's daughter

I got out of the bedroom and begin to decorate whilst Tami is doing gardenin less than five minutes my cousin Charlotte got in

Charlotte is such a complicated person but let me not talk about her now because l don't wanna confuse you

we exchanged greetings

Then Tami got in and Exchanged greetings with Charlottethey vibe

Tami:l am glad you are here Charl

Charlotte:I am glad l am here tool need a break from work

Tami:At least you are going to be paid as for me l've been working since dawn

Charlotte chuckles...

Charlotte:things you do for love

Tami:Things we do for love

They both share a laughter...

Me:Oh please guys this surprise is very important for me to do itl haven't seen my mom for almost a year nowall thanks to lockdown

Door knock...

Charlotte:That must be my mother she was right behind after me

I went to open and indeed it was aunt Veronicathis one she never agrees to get oldshe does her nailmake up and workouts you'd swear she is eighteen

We exchanged greetings

Me:you came?

Veronica:How can l be absent?we all know it's not a party if l am not here

You see what l am talking about?

We all laughed at this energetic someone then we did the necessary chores and in less than two hours Everything came together and our guests were all here

I am very happy about the RSVP and the way things arethis is indeed a perfect surprise

I told Tami go go fetch my mother at the airport so we can know how far she isl just received a message from Tami telling me that they will be here in less than two minutes

I told everyone and they hid wherever they could and when she got in everybody screamed


My mother's shock was on another level she even Cried years of joy

Teresa:You guys are so unbelievable

Me: welcome home mom

Teresa:Youyou are behind this?

We laughed and hugged

Tami: welcome home mother in law

Teresa:and you Tamiyou pretend to be loving me and fetch me at the airport knowing very well what you are up to

Tami:You know your child's wish is my command

Teresa:That's why l love you and thank youl can see everything is under control and my daughter is glowing

Veronica:she has been getting some

My aunt is always out of lineyes l do get good sex but it's not like l am glowing because of it

Me:oh please Auntmom please say your speech

Everyone:Speechspeechspeech X3

Teresa:l am speechless guys but l also have a surprise for you

Me:a surprise?

I wonder what she has for usmy mother is a very bubbly person you tell her something nowthe next minute the world knows so what did she hide from us?




A guy around Tami's age group if not young got in

Teresa:come closer

The boy came closer and stood next to my mother they squeeze each other's hands

Teresa:(clears throat)Guys this is Eric my fiancee

I froze and got dizzy the same time and l saw the glass of wine l was carrying on the floor and everyone's gasped
To be continued


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