Charlotte and Veronica are watching TV Charlotte yawns

Charlotte:l am sleepy

Veronica:Yeah this movie is lame

Charlotte:l thought you love romance

Veronica:I do but this move doesn't have that thing and it lacks charmthe eat me now Phrasel mean intimacy do you feel me?

Charlotte:old womanYou sound like this other old woman l know


Charlotte:Aunt Teresa

Veronica:she got herself a hunk

Charlotte:And l am amazed you haven't judge her

Veronica:no l can't judge another personthe day of judgement is coming and l doubt my name will be in the agenda

Charlotte:Yeah but l was expecting you to judge

Veronica:okay so a whole doctor is telling me to hurt people

Charlotte:Come on l am not a heart doctor besides we have to talk about thisit seems like Masego is up to something

Veronica:like what?

Charlotte:l don't know but th aim is to remove the so called stepfather

Veronica:sounds so seriousdon't you think l should tip Teresa?

Charlotte:Nono no you can't especially if you get that info from me

Veronica:maybe l am about to save Someone

Charlotte:Or maybe you are adding more paraffin on fire


Charlotte:Promise you won't mention this

Veronica:l won't actually l don't wanna even involve myself in this madness


I woke up in the morning expecting on my forehead from Tamionly to remember that l have a mountain of problems to solve

I went to the kitchen to have a glass of water and l saw Tamiwaking up from the carpetl felt sorryl thought he went to the guest room but it happened that he slept on the carpet with no blanket and it was cold last night

Me: Baby


Me:I thought you went to the guest roomTami please don't ever sleep on the carpetyou will freezeWell at least when you do it next timetake a pillow and a blanket with you

Tami scoffs...

Tami: so you care?

Masego:How can you ask me that Tami?

Tami glares at mehe barely does that

Masego:of cause l care

Tami:Yeah you care that's why you are taking care of your broke boyfriendwho stays under your mother's roof with you and has became your expense


Tami:That's what you said and you are right

Masego:l am sorry

Tami:Don't be sorryyou spoke your Masego and l am glad l heard some of the things you discuss with your brain

Masego:(snaps)Tami l am trying here okay!

Tami:Then why are you yelling?

Masego:I am trying to humble myself before youcan't you see the efforts?

Tami: Efforts? Efforts?Masego l hate people who use words carelesslyMasego l am not working but atleast l wake up everyday and marketl even learnt how to do gardens something l didn't know but l learnt just to be able to buy bread

Masego:Tami l hear you and l see that you are tryingcan we please try to start on a clean slate?

Tami:clean slate?

Masego:Yes l can offer breakfast for peace offering

Tami:for your hungry boyfriend?

Masego:Really Tami? Really?

Tami:Well starting on a clean slate it is but please apologize to your mother first

Masego:No TamiNo

Tami:It's not negotiable

Tami was so fucking seriousthem our so called couple appeared

Teresa: Morning kids

Tami:good timing mother in law l was about to call you

Teresa:call me?

Tami:Yesyour daughter wanna say something


Tami:Baby you can talk

Geez Tamil don't even know what l am apologizing for because still l don't approve their relationshipl guess l have no choice but to apologizel just wanna make things between me and tami


Charlotte is glaring at herself in the mirrorwhilst her phone is ringing and she is just giving it a lot

Charlotte's life is been a miserable onefrom not knowing your parents and not having an ID to having a womb cancer

The fact that she doesn't know her mother is too much too deal with alreadythen finding out she  can't convince it's doubling or even tripling her problems

Well Veronica adopted Charlotte when she was fifteenshe was quite doing well at school but she knew one day she would be sticker since she have no proper documents luckily she and Veronica connected very fastthat's where she felt the mother's love

Veronica thought of fixing the documents for Charlotte as soon as possiblethrough fraud and connectionsince from that day calling Veronica mom is been a heart warming thing to do for Charlotte

Veronica heard Charlotte's cry then got in her room

Veronica: Charlotte what's wrong?

Charlotte:Not to be ungrateful and selfishyou've been a good parent to me and todayl am a doctor because of youl appreciate you and what l owe you is priceless

Veronica: Charlotteyou are like a daughter to me

Charlotte: Preciselyl am like a daughter to you but l am not your biological onel feel like there is something l am missing out everydayl feel like the world was gonna be different if l knew my biological mother

Veronica:It doesn't take being a mother to be a motherl don't know if you understand me but l am saying it doesn't take giving birth to a person in order to be their mother

Charlotte:I know but why me?l don't have a mother and l can't be a motherwhat is that?

Veronica:l am sorry my baby

Veronica said whilst hugging and patting Charlotte

Veronica:Don't cry you are hurting me

Charlotte:l love you

Veronica:l love you more babydon't cry

They pulled the hug and kissed

Veronica:Won't you answer your phone??

Charlotte:It's from worklet me go get ready


Masego prepared breakfast which is something unusual to do for Masego since she is a lazy brat

Teresa:l wonder what did you do Tami to make my daughter apologize

Masego:it doesn't matter how but at l least l did mom

Teresa:we both know that Tami made you to do it anyway the breakfast is deliciousat least Tami got himself a wife who knows how to cook

Tami:yeah babe the breakfast is delicious

Teresa:Besides being an accountant maybe you can try being a chef

Tami:Yeah maybe she should have a cookbook

Masego:so your girlfriends have cookbooks?

Tami:oh please Masego

Eric:That's how woman arevery jealous

Masego: excuse me?two minutes of being in this house now you think you know me?

two minutes of being in this house now you think you know me?who do you think you are?Do you even know that you are so fucking unwelcomed here?


Masego:No l am tired l am tired of all of youl am tired and fucking done!

Masego tapped the table stood up and left

Tami:l am sorry mother in law

Teresa:I regret being friendly to Masego now l am her peer

Teresa sheds tearsEric stood up and went to sympathize her

Tami:(clears throat)l am going to look for a job

Tami leaves


I don't insult people I just describe themif Tami is unemployed he is simply unemployed and it's not my fault that he isn't

As for moml don't wanna talk about her...

Guys l hate my lifewhy me?why people who claim to love mefrustrate me

I am at work and that's good l am not at the department of consulting services so l won't deal with people because l really don't wanna work with people l'd rather work with numbers at least you find peace

Whilst l am working l see someone like Tami through the window and l got very sure that it's me when l saw his dirty clothes

What could Tami be doing here?worse whilst he is dirty

When l approached him l found him talking with one of my colleagues but they were not audible enoughl went closer to them

Me:Excuse mel know him

grabbed him aside as l didn't know what he came about

Me:What are you doing here?

Tami: Baby l got the job

Tami replied with a wide smile and excitement whilst l am excused what job is he talking about exactly?

Me:Tami l asked youwhat are you doing here?

Tami:Baby l said l got a job

Nonot hereit can't be here

Me:You are kidding me right?

Tami:l am serious babyno more financial problems

Me:Babeyeah l understand you are employed but what are you doing herel mean you could've waited for me to come back so you can tell me the good news

Before Tami can answer memy manager appeared and disturbed us

Manager:Masegol can see you are already introduced to our new driver

Me: Driver?

Manager:Yes he will be delivering our parcels as from tomorrow

Me: welcome to our empire

I said so because l had no choice otherwise Tami will get me very wellhow can he double Cross me?

Manager:Mr Maseko come let me show you the premises

And just like that they walked away from mewhat the hell on earth did l do to deserve a boyfriend like Tami?Yes l told him to look for a job but he could've found another place besides where l am working!


Never as a woman give birth one child

You might wonder why some parents are considered to have favourite kidsit's because those kids play roles they should be playing

I swear if l had another child besides MasegoMasego would've thought l favour that child more than her because her attitude is uncontrollable sometimes

Masego means luck but l feel like cursing my wombif she doesn't support me who would?


At least l found myself smiling when l heard Eric's voice

Me:Yes my love

Eric:what's keeping you busy?

Me:l am looking at this magazine and its having these nice jewelleries and they are on sale

Eric:They are indeed beautiful but they look like wedding jewelleries

Me:Of cause they are even more relevant because we are getting married

Eric clears throatl know he wanna say a thing

Me:say it Eric

Eric:Baby remember my parents will approve and support our marriage after you have concieved

Me:Babe l thought you can't wait to marry meso you suggest l must wait for another year before we can get married?l mean we can still make it happen even after marriage right?

Eric:But bae you know our situation is weird

Me:Eric are you saying l am weird

Eric:No babeyou now exactly what l mean

Me:No l don't

Eric:Babe l am 23 and you are approaching your 60s

Me:what about that?You don't have to worry about Everything Ericl will pay for everything

Eric:You don't listen babel have to impregnate you before marry you

Me:Ericyou are busy telling me about your parents and whateverwhilst l risked the relationship between me and my daughter and Brough you inl literally chose you over my daughter my only daughter

Eric: Shouttellsnap as much as you won't but what l said its final and if you can't Manage please ms Kano book a flight for me and send me back home because it will mean this is the end of the road for us


Later that dayit was knocking of time for Masego and Tamithey got in the house arguing and yelled at each otherit was a heated conversation

Masego calms down

Masego:l am done Tamil am done

Tami:what do you mean you are done?

Masego:l mean just that

Tami:Masego you are ungratefulyou are the one who wanted me to worknow l found a job you are still complaining

Masego:Why did you look for a job where l work?

Tami: Beggars are not choosers

Masego:l agree but you could've found a job somewherenow how does this sound?"my boyfriend is a delivery boy at my workplace"

Tami:Babyl think you don't really have to care about thatyou should be happy since we will not have financial issues anymore and we might even move out

Masego:Move out?No there is no one moving outwe are not even close to that because you are still unemployed

Tami:l don't follow

Masego:Let me balance youyou are still unemployed because tomorrow my manager is expecting you and of cause you won't show up

Tami:why would l do that?

Masego: Because you definitely won't accept that job

Tami: MasegoWhat do you want from me?what did l really do to you?

Masego:I want you to leave that job

Masego departs the room....

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To be continued


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