You Always Get Hurt The Moment You Begin To Care.

After everything l've done for Tamiall he does is to fail to listen to me

It's not like he will die if he is not workingl am taking care of him after all

Arghl don’t need drugs Life is killing me slowly all by itself.

Here l am l am seeing thee Tami moving up and down taking deliveries and packing the boxes he seem to be enjoying this embarrassing job and seem to careless with my feelingsworse he is laughing with everyone like it's been years knowing them

So Tami is really employed?

So Tami took the job?

Well this is just something else for mel need to go to the toilet to freshen upl feel teardrops in my eyes so let me Excuse myself before someone notice


Teresa locked up herself in her bedroom since yesterday because Eric doesn't wanna marry her before she concieve hence they are not seeing eye to eye

Eric slept in the guest room whilst Tami slept on the carpet once againthe Kano house ladies were really on fire last night

Veronica thought of paying a visit to Teresa and found her swimming in a pool of tears

Teresa:l have to do this as soon as possible

Veronica:This is the most difficult thing to do Terry

Teresa:Yeah l know and asking Masego to do it makes it more difficultl was gonna ask Charlotte to do it for me

Veronica: Unfortunately she can't concieve

Teresa: Yeah that leaves me with no choice but to ask Masego

Veronica:Good luck with that anywayl have some other errands to do please keep me up to date

Teresa:Surebye Vero

Veronica: Bye

After Veronica Left the heartbroken Masego got in and slept on Teresa's breasts crying

Teresa:Sego segosegowhat's wrong my baby?you want water?

Masego shakes her head

Teresa:is it your colleague?

Masego shakes her head once again

Teresa:is it Tami?

Masego nods...

Teresa:What did he do?

Masego cries even more

Teresa:Is he cheating on you? because is so l will kick him out of my damn houseSegoMasego talk to your mother baby

Masego:He embarrassed me Mom

Teresa:(confused)He embarrassed you?

Masego:He found a job at my workplace as a delivery guy and my colleagues really undermine methey make fun of mel am even Ashamed to call him my boyfriend it hurts meit's hurts mom

Teresa smiled a little bit then pat the emotionally broken Masego

Teresa:It's gonna be okay babywho laughs lastlaughs the best


Eric was on a phone call when Tami walked past him since he comes from workEric called Tami and they had a word

Eric:You look so emotionaly uncool

Tami:I must be really miserableyou didn't really have to notice

Eric:What is it?still no luck with finding a job?

Tami:l got it


Tami:Masego doesn't want me to work where she worksmore especially for being a delivery guy

Eric:oh snapso she didn't even give you a lift but you are coming from the same place

Tami:l didn't mind walkingl also didn't expect her to give me oneshe made it clear that we must act like total strangers when she didn't share lunch with me

Eric:That's hectic l must saythis Masego girl is turning the tables and calls the shots in this housel guess one day we will find our suitcases outside

Tami:That's 125% possible

Eric:Yeahwomenwomen women

Tami:I don't know how those people thinkl am unemployed she complainsl find a job same shit

Eric:Yeahl hear your problems but they are not more than mine

Tami:You have issues too?l thought Masego's apology was enoughnever mind what she did

Eric:it's feminine issuesl am still young and l want a family but as you can seeTeresa is old


Teresa is old

Tami:Yhoyours it's unresolvable manlet go take a long bath and enjoy water and electricity that are paid by Masego before he kick me out

Eric:it's okay manl am glad me finally had a word since l arrived



Who said social media its not for adults?

Well l totally agree because social media its really vulnerableit's having both negative and positive impact on our daily lives

So now what happens when you find your mother giggling over the phone?

Well Charlotte found her mother giggling over the phone and called her about three times Veronica not paying attention to hertill Charlotte decided to go closer and shake her

Veronica:Charlmy baby

Charlotte:What's making you laugh like that?

Veronica: Nothing

Charlotte:what is nothing mom?

Veronica: Nothing actually l don't owe you any explanation of what l am doing on my phone

Charlotte:l hope you are not on dating sitesl don't want Masego's misery in this house

Veronica:come on Charll won't do that

Charlotte:l hope so


Masego is packing her necessary working resourceswhen she was about to open the door her mother appeared and stopped her

Masego: Morning mom

Teresa:You are leaving early todaywhy?

Masego:Just for a change

Teresa:A Change?

Masego:Yes just for a change mom

Teresa:Are you sure you are not avoiding to give Tami a lift?

Masego sigh...

Teresa:I feel your pain baby but as your motherthe least l can do is to solve some of your problems

Masego:(in confusion)solve my problems??


Masego:But how mom?

Teresa:well do you remember my friend who introduced me to the Namibian botique

Masego:The one who is on wheelchair?


Masego:so you want Tami to drive for her?l thought she had enough workers

Teresa:listen to meher husband is a music teacher


Teresa:There is a vacancy at their music school since one of the professor's are approaching pension

Masego:Wow mom and Tami did a Bachelor of arts

Teresa: Exactly my point

Masego:Really mom?

Teresa:l will make sure he does get this one

Masego excitedly jumped to her mother and hugged her do tightafter it's been a while now not vining with her mom since she is backshe thanked her endlessly


The storm it's on its way to hit Charlotte too yesterday Charlotte got curious when she caught her mother Smiling over the phone

Veronica's phone have picsmusic WhatsApp and games so what could possibly make her laugh like that?

Veronica is too ernegetic and doesn't wanna get old but she never entertained young boys surprisingly now she is into dating apps and she aploads hot pictureseven nudes


Veronica:Yes Charl

She said whilst focusing on her phone

Veronica:How do you react on a photo

Charlotte:just double tap mom

Veronica:show me

Charlotte shows her

Veronica:okay l got this

Charlotte:mom since when do you socialize?

Veronica:is it an issue?

Charlotte:No it's a concern

Veronica: Remember l am also human l have feelings Charl

Charlotte:limited feelingslimited feelings mom

Veronica:But at the end of the day l deserve to be loved

Charlotte:Let's hope you are not following aunty Teresa's deeds

Veronica:l am not

Charlotte:you areanyway it's fine mom even if you can date one of those guys please make sure they are your age mates and they have something under their names

Veronica:l Should be a gold digger

Charlotte:No you don't have to be a gold diggeryou just have to make sure thatthe guy who claims to love you is not a gold digger


Masego comes from work and yes she is still not giving Tami any liftTami take a walk from work to home and from home to work everyday

She got in and took of her heels and changed to comfortable clothesher mother got in



Teresa:How are you?

Masego:Finejust tired

Teresa: Tired?ah no you can't be tired while l have energizing news

Masego: Energizing news?

Teresa:YesI have a contract to be signed

Masego:(in disbelief)what?

Teresa:Take a look

Hands the papers to her

Masego reads

Masego:mom this is awesomeso Tami will earn 25k a month?

Teresa takes the papers

Teresa:yeah but l have terms and conditions

Masego:come on Mom every contract does have terms and conditions

Teresa:l mean my personal terms and conditions

Masego:Don't worry mom25k it's a lot of money and we will help you pay for your bills and maintenance and maybe we will have Tami junior

Teresa:no that's no an issuel've been paying for those expenses and of cause you have been contributing your cents Talking about Tami junior it's a good thing since you are ready to deliver

Masego:l don't think l understand you

Teresa:Masego l want you to be my surrogate

Masego felt a ludicrous effect


Teresa unfolded Everything for Masego and Masego felt like it is better for her to depart the house since she won't find any peace

She begun to pack her clothes into suitcases at them same time her mother was taking the clothes back whilst Masego is packing and they were arguing and making a lot of noiseswearing at each other

Eric got in and stopped them fight

Eric:stop it

Masego:so you are together in this?

Eric:whoa Masego

Masego:Don't you dare call my nameyou've done enough damage and you shouldn't have came this farwhy don't you just scam her and leave?That's what you came for obviouslyas for you mom l pity you and since you don't want me to take my clothes you can keep themif you dare stand on my way and lock that door just know you are creating another case for yourselfl will get you arrested for kidnapping

Masego departs the roomthen Teresa sat on the floor and cried

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To be continued


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